The White Race Must Die

by Ryu

Wishing For Victory WORKS!

***This article is a retired WN’s ideas, written in my style.*****

Until WW2, whites were a race of farmers and warriors. We worked with our hands. We lived close to the land and close to our families.

That has all changed. Today, most whites dream of becoming the new jews. They want white-collar jobs. They want to get rich, whatever it takes, marry the hot blonde cheerleader wife, then live in the mansion on the hill.

This is a problem. The West no longer needs any more …..…… white collar workers. Competition is high for those jobs. Everyone wants to get rich and make it big. The jews have their niche and don’t tolerate competition.

Most whites won’t even get close to those goals. Their struggle for riches makes them blind to the racial struggle. While whites chase the dollar, other races chase what is good for them as a whole.

Over 90% of the white race as it sits must be eliminated. This is necessary.

The holocaust made the jews stronger. By 1950, they had their homeland and world jewry was never more powerful. So it will be with whites.

WNs are the leadership class of the white race. The masses will never have the awareness that a WN has. It takes too long with incubation times of 3-7 years to make each WN.

WNs carry alot of dead weight. People look at white liberals or conservatives and think they speak for all of us. They don’t, but perception is reality. WN is not liberal or conservative, christian or islam, capitalist or communist. It is about race first.

We ***know*** what it will take to wake up most whites. Catastrophe. Nothing less works. Today, there are still whites in Rhodesia and South Africa who aren’t racist. That’s the depth of stupidity around.

50 Comments to “The White Race Must Die”

  1. A blogger who goes by Anonymous Conservative puts everything in “r/K” terms, that is unlimited resource survival strategy and limited resource survival strategy.

    Universalism is a religion, but it is a religion dependent on unlimited resources. Despite what a mainstream conservative would tell you, capitalism is just as “r” oriented as communism. Both assume unlimited resources if only a certain social arrangement is adopted.

    Universalism is the belief of the safe and the comfortable. Nationalism is the belief of the hard-pressed. One can only become a nationalist today through intellectual honesty to the point of autism or hard personal struggle. (It’s no accident the book is called “My Struggle”.)

    Only hardship will change the outlook of most whites, but there is plenty of hardship coming.

    • Theoretically, ALL is “resource,” only differentiated by new innovative ways of human manipulation. Advancing technology is simply new ways to “shape-shift” ubiquitous matter/energy. The true universalism of the secularist is The Redundant Phenomenon. It only differentiates and coalesces with acute perception. So the unlimited/versus limited resource meme is an imposed paradigm that doesn’t really reflect reality BUT DOES benefit the “default elite” over any substantial collective willing to say that some can manipulate matter/energy more unlimitedly than others.

  2. As I said, put some NKVD behind the conscripts…

  3. Whites were responsible for the nigger destroying every major Murkancity.
    Whites not only gave the monkey permission to level LA & Detroit – and every other major industrial metropolis in between – but the white gave the coloreds the tools AND reinforcement on every level.

    • Not “whites…” Not mass “white” man… High IQ “jewhites” run the program of perpetuating self-annihilation until they are ruthlessly culled in a “civil war,” ie., an act of self-annihilation. “The Chosen Ones” couldn’t pull “us” out of this infinite regress even if they tried BECAUSE THEY READILY sacrifice lesser Jew for greater Jew (for they ONCE sacrificed the greatest “Jew” for all the lesser Jews) and thus stay precariously balanced on the brink of annihilation always “justifying” an “any means necessary” psychic mandate.

      • Once witey dwindle and fall, so do his parasitic counterpart the Jew, Gooker, Dot, Muzzie, Colored, and any other rainbow combo of existence, who follows the LN paradigm. Murka cannot sustain with these oriental and primitive hoards, because their native cultures are inherently tribal, dysfunctional, ostentatious, unproductive and uncooperative. The tempering effect by the “white” man has put these non-white barbarians in a sedative function of work-ability within his society.

      • In other words JS… These “parasites” are anti-(white) Supremacy… Pro-degeneracy… TOTALLY LACKING God-ordained free will. The white race is now in a transfixed position of descending imitation. “We” now gripe our way to the “top” of the turd pile seeking only to avoid the inevitable shitslide created by those pissing down upon us from that very “top.”

      • jesus’ jews did not sacrifice him for anything nor did they imbue him with all the drama a good 1950s Hollywood xmas movie delivered: they thought him a heretic and blasphemer. A rabblerouser causing trouble and disturbing their meal ticket.

        PowerJews did not see him as Son 0’Gawd

      • FP…

        The neo-Narrative proceeds from “The Chosen Ones” crucifying their perfect son… And followed up by a two thousand year old deconstructing Narrative to obscure, pervert and corrupt this “original sin…” This most irrational and hate filled act of SELF-ANNIHILATON (and why CI is such a farce as it absolves “The Chosen Ones” from this most grotesque act).

        The Jew qua Jew is anti-(white) Supremacy… Anti-(white) Perfection TO THE CORE.

        And it is this cabal of anti-white Supremacist “jewhites” that must be mercilessly savaged both in the virtual realm and irl.

      • Thordaddy, how did your WN progress to its current point and how long did it take?

        You must have been an ordinary WN at some time. Then you added WS in to it somehow.

      • Ryu…

        I never identified as “wn” as far as I can remember. I was “race-realist” in experience from a young age due athletics. I turned political junky upon ready Duesberg’s book on the scam that is AIDS… It was from there that my operating paradigm was Liberalism = homo-sexual “nature,” ie., the radically autonomous/self-annihilating “nature.” This transformed “wn” into AN ASSERTION and away from a way of being. Thus, the white Supremacist became the way of being (the self-evident leader of the wn assertion) and “wn” is then the ASSERTION that separates friend from foe.

        One either believes that “we” have the right to existence in The Land of white Supremacy or he doesn’t. The latter are anti-white Supremacists of various degree from acutely pathological necessitating urgent eradication to infected with no outward symptoms leaving conversion to wS on the table.

      • But you’ve also passed through the MRM and PUA. Probably libertarianism too, right?

      • Ryu…

        At the “top” is the battle to socially construct the “operating paradigm” through relentless memetic instruction… A literal race to “global goosestep.”

        Genuine white Supremacy CAN SWALLOW THEM ALL WHOLE…

        And it is because of this that “universal equality” cannot then be true.

        So this is mass white man’s role… To effectuate this delicate balance between the incredibly hampered strength of an exclusive wS versus the mob temptation of mass “white” degeneracy? He steps to one side or the other.. He CANNOT CLING to Neo’s indifference.

      • I find it exceptionally hard to inspire WNs to chase WS. It seems that it takes one thing to become a WN, and then another to go a step beyond.

        How many students have you had, TD? I’d be surprised if you found more than 5.

      • Ryu…

        This is, I believe, my first foray into Liberalism = homosexual “nature” = self-annihilating “nature” = falsification of Darwinan evolution = PROOF of God-ordained free will (I am “Josh”)…

        At that point, my first two children were 8 and 6… PUA and HBD didn’t exist as virtual movements either in 2007 or before… I was a critic of those de facto homo movements from the outset with Spearhead and In Mala Fide being the places I can remember visiting most post-2007.

        This liberalism = homosexual “nature” sprung from those pre-2007 debates amongst Lawrence Auster and Australian Mark Richardson’s Liberalism as “autonomy theory” over WHAT is Liberalism. Liberalism as self-creation/destruction of that which one did not choose, eg., race, sex, ethnicity, nation, religion, orientation, etc. is Richardson’s “autonomy theory.” From this debate over Liberalism as nondiscrimination + tolerance (Auster maintained nondiscrimination as Liberalism “highest value”) versus self-creation came “radical autonomy.” An all-accepting indiscriminancy as surest path to self-annihilation. This is the operative paradigm. And it is sold as “freedom.”

      • Ryu…

        I’ve been asked many times why I don’t physically train people and the answer is apt here… The baseline is too low to be prophetable… In other words, I can’t be paid to train inevitable quitters. But even more, “selling” wS is like selling fresh water, clean air and organic food… Unseemly WHEN you get to the “top” of the “game.” So I do not seek students (although I have put my brothers on check) nor operate personally in “selling” wS. I just try to live it and spread it virtually just because I want to… It is, for me, the exact “thing” I should be doing.

      • Um, getting paid to train inevitable quitters is job security.
        Like a preacher getting a salary and FREE house to deal with quitters n’ backsliders.

      • It is FP and I have seen it too.

        That’s why money corrupts. Personal trainers become faux-therapists and friends. More talking than training. Then the trainer gets discouraged and stops training himself.
        [ed note: then if you are aware of that, you should have the discipline to prevent it]

        These new teachers sign up, wanted to teach. But most of their students just want to get the grade and move on. It’s not about learning. A good teacher may have about 5 or 6 students in his life.

      • I have seen that also. No doubt you have seen those in the gym who are always being personal-trained, and never do it on their own.

        If we have to supervise someone to train, they don’t have it. One learns by doing, best by wrong doing. Its the same in school. If a student only studies while he is forced to, its not the right person.

      • “Job security?” That only means a few simple things for the mass of “white” males:

        a) comfortably within the zeitgeist.

        b) buying and/or selling “self-annihilation” as product and service.

        c) firmly in fantasy land.

        d) all the above.

        Now, for the genuine wS it is unseemly to sell wS to future quitters for a prophit.

  4. TD: Yes, anti-white supremacy is the function of the LN and his rainbow coalition, whose sole existence dependent on the people whom they deride as needing to be put in their place, not knowing fully well, that their survival is detrimental without White supremacy.

  5. Did you guys hear about this: Family was being evicted due to rent payment in arrears behind 2 months, and you get an army of SWATZIs knocking at their door to force them out, which accidently leads to the death of their 12 year old girl, shot by dumbos and the overpoliced state.

    Meyer sounds like a Jew and his slain daughter looks like one, but he isn’t the Jewlord in this scenario.

    Who cares?

    Plenty of GenBrandons will be celebrating tonight, watching a game of niggaball at the sportsbar, while we tank to hell bottom anyway!

    • The GenBrandons will only march if it were a kolored killin. And then, only in warm weather.

      If it’s a jew, let the jews pay a jewlawyer to sue The State, who will in turn raise the taxes to pay for their fuckups as always.

      The KillerKOP is a murderer. If you are a “citizen” on the inside of your very own home and shoot an armed thug outside on your porch – you go to jail. If you’re a KillerKOP on somebody elses’ porch and shoot a babygirly inside her own home – you are a “mizundastood victim of circumstance.”

      That’s the only issue I care about. SWATZI VS jew killings now amuse me. First one I seen. LET each falange of the FFOL break against itself.

    • Its an ugly thing. Cops today work for the banks who get those bailouts. I know of no living American cop or soldier who serves the people.

      You’ll notice this wakes up no one, JS. They don’t care anymore. That’s why I now have excused all WNs from “innocent civilians.” There are no innocents anymore. And the “outrage” lasts about 2 minutes, until the commercial changes.

      • It’s all about the Ben FranklinS. LEOs are motivated by money and benefits, and Jordies are motivated by future perks. The sad thing is that it’s all fake make work set upon by our Elites.

  6. Ryu…

    I’ll still contend that you have yet to make the final leap to wS… Yet to recognize that your next radically autonomous step can only be wS… And that when you say that the “white race must die” with your conversion will be a recognition that, in fact, the white race must be born for the first time as a real thing. And this is so because it simply has not existed as a real thing yet and there are no recognizable Fathers of the white race… There are no recognizable white Supremacists… And here we stand… Opportunities galore to be unrepentant and fully committed wS… True enemy of the zeitgeist and all anti-white Supremacists from “The Chosen Ones” to the anti-white man itself, the homodyke.

    [ed note: you believe in WS. And so, is Bill Clinton worthy of your salvation? Hillary?]

    • TD believes Murka will descend into complete chaos between LN and their minions, once functional witey disappear or leave from it.

    • I think Bill would be worthy, if he wanted to become a WS. He clearly does not seek supremacy. Why would a WS surround himself with such worms, unless it was to infiltrate and take it all over?

      Bill has to take the first step though. But white skin is not enough.

      [if you think slick willy is worthy of salvation based purely on his skin color, or that you could even save such trash – without him conning you instead – then you are exposing yourself to a dangerous vulnerability]

    • Nah… Not at all… Both “progressive” degenerates.

      • You are right, TD. The white race has not yet been born. I’ll have to think about that.

        [ed note: NO Ryu. YOU ARE right with your initial post: The White Race was born, but died. You both are looking for a description of a resurrection. This is a trait common to philosophies of western/xtian nations. Births happen often, but resurrections are hard to come by]

      • Nah… There was little need even 30 years for whites to see themselves as white in the context of the “other.” Now, whites have no choice but to see themselves in the context of the nonwhite.

      • Now, whites have no choice but to see themselves in the context of the nonwhite.

        Whites were “de-raced” – that is, to me: Erased – much like eradicated. I heard a word called “de-racinated” and it’s not quite appropriate. Can’t remember who introduced me to it. It is more akin to their identity has been eradicated.

        To the point, wytes do not see themselves in the context of the colored so much as they see themselves as inferiors, due to their Big Government School Indoctrination over the decades.

      • White Supremacy is not a born-again scenario… Not at all… “We” were BORN INTO anti-white Supremacy… Totally immersed from our very conception. One doesn’t need FAITH to embrace wS. All one really needs to do is to reject self-annihilation absolutely so that even in THIS HELL one still WANTS TO live. As it stands, “ours” live on earth and desire to die only crossing their fingers that there is no Heaven/hell… Only total annihilation.

      • Ryu…

        Now he must incorporate this mindset into wS… He must “see” this mindset as a reflection of the genuine white Supremacist… He must recognize his desire for eternal salvation is acknowledging a worldly damnation… And here “we” are in this “darkest hour” (h/t César Tort, top-notch awS) in a literal hell of which total annihilation seems the only viable recourse. But as wS, this self-annihilation is just plain wrong on all accounts. Especially when one has not even taken the tiniest baby step towards attaining objective Supremacy either as an individual or amonsgt a collective of genuine white Supremacists.

      • Of course, most will read those words and only conceive of some small child at his bed’s end either wishing for something or hoping against punishment or some jihadist lined up next to ten more all knees to mat bobbing up and down speaking in tongue… They will not conceive the act of praying as operating seamlessly within one’s functional being getting more or less attention in the daily grind of life as any and all important practices will “suffer…” The key understanding is that one is TOTALLY IMMERSED in self-annihilation and MUST PRAY and have faith that he can rise above IT ALL… Only then can he even be considered ready to take direct action.

      • Think how absurd it is to possess a desire to train, but never pray that you continue to possess a desire to train? Or, even more absurdly, how for granted we take our physical capacity to train so much so that we hardly ever pray that we shall keep this capability as long as possible? This capacity can literally go at any time… AND THIS THEN morphs into the “justification” of why we do not pray. There is no real order to things. “It” is here, “it” is gone. Radical autonomy is the operative paradigm. But even here there is absurdity in NOT PRAYING for a radically autonomous paradigm. As though one where anti-radical autonomy and didn’t really want it… Did not have faith in it… Then his next radical leap is wS…

      • Well FP, I use the word “deracinated” quite frequently amonsgt the liberal “Christians” such that there is no such thing as a deracinated “Christian.” First, because a white Christian must be a white Supremacist or he is not really a Christian… Ergo, there is no Christianity that exists outside the racial milieu AND it does not even need to. Secondly, deracinated ANYTHING is pathological… And the only “movement” not deracinated by definition is wS… Uh… The white Christian… And so I ask, “Is the white Christian something less than the Christian?” In fact, the white Christian is something more particularly real… Something not infected with the pathology of deracination.

      • Deracinate commonly means “pulled up by the roots” and is not wholly appropriate.
        I simply use derace.
        Simpler is better, as your Mr. Occam prefers.

      • FP…

        I use “deracination” in the context of liberal “autonomy theory” (h/t Mark Richardson) where “race” is MADE MEANINGLESS. So a deracinated “Christian” is one who believes he can reach Perfection OUTSIDE his racial Self. In reality, in his ideologically-induced desire to make his “race” meaningless, he self-annihilates… Begins the process of a “vulgar racism,” ie., a hate for his race… His fathers. So the deracinated “Christian” seeks to fulfill The Greatest Commandment by HATING his “line” of worldly fathers and he cannot “see” the liberal pathology at hand.

      • Racism = love of race/fathers…

        Anti-racism = degenerated state of love for race/fathers…

        Vulgar racism = anti-racism turned hatred for race/father…

        Deracination = memetic process by which one makes “father,” ie., race, meaningless.

        Socially, “we” are immersed in a relentlessly propagated “deracination” which leads to racism, anti-racism, vulgar racism and wS.

      • Do you still love whites, even though you know how foolish they are TD?

      • Deracinate: v. To pull out by the roots; uproot.
        v. To displace from one’s native or accustomed environment.

        It’s an inept and inferior word intended to define “erasing a race”.
        So, to accompany my many others I use a superior neologism of my invention: Derace


      • Ryu…

        I told you before that such a feeling is the toughest belief for the nascent wS to get a grasp of… Nonetheless, it seems essential given the white race’s existential crisis. So I work on it… And I seek to show my love by being a genuine white Supremacist. That’s all I can honestly give at this point.

  7. Once there where Whites. Now, there are effectively, only little wites. No, you should* see by now that a few thousand of us spanning the globe are, sadly, insignificant.

    I often think we passed the apex of White Civilization: Each race has strengths and weakness. This sad, twisted end where we elect Kings to give away our national treasure to MINOs seems the endgame; it occurred in all Western Civilizations as more a trait than an infection.

  8. I’ve often wondered about the Whites’ passive wish for self-annihilation, as demonstrated by plunging birth rates, especially among the smartest and most awesome women.
    Something strange has happened to make our advanced civilization possible, but that same factor may not allow its creators to survive their advanced civilization.
    It’s some kind of bizarre depression.

  9. The new Superman vs Batman is wS versus radical autonomy… Even in phenotypic fashion this plays out.

    • Concessions are being offered and not in the direction that is “conventional wisdom.”

      • The WHOLE OF THE alt-rite should be “seen” as high IQ “white” males LIBERATIONISTS flocking to the protection of an emerging wS… WHO they, nonetheless, believe they can still memetically control.

  10. “Most whites won’t even get close to those goals. Their struggle for riches makes them blind to the racial struggle. While whites chase the dollar, other races chase what is good for them as a whole.”

    This is a good observation on the mindset of the cuck. While he is busy chasing money his race is be displaced. His mind is too set on money to see it though.

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