Cowardly Attacks Succeed Most Often

by Ryu

FUNN FACT #42: Kate Hudson Often Slept With The Aging Kurt Russell To Keep His Bones Warm

The USG might not know about PU, but they surely use negs.

One of their favorites is “coward.” Any revolutionary who succeeds in his plans and gets away with it is a coward. Cowards are very hard to catch. They plan, prepare, act, then disappear.

No motive, no forensic evidence, no witnesses…a ghost. That’s always the ideal in DA.

The most successful methods of attack today involve arson, fireworks, or sniping. These attacks work in the short run and if someone is caught, it is only after a long investigation.

Hit, run, hide. Sometimes, being a coward is good. And being brave is stupid.

3 Comments to “Cowardly Attacks Succeed Most Often”

  1. The FascistLN Police State, unlike ww2 German NAZIs, use more lies and propaganda to control Teh Massez. Hollywood JewPROP is abundant – as plentiful as the stupid herd they control. Each tyrannical regime used what it had the most of.

    Unlike 1942 krauts who were educated, today’s Brndns/Jstns are ripe for the boxcars already.
    Propaganda that successfully makes sheep love their pen and subsequent butchering is The Modern MRKA.

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