Technology’s Effect on Cops

by Ryu

Marcia Is Actually The Not-So Wicked Stepmom of Ryu

All the problems that affect WN are affecting all other groups today. We’re getting stupider, more distracted, with a lower attention span. Law enforcement is also affected.

The raw “human ability” of police officers peaked between 1975-1985, before most patrol cars had MDTs or mobile data terminals. This is when cops did their jobs the best, when there actually was danger and crime on the streets. Many neighborhoods were war zones then, including NYC.

Today, like everyone else, many cops are hooked on …..……the computer. They’ve got a little iphone, which they compulsively check 100x a day. Did I get a text? An email? Look at this awesome youtube clip!

Internet dramatically reduces a person’s patience. Happens to cops too. Combine this with the Starbucks “coffee culture” and you get a man with a perpetual need to be doing something. He’s hopped up on caffeine and adrenaline. Many cops go into withdraw when off duty and especially when they retire.

The cure is a certain honesty.

A comrade once wrote of getting hooked on music. I’ve had that also. I myself have to work to limit internet time; it’s simply too addictive. My own attention span is lower today than it once was, due to TV and internet.

There is a real world out there. It hasn’t changed in thousands of years, nor will it ever change. The first world is going to be in big trouble if someone ever pulls the plug. Most people alive right now cannot survive without electricity. In this, the First World is inferior to the THird.

9 Comments to “Technology’s Effect on Cops”

  1. We’ve all seen the movie of the human guinea pig all wired up to a giant video screen to be fed a relentless stream of stimulating images are basically has his brain fried… Well, that was the “default elite” telling the masses their exact plan in advance just to remind them just how emtrenched is their power. But underneath it all is really a degenerately “luxuriant” game of who can handle the most doses of radical reality without over dosing?

    • In many ways, there is already a virtual reality in place. The elites live in the real world. The rest of us, live in a fake world. Only the elites and a minority of the proles know what is really going on.

  2. Cops successfully swept criminals under the rug for the Politicians of The Ruling Class.

    Politicians set the sentences low, so it is they who let multiple convicted felons free. The average sentence for murder is a 6 0’Clock News headline grabbing LIFE BEHIND BARS – but the reality is 8 years served and out. Thus, this is not HeroCOPS! fault. But, using this Revolving Door for job Security IS.

    Cops sweep up the trash, but just push criminals into working and middle-class suburbs only if specific city sectors are desired by The Elite. They do not solve problems, they only displace them – no matter how much FOXnews sucks Rudy Giuliani’s gnarled dick for “cleaning up” NYC. Once in the suburbs, criminals are then preoccupied with easy robbing-raping and murdering helpless (white) sheep in these new cushy hunting grounds – coincidentally – where the TV NewsTEEM 2000 Extreem! never goes. Thugs now avoid the BIG Force; this sweeping under the rug is seen in Manhattan’s Stop & Frisk.

    The FORCE exists only to Protect & Serve…the Elite. Whether that is by roughing up homeless colored crackheads or attacking Bundy Ranch – while Miggers pour over the border, behind in the valley, out of camera shot.

    • It is well to note the difference between white and blue collar crime. White collar criminals do as much damage as the lower criminals. Yet, the prisons are filled with the “blue collar” criminals.

      An interesting saying: “Never trust a cop with 5 years experience who still believes in fighting crime.” The meaning is that a street cops sees that crime is a catch-and-release game. He changes nothing with his work.

      The exception is feds and state police, because their job is more political and symbolic. They have to wear the big white hat.

      • BigFED SWATZIs do not police rapists and robbers nor any criminals affecting people.
        They protect a system.
        BigFED SWATZIs police Crimes Against The State.

  3. There is a magic bullet mentality developing
    a notion that databases will solve everything.

    In the future, detectives will just pick up pre-criminals, easy peasy!
    So procedures, lists, who whom and theater becomes more important.

    Following rules to the last dot, the TSA no thinking required way.
    With the goal of expanding the airport experience onto all society.

    Officers still had some wiggle room back in the day, not anymore.
    The trend is towards “zero tolerance” policing, or anarcho tyranny.

    The doubling down on one side, and no enforcement on the other.
    Patrol cars had MDTs, today they have McDonalds cash registers!

    NYC has more people in jail for obstructing pedestrian traffic
    as in standing on the sidewalk, than for actual financial crimes.

    And the human ability part reminded me of the Golden Gate bridge, it was build in half a decade back in the thirties, essentially by hand with slide rulers. So you would think they could do it in half the time, if not sooner, today, with modern heavy duty equipment, computers and better materials, right?
    Wrong, the other san fran bridge took a whole decade to build, construction begin 2002, construction end 2013! They even had to import Chinese welders.

    • One finds that advancement in time does not mean advancement in technology. We may go backward. Whites in the past WERE superior to us today.

      • Yes… But as time moves forward linearly, man discovers news ways to manipulate and craft from the physical universe… This is advancing technology. It STILL DOES NOT ANSWER the “why?” Why does white man seek to innovate new ways to manipulate and create from the material universe?

  4. The problem was described very well in the novel “One Second After”, where some mysterious nukes detonated in space cause every power plant and car and factory to short out (and tens of thousands of planes, including Air Force One, to crash), and the USA instantly ceases to exist. The country is cut off into small neighborhoods and towns where anarchy reigns.

    Spolier: almost everyone in the country soon starves to death and the Chinese move in. The book didn’t mention what they did with the skeleton mountains but they probably ground them into fertilizer for rice farming.

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