Everything You’d Like to Know about Drones

by Ryu

First off, there is a big push for drone registration. Don’t do it. This is a great danger, just like registering anything else. Criminals have a saying “stay out of the computer.”

Buy Chinese. They are true capitalists, unlike the Americans. Money for product – no government interference.

There’s alot that one can’t learn about drones unless one tries to fly them:

1) Range

More range costs more money. Most drone piloting will be line-of-sight, with the pilot actually watching the drone. It is possible to do this from…..….. a camera, but that takes a terrific skill. A football field is a typical range.

2) Noise

Drone are noisy. Small ones sound like large mosquitos or flies. Big ones sound like a tornado. Those USG Predator or Reaper drones must be exceptionally noisey in flight.

3) Skill

It takes alot of skill to pilot a drone well. You’re not just going to pick it out of the box and be good. It takes a long time.

When the American police need a drone pilot, there aren’t going to be training pigs how to use them. Takes too long. They’ll hire a civilian who is good instead, just the same as they do for other highly technical areas.

4) Price/Size

Price and size go together. Small ones can go up to $100, while the big ones go into the thousands. They go from the size of a quarter to the size of a table, even larger for the USG. Naturally, theirs can also have guns mounted on them.

5) Flying Time

Battery life is important. Most drones won’t stay airborne for more than 10 minutes. The battery in the transmitter lasts a long time, but in the receiver must be light, so it lasts only short periods.

Drones are not the magical cure for WN’s problems. They are not that easy to use yet, despite what you may see on TV. I suspect it will become a specialty like being a computer nerd or gun nut.

The best use for drones will be surveillance. But remember, battery life only 10 minutes. So the camera can work longer, but the drone has to fly out of there. It’ll get to the site, land, record a few minutes, then get out.

3 Comments to “Everything You’d Like to Know about Drones”

  1. It seems you would need a team of operators (up to three persons) operating a drone in a relay.
    Each member would have batteries for their 10 minute flights.
    (I thought the flying time would be longer).

    • It takes a terrific skill to drive drones well.

      The USG seems to employ a team. A maintainence guy, a calibration guy, a shooter, and a target selecter.

  2. The FascistLN Police State will eventually register all Murkan Sheep for every doo-dad and every former “liberty.”

    Because: The FascistLN Police State increases massively in powers each minute, while Dullennials – and even SO76’ers – shrink weaker and stupider.

    The FascistLN Police State must greatly fear drones. FascistLN Police States ban what they fear most.

    Once BIGov has registered Teh Murkanz for everything, there shall of course, be a natural inclination for terrorists to Drone The FascistLN Police State just as Muzz machine-gunned Parisian ConcertFaggots in a FascistLN Police State where even teeny popguns were illegal for decades.

    Go ask the IRA.

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