The Feeling of Direct Action

by Ryu

What’s the most ***YOU*** have ever gambled for? The highest stakes?

The greatest betrayal in this world is between the average WN and the DAA. The DAA acts to save his entire race. But then, the people he tried to save disown him. Sort of like the jews asking for the crucifixion of Jesus.

Mark my words – WN will NEVER be mainstream. And they stand absolutely no chance by playing it completely safe. This is because…..….. each WN takes so long to make.

It is an incredible lack of empathy. A WN is an outsider compared to the average American. And a DAA is an outsider amoung WNs. This is not understood.

Perfection is a real thing. But each moment of perfection costs many years, sometimes an entire life for a few minutes.

What visions Tim McVeigh and Andrers Brevik must have beheld. For a few short minutes, they reduced their enemies to individuals. The system…felt fear. A dramatic change happened within that short window. It must have taken years afterward to understood the significance of that moment.

Several of our DAAs were the very best in the world. And their action was the best thing they did with their life.

The vast majority of WNs today do not know what it means to love something and to take risks for it.

29 Comments to “The Feeling of Direct Action”

  1. But standing upright as a White man can be mainstream
    the bar is so low, that we don’t even have to sell it as WN.

    • Yes, just a White Man even daring to utter “I AM a White Man!” is cause for the FBI and ATF to send out a sniper.

      No matter, though: (w)hites I know are too chicken to even tell their next door neighbor’s dog to stfu at 3am.
      Cowed sheep do not start and fight revolution.

      • Depends on the situation. If you ask, they can say no.

        We’d like to create sitations where the outcome is already decided. I’d rather see someone feed that dog meat with powdered glass mixed in than beg permission. Why tip the mark by complaining? Or, one of those sonic noise things that emits at 30kHz, above human hearing but within dog hearing.

        The attitude is to either help people or to annihilate them totally. The middle ground – beatings, warnings – create retaliation and resentment. The USG has made a small mistake and left an opening in its actions and nonactions against whites.

  2. “Action” has been re-interpreted in our Post-Digital Age as tweeeetzzz.

    So long as feckless NON-Action is seen as real action, wytes will continue being adsorbed by BrownMINOs from contamination by pumping out their half-colored womb squeezin’s.

    Today’s wn (small letters) is just as stupid as an OWSer because, as I’ve long stated, both Left and Right are now products of stupefying State Education – where their parents/single-mom don’t give a fuck they can’t find Florida on a map.

  3. Well done Ryu! “Perfection is a real thing. But each moment of perfection costs many years, sometimes an entire life for a few minutes.” That is definitely a piece of wisom I will use.

    • Yet, in dealing with growing numbers of overwhelming savages, such nurturance of a few is comparatively costly.

      Germany had superior minds and weapons compared to the USSR in 1943 but lost out to numbers.
      The same dynamic applies to whites VS urban coloreds.

      You do not need a Ph.D to combat ghetto spawn. You need an ax.

      • Are you following that story out of Flint about the contaminated water, FP? It’s beautiful. Fly-over country is becoming 3rd world. Slowly though.

      • Are you following that story out of Flint about the contaminated water, FP?

        yes. it’s everywhere online.
        Both ConserVaginas and whites elected a RepubbyGUV – who is as liberal as John-Boner and Paul Cryin. So, his Elitist tendencies instinctively ran toward shafting the Negro. But to get re-elected he ass-kissed the coloreds like JB & PC above.

        So, even if Flint were not a niggra shithole and instead a White Bastion of Rural WormFarmers, his play would be identical and it is a hooooot to watch.

        When you have niggers, you don’t get Rome – you get Somalia.

    • There are a large number of examples in this area.

      TD’s philosophy helps. It’s true in sport and academics. When you see a perfect movie or song, that may have taken an army of people a full year to create.

      It is a very special thing to see the best that a person can produce. Maybe its like a comet passing in the sky.

      I would say WNs ought to pursue perfection for their own sake. You see how it is. The mass of even WNs can’t appreciate the genius of Anders or Tim McVeigh. Not 1 in a million men could do those things.

      You’ll have to find your own examples to truly use these concepts.

      • This philosophy is all well and good – in a civilized world that grows in civility over time.

        Beware: Today, all that perfection in One White Man can (and is) wiped out by a gang of coloreds with a total iq of 275…

  4. The most rebellious group of white men are the homeless or almost homeless. Trick is to get them before they get f#cked up on drugs.

    Their so-called bad attitude that makes it so difficult to keep a job is just what is needed.

    • And yet the White homeless in NYC, hates going to a shelter infested with coloreds, but are now forced to stay in them by LNs.

      • I have seen amazing things from the NYC homeless. The real homeless don’t stay in the shelters – too many rules and registrations.

        Not those who get housed with the minos. The NYPD pigs are scared underground. Their radios don’t work down there, so they’re all alone…just like the rest of us.

      • LNs are trying to force witey-no home with MINO vagrants.

    • There is more truth in that than you may realize, Erin. The kind of money we get at work today doesn’t bring “security.” Selling out is one thing, but you’ve got to make it worth it.

      Manson in many ways is still my fav WN. He’s got that down.

      • Both of you surely do not believe you can trade SS recruiting poster boys for bums. If insane drunkards without filters are now the only hope of the White, then I see no reason to continue.

      • Drunks without filters…but this is what many vets become after they retire, FP.

        We’ve lost the “crazy vet” notion these days, but it is still true. That’s what happens when the SS is riding their pension into the sunset. Cops and soldiers don’t kill themselves in record numbers each year because of happiness.

      • Cops and soldiers don’t kill themselves in record numbers each year because of happiness.

        They suicide because they cannot wield the power they so loved.

      • I’m with FP…

        I’m amongst (sometimes) the REAL homeless… They DESIRE degenerate existence. Denying this is itself signaling a degenerating mindset.

      • And furthermore… There is “homeless” and there is being radically autonomous. There is a stark difference between being too lazy and unmotivated to provide one’s self with adequate cover and desiring to be always on the move (or ready to move if need be) and not subjecting one’s self to territorial contract, ie., lease/mortgage… Both debt to service arrangements.

      • There is a stark difference between being too lazy and

        This is an offshoot and exaggeration of the rural FlyFarmer “strategy” in which whites, having been stripped of everything by the MMM, “decide” to go Full Peasant and make themselves even poorer before the LN strikes the final blow. Like committing suicide in your cell to “deny” The State the pleasure of executing you. It is the warped thinking of a beaten people.

        When success is seen as Contrarian Minimalism (and Nihilism) then the next step up…is down.

        I suppose 2066’s GENBrandons will gaze admiringly at the “freedom and power” of corpses.

      • Of course, there is also the meta-paradigm which sets up a radically autonomous society NECESSITATING a fundamental “homelessness” of its mass of “citizen-subjects.” And this is in fact the case in MRKA where 70% “own their homes” and 99% ACTUALLY BELIEVE this anti-reality. The actual reality is the opposite. The “homeowner” is as equally “homeless” as the rest of his radically autonomous society, just in a more complex and obfuscating manner. He “bought” a “home” with 20% down (turning “liquid” into less liquid.. First red flag) and then WITH MANUFACTURED BANK “money” BOUGHT a THIRTY YEAR debt obligation. And because this debt is BOTH literally connected to the ground upon which it must sit and mere 1s and 0s in a financial system, one is contractually imprisoned to that territory and even when he abandons that territory… Ergo, his “home” equals no real autonomy (the desire of a “default elite”). His “home” equals “liquid” earnings morphing into less liquid “asset” for the purpose of overcoming a contracted three decade’s long debt. And even if in a dire need to be radically autonomous, ie., go “homeless,” he cannot escape the financial debt which he still “owns” even though both “home” and the TERRITORY it sat upon (what one should really be seeking to buy outright) has been forfeited. And what 2008 showed “us” is that the line between “homeowner” and “homeless” only exists AT THE EXTREMES. There are the truly degenerate gutter dwellers and those who OWN THEIR TERRITORY… The masses fall in between in a myriad of degrees of homelessness and debt to service “home ownership.”

      • FP…

        I do not advocate poorness as in a material deprivation in which one chops off his balls to spite the zeitgeist’s face… My point was in rejecting the notion that the truly “homeless” are in any way, shape or form, a truly rebellious collective. Desiring degeneracy is a “love” of zeitgeist. Radical autonomy is a whole different kind of “homelessness…” A real, literal, on the move mentality and in constant flux with greater collectives of radical autonomy.

  5. Racism is akin to “judging a book by its cover.” When you study the phenotype of a McVeigh or Breivik as compared to say, a thordaddy, what is MISSED is the ravenous desires of the readers. The desire for spectacle amongst the “raving fans” (the only thing I learned in college… The existence of a mad mob of spectators) is the consummate “trigger” and amongst white males sensing existential crisis there is this extreme between acknowledging an all-encompassing mass of raving spectators and their errant demands for spectacle AND one’s own PRESSURE TO perform or not perform. And so what “we” have in a radically autonomous society is a place where white males are phenotypically-subsumed into “expectation of no performance” versus “expectation of constant performance.” What one can “see” in McVeigh and Breivik as DAA is that the expectations of a raving crowd DID NOT EXIST for them. In other words, they saw “existential crisis” and yet none of the mad mob expected anything from them in response. So they made spectacle. On the other end of the spectrum are those white males judged “life-long performers.” A good example of this gone amok is the fitness star that just recently killed himself. In his case, the pressure to perform was unrelenting. The mad mob was not only accustomed to daily showtime, but clearly like the junkies they are, needed more. So now you mix amongst these phenomena, “anti-racism…” Er, NOT judging a book by its cover. This is the “default elite’s” attempting to trigger unstable lone wolves and burn out the stable ones BY WAY of neutralizing the DEMANDS of the “raving fans.”

    • Umm yes so everyone should be like TD. Working for the man and commenting on blogs.

      Anyway, I think Rockwell did some work with making soldiers out of drug addicts. He was later assassinated which makes me wonder if he was into something.

      As has been said over and over comfortable, well fed men are not motivated to do anything but a man you have helped kicked drugs, a man you have educated on the issues and a man you have helped get employed again owes a debt of gratitude. He would be in “the family” and would owe a debt. Not as nasty as it sounds. Everyone in the family would go to bat for each other.

      It’s fairly well known that many Alcoholics Anonymous groups have an informal type of job help for people when they get sober. And it is expected that if you have been helped, that you will in turn help others in the group. I picture our “family” having that same setup but with more enforcement of the giving back part than AA does

      • Working for the “Man?” Lol. Not once ever.

      • Erin…

        If [you] think the “homeless” operate with “gratitude” then I’m afraid your bum-realism is the stuff of book study.

      • There’s a lot of ego in “American charity.” It degrades the giver and receiver.

        The giver gains a feeling of superiority. The receiver learns to hate the giver for that. I find that the poor and the rich are quite similar. They both feed on the misconceptions of the average.

      • It is worth noting that all DAAs have a similar type: white men, poorish, single, no serious job. That is the only group that fights; whether white, muzz or black.

        The more money, the less revolutionary. I can think of maybe 3 rich WNs who are extremist. The middle class is so busy trying to sustain their way of life that they have time for nothing else.

        The US military knows this, at some level. Their best soldiers come from the poor white hick class. Give such a man a gun and a uniform, make him somebody, and he is loyal for life. Of course – the USG has a lot more prestige to give than we do.

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