Elite Power Nexus

by Firepower

Sometimes – just sometimes – the New York Times is good for actual-factual info you can really use – instead of its usual trumpeting how “great Manhattan Luxury-Lifestyles are!” or making slurping noises sucking a Clinton’s cock. Both their dicks.

Intended to “expose” Republican’ts awful link to rich folks, it simultaneously exposes the NYT/LN nexus to other courts of power. The jew york times only hates rich goppers and turns a blind eye to every vile wealthy LN.

Read it or not. But you will now see and prove – beyond futile Niggerspickiking!™ – the factual arguments your enemies will be helpless to refute.

Big finance runs the show, then Big Oil and BIG Hollywood. Now, you have facts turned into quotes & stats to use at your next Hitler Fan Club meeting in the Community Center at your trailerpark.

Change will not come from hurling slurs – but shooting facts.

54 Responses to “Elite Power Nexus”

  1. FP: I’m curious if any of your readership comes from a Sweet Trailerpark Alabama.

    RINOs love MINOs just as much as their NYT rivals, but for different reasons.

    Davidee Dukey supports Trump (the same guy who uses illega miggas to create his empire). His children luxuriate at the same 3Fer tower in Manhatty with Willy’s daughter Chillsee.

    • How BOTH Leftist & Conservative Elites Control You http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1dL
      Plain Answers: The Mortgage Elite (mildly NSFW) http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1AU

      • I like your method FP, of shooting facts. But my hit rate is not great.

        It seems our material is beyond the common man. So we get those who have already gone through all the steps, as we did. People just can’t dig the facts we shoot.

      • Agreed.
        There is no revolution without the prole. The rich did not die in WW2, nor in Bushi’s War For Poppa.

        PastREV succeeded in propagandizing the prole unto aggravation – using their dimness against them.
        Now, that dimness has metastasized into the cancer of Pure Laziness, stupidity and willful ignorance with their aggravation defused by Online Tweeeeeetz and offline Pizza.

        When Bread & Circus prevail
        You get

      • Furthermore, given the fact that Jordies and SWATZIs are on the side of the elites than ever, it is indicative of what proles are aspiring to.

        LNs create fake make work for coloreds in house, and real work for wheaties in the killing fields, who otherwise would bread and circus at their couches.

      • Where the Elite are totally superior to proles is their self-awareness of when to quit partying, get serious, then act against an enemy.

        Some Silver Spoon Spawn lack this from an overindulgence in the life of luxury, but most are ably trained by their ancestry to retaliate against lower class aggression.

      • The elite you are referring, are not the countless GenBrandons that infest Manhattan on daddys money and party until the coke trip becomes too much.

        I for one advocate that broccoli is best served cold. Most proles are too hot headed for this sort of thing.

      • The Elites are also able to wield control over their colored minions and their lesser LN constituents, and sucker punch the trailer NRA hicks, Jordies and Swattys.

      • Elites wield such control because they have both money and power – but most importantly, the will to use it ruthlessly and without mercy or pity.

        They maintain their dictatorship via barriers such as Ivy League mentalities where “America’s First Families educate their precious, privileged scions and heirs.

        They inhabit a world most will never even comprehend in a dream; in this OWS was 100% correct regarding the 1%.

      • Yes, and Willy Clinton and Obongo are not these microscopic “Elites”. I could think of the Rockafellas, the Kochs, the extinct JP Morgan line and a few NYC dynastic Jews. Neither are the average GenBrandons that infest Manhattan 3Fering….and the petty MINO tyrants like Rice and Holda that we have now, telling wheatie what’s good for him!

    • David Duke is hot, JS. He should probably be in prison. It’s a miracle he is still a public WN. He has to turn it down alot to keep the USG off his back.

      This is why we tell WNs not to use their real names or to do public things. Once one is outed, there’s no going back.

      • Ryu: DD is in the public spotlight and not behind bars, because he is confused about Murka, as the average NRA wheatie with his guns loaded and tucked way in the treasure chest.

        Duke supports Trump who supports Israel, and a few of his children are “Jewish”. The same analogy applies to former Jew hatin Christian Rightists, who are looking forward to their next trip to the Holy Land (meanwhile these chumps have never set foot on their ancestral Eurot, because they spent their last dime with their family on Mickey Mouse theme park).

      • David Duke spent his whole life BEING CALLED a “white supremacist” and so WAS WELL AWARE that the enemy of the zeitgeist IS THE white Supremacist. But David Duke EVEN TO THIS DAY, does not call himself a white Supremacist… Because he is not. So David Duke is not a true enemy of the zeitgeist. And the beauty of this argument is that you need know nothing else of David Duke to know what I just stated is undoubtedly true.

        ONLY the GENUINE white Supremacist is true enemy to the zeitgeist BECAUSE the zeitgeist IS anti-white Supremacy. And still, both white Supremacy and anti-white Supremacy ARE OF THE same “mind.” The FFOL are useless without the PALM.

      • I try not to be hard on Dave, TD. He has been around a long time, since the late 70s. Time changes a man. Dave has seen a lot of things. We had a real shot in the 1980s.

      • We had a real shot in the 1980s.

        Your origination of this missed 80s chance interests me.

        (see, giving credit is OK. it is beneficial. it is truth)

        I am interested in reading your opinion on my observation that this chance was blunted by the Yuppie Decade of Greed, a false god called Reagan – and his era. Murkans pretended he would fix it all and nobody would need get bloody, so Whites laid down and rested.

        They almost had it made. They even ignored that most Murkans’ wages actually declined under St. Ronny. Then, Bumbling Bushi The Elder lipread the nation into Clinton CumShots.

        On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions who at the dawn of victory lay down to rest, and in resting died. – Adlai Stevenson

      • OK, FP.

        See also my post on serial killers. The golden age of serial killers, leftist turrism, WN turrism was from the 60s to the early 80s. After 1985, it was all over. DNA use by cops began in 1986. Computers also got big then.

        I’ve studied the RAF, Carlos, the brotherhood, all of them. You had Gordon Kahl in 1980. It was still possible to form groups back then. The police state was smaller, but I’d now tag it at 1969.

        There a lot of mistrust of government back then, the CIA’s involvement in Central and South America. It was right after America’s failure in Nam.

        The crime! Crime was rampant from the 70s to 90s. Bernie Goetz in NYC.

        Computers, when there were young and unknown, were only understood by real hackers, who were anti gov. There were still independent TV and radio stations then. The hacker Captain Crunch actually took over an HBO broadcast in the late 70s.

        It was the right place and time. We have it a lot harder today.

  2. In a normal society of white Supremacists, sexual degenerates never man ANY authoritative positions for the simple fact that it is readily understood that one’s sexually degenerate ways are the “keys” to his total corruption and ultimate treason. The simple solution was normalize radical sexual autonomy, ie., homo-sexuality, and make “sexual degeneracy” the irrational boogy-man of the regenerate white mind.

  3. “There is no revolution without the prole.” Says Firepower.

    If you want to inspire the lower economic caste, you have to keep it simple. Obama has resorted to using crocodile tears like a fag, if that gives you any idea.

    That’s what I continue to like about Bob Whitaker’s stuff for influencing people. Here’s a page of simple phrases one could use when talking to people. Keep it short and sweet. Don’t let ’em argue the point. Leave them to think about it. http://www.whitakeronline.org/blog/topic/mini-mantras-pro/

    Your stuff is for the higher IQ crew FP and has its place.

    With friends and family that I don’t want to alienate, I use simple stuff and sparingly.

    • Proles Are Inert from the great blog FORWARD BASE B:

      “The first universal trait I noticed in their character was passivity. Everywhere I’ve been, prolish folks endlessly complain about their lot and resent their superiors in life. But it dawned on me one day—they never do anything about it, nor are they capable of action.
      I looked back through history, since my own life is a narrow anecdotal slice, but the pattern of proles is timeless as the tides.
      So long as their stomachs are full most of the time, even if they’re subsisting on junk, they grumble amongst themselves, mostly for stress relief, but utterly lack motivation for change until they are truly desperate. They are constitutionally incapable of framing dissident thoughts of their own volition. Actually, their defining quality is they lack volition and agency. If they were not docile and gullible, societies of millions where just a few have all the wealth would not be possible. In a way, it is just. Unable to defend themselves, they assume their proper place as preybeasts. Across history and location poor peasants have always been proud supporters of the established order while the truly rebellious have always been educated young men who couldn’t quite make it into, or beyond the upper middle class.

      Peasants have always had revolts,
      Frustrated petit bourgeois, revolutions.”

      • 2guest:

        While I fully agree, such deep philosophy is handicapped by its surfeit of words, dearth of pragmatic use and absence of action.

        I can use Big Words with the best of them, but writing for professors gets you adherents who sit at desks.

        Plus, it was described long ago by Villifredo Pareto (LIUFY)– and even previously by Marx who nailed it perfectly when he stated the Prole has no Class-consciousness. They are useless until they become aware.
        Become aware that they are the shit the Elite wipes off their $6000 slippers.

        Today’s Murkan Predicament is the willfully ignorant can not be made aware. They cannot be awakened in the emergency and when they do, you’ve discovered you’ve woken a retard.

      • Your take of proles, synonymous with the docileness to the status quo is 99.9999% of Murkan apple pie. The microscopic Elite is hidden behind their minions who perpetually piggyback one another.

        Now how does this lead us to the relevance with the eradication of miggas, is the most important question?

    • Your stuff is for the higher IQ crew FP and has its place.

      Yes – and no.
      Eradica is a leadership site, yes.
      But you can be a leader also: Higher iq types ascend further when they Take the IQ stuff and relate it to lower iq folks. The smartest of people have the capacity to modulate their presentation to fit the audience.

      I do not speak like a professor when propagandizing doodz at a bar.

      Still, here at Eradica, I am what I am not irl: I am completely honest and do not disguise my method of communication in any way whatsoever. I am totally honest, whereas irl I am deceptive. Actually, deceitful.

      This goes back to my early works on Eradica where I ream Piggi, Rooshi – even Roissy: They pull their punches and don’t call a spade a spade or a nigger a nigger.

      Why bother bloggin’ if one must hide behind PC. It’s the one place where Free Speech is the only option.

    • another strategy to always use is avoid proles who are morons lest you become tainted with their inbred stupidity. There IS A LEVEL where you fall by associating yourself with them.

      Bibble~Thumpeez often descend to the moron pigfucker status and contaminate your success at conveying a message. Killary has no OWS Communists in her inner circle of evil.

      The worst of proles are an anchor around your neck.

      Proles are best used as pawns – the way the LN uses wyte hyx. A pawn can kill a king.

      If 39 pawns die to kill a king – it’s still a bargain.

  4. Off topic

    Anyone hear about the SB 172 bill, which completely canceled exit exams for high school seniors in California?
    They even added a provision last month to “Retroactively remove the exam requirement all the way back to 2004. Students that previously were proven to fail these exams are now given a free pass.”

    All you have to do is show up for the diploma… strike that, not even that, it will be mailed to you in spite!

    So another circle jerk is complete, free hand out high school diplomas, affirmative action spots in institutions of higher education, and then a guaranteed government quota job! On top of that you win a free drivers license, of the roughly 1,396,000 licenses California DMV issued in 2016, 43 percent (or 605,000) went to undocumented immigrants…

    What’s your opinion on Mexifornia FP, is it officially considered lost territory? Because:

    “As of July 1, 2014, the Census counted 14.99 million Latinos and 14.92 million whites, making California the second state in which Latinos outnumber whites, after New Mexico. California is now the first large state and the third overall — after Hawaii and New Mexico — without a white plurality.”

    • What’s your opinion on Mexifornia FP, is it officially considered lost territory?

      Yes. The Reconquista is near finalized. It has succeeded for Miggers so greatly – and to the extent – the only solution now is to eradicate them by bloodshed the way they were removed the first time in the 1840s.

      The next problem is there are no Hardened Men today as there were in 1840. Even fewer in Califas.

      Your valuable diploma link proves incompetency in 21st Century Murka is now legalized by fiat. Such aberrations would have been so …foreign to Once America for what it is: A 3rd World dictator’s magic wand of fantasy intended to pacify the peones.

      • Cali is already majority Mex; don’t believe the fudged Fed statistics.

        Good news, bad news. The good news is that the most radicalized WNs in the US live in heavily mino areas. Look in Cali for the most WNs.

        The whole Southwest is circling the drain. 1st Cali, then Texas, NM, AZ, Nevada, then Colorado.

      • Would you guys call cucarachas the “Hispanic Nationalists” ready to retake or reconquer the Southwest from witey?

        Ryu: I’m afraid to tell you that many WNs types have found association with Mexis. And many of their better ones, are intermarrying with witey in large numbers. Furthermore, we have Mexicans in the United States who have above 75% in whiteness. It can be hard to be a “White” Hispanic sometimes, given the racial dynamics are very different between the 2 Murkas.

      • Would you guys call cucarachas the “Hispanic Nationalists” ready to retake or reconquer the Southwest from witey?

        They are Conquistadores – Re-Conquistadores, for MESSico is their nation for almost two centuries. The lack of colored mex inside messico is the result of true messican nationalists, not Miggers crossing the border on Murkan soil.

        These Re-Conquistadores here are a mob capitalizing on the decayed, fallen nation of Murka.

        Whereas today’s messican drug lord has much in common with demi-criminals Cortez & Pizzaro, el druggos focus solely on money and not glorifying a king and nation.

      • witey prole are the losers in this arrangement. Mexi-Elites shove their dregs into Murka to be used by ours as burden of beasts of getting richer. prole witey subsidizes this entire process.

        [wish you’d tell me something new, instead of commiserating]

      • What is a cucaracha? I’ve heard it, but don’t know the meaning.

        The Mexicans are different than the blacks. They are not revolutionary, by and large. They are a slave class. Many work 2 or more jobs. They seem content working on El Jefe’s plantation. I have found them an amiable people. If only they weren’t taking over my country.

        I’d like to go to Mexico actually. It is safer there in many ways than the US. The gov stays out the people’s hair. The narcos only care about their drug biz.

      • Ryu: Benecio de Toro, who is a native Puerto Rican actor, played the role of Che Guevara. I would classify him as a White Hispanic, but it’s pushing it in Murka, because he has noticeable traces of native features and despite having a semblance to Brad Pitt. He would be classified as a “migga”, if he was anti-white.

      • Btw, California and the South West once belonged to Spain, and during the Mexican American war, several of the Mexican generals were White leading charge with their more miggafied cucarachas.

        [ed note: this is the dynamic you always see as nations decline from 1st world to 2nd & 3rd world: racial elites commanding colored hordes. you see it emerging in Murka. not martial forces – yet – but jews/Bidens/Clintons presiding over colored urbanites]

      • FP: Murka is in 3rd world status.

        A sandnigga falafilly seller in Manhattan once said to me that he thinks he’s in a New World Doo-bye.

        Replace Muzzie oil pimps with Elite swine, who luxuriate with their primitive slaves guarded in a heavy police state.

      • FP: Murka is in 3rd world status.

        Not quite, not yet. Exaggerating weakens your argument.
        Murka is that rare thing in-between we never hear of: a 2nd World nation.

        America’s Liberty made it the once-greatest nation. Whites squandered it and gave it all away to jews and coloreds. America was the apex of White Society and Murka, the on-going illustration of it’s emerging fall.

        Depending on your age now, time will tell. I can not follow.
        That road, you will see with your disciples, who now, may be only five years old.
        I pity you.

      • 3rd world murka, because restive primitives have taken hold of every facet of life and are found in almost every corner, except those within the elite (perhaps not anymore). No princess walks in an upscale neighborhood being harmed by a savage, but it does happen in the enchanted isle, as you can see of late. That’s 3rd world, not 2nd world. Greece is 2nd world, –you will never find a dindu in its upscale corners (I have been to Greece to witness it). Someone would have called the Greek police and grabbed him immediately.

        [ed note: if you actually believe today’s america is the same as Nigeria or Ethiopia, you are exaggerating plain & simple and setting yourself up to mockery and subsequent dismissal of your entire argument. the simple facts of our predicament suffice and are protected from deniers – as truth always is. you need to fix this facet of your propaganda]

      • It depends where one looks.

        We could all agree that Zaire is a third world nation. Yet, what if we were to go only to the elite areas? Those would look first world. Might even resemble Manhattan. Most of the country and most people are dirt poor.

        Most states in the US today, outside the capital and large cities, are not doing well. And the people are poor.

      • Ryu: A muzzie sandwich maker once said to me Manhattan is evolving into a Dubai. He told me that both places are boring, with its unremarkable citizens (many of whom are foreign nationals) who come to play, wine and dine, with it 3rd world servants servicing them. It was quite remarkable that he was able to connect the dots.

        If it only was really true, I don’t expect coloreds to disappear once and for all, with our LNs and their megalomania. We now have a governor who’s gotten more liberal than dumblasio, all because of a clash of egos proving who’s the LN. He’ll put more MINOs where they don’t belong, and pander to more coloreds to provide his point, trumping the mayor, except with a half negro son and a colored wife.

      • We now have a governor who’s gotten more liberal than dumblasio

        I told you, at a certain point, wyte LN rulers will stretch further in competition for Biggest Liberal AWARD – until an actual MINO steps forward to effortlessly claim power and displace the previous wyte Biden-ite type of poseur-ruler.

        Patterns of MINO Rulers http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4sS

      • FP: Ryu has faith that Murka will self correct, witey becomes White and the coloreds will be dealt accordingly.

      • I’ve grown increasingly skeptical: wytes have degenerated further into stupidity each successive decade, thus showing a trend for True Morlockism by 2066

      • FP: Here some NYC news again for you. Again, regarding real estate:


        These apartment units were once a bastion of White middle class in NYC, working class wheaties live in them-only partly subsidized by NY, and there were very very few coloreds in them. They were always clean and safe. Then Jew pig comes along and demands the govt, give us the apartments, because we’ll do it better on the contingent of driving out witey for wealthy Jews, Gookers, Dots and WASPs (the types that love hiring nigga nannies for their children). The whole thing then becames a mess, because of mismanagement of funds and corruption from private and public sources.

        This is the other side of the Jew story when it comes to NYC real estate. The other being coloreds used as a demolition crew.

        A multi-bedroom apartment that went for 1,000 month in 1990 now goes for 10,000 month all because of Jew meddling. I look at the income inequality generated in this country and the resentment it produces, as the Jew at the helm driving the ship into the deep abyss, all because he’ll throw his own into the hell just for a fucking dime.

      • The jew seeks the destruction of all other races by mixing all other races.
        It knows the colored destroys, the Migger overpopulates and the White auschwitzes the jew.

        The jew rarely breeds outside its “religion” much less its color.

        By interbreeding other races together, the jew commands them all. They become de-raced, blank economic units of one indistinguishable brownish color in the jews money machine, while the jew remains pure and unified.

      • Jewy also set the status template via degeneracy in our country, where he wins and everyone gradually loses.

        His behavior is not Western, but “Oriental”. Similarly, Muhammad’s oil pigs in the Middle East do not contaminate their local purity hoods with hedonism. They drink, fuck and feast on bacon in Eurot and Murka, or in a wealthy getaway like Dubbye or Manhatty. The Jew does the same on a provincial scene involving witey and colored “goyim”.

      • TD is a right to say the primitive is a self annihilator.

        One of their women were raped by their own in Brooklyn, where the woman’s father ran to call for help, nearby, of no avail. He had no cellphone at hand, because primitive blows his money away on non-sense and has nothing left for crucials, and primitives are also too unevolved to understand empathy and collectivism.


        These animals will blame it on witey systematic racism, but primitives are unevolved to understand their flaws.

      • FP: I believe the timeline of America was Amurka post WWII. The hatred for Red Russia in the Cold War was this moment. This was an era where you had proles following the orders of their elite crazies to the T, strengthening all the way to fall of communism as we know of it, with Murka in the making, now Jordies becoming full fledge lap dogs to Obongo.

      • Murka is no 3rd world niggeria, but many of its neighborhoods, schools, cities etc…are, and many and if not, most wite surroundings invite the black toxin.

        Working class Murkan proles screwed their existence royally and completely disenfranchised themselves, now that MINOs have taken their roles. These spendthrifts proudly said no to socialism (like what you find in Eurot) in a zero sum game of capitalism (which they deny, because Murka is the land of the free and equal opportunity) — and so the Elites were happy to hand their ass to them and told them to scram, while giving their share to the coloreds…Walmarty Waltons have enough money to feed their MINO servants for the next 100 years, while they become the next zillionaries with a hoard of Migga staff. They don’t need wite, and witey is too proud to be their slave, but is happy to become their protector instead of their enemy, while they strip him of his rights for Tyrone. Elite has capitalized on this.

      • Murka is no 3rd world niggeria

        a country is either 3rd world or not. you must be precise lest you expose yourself to the Typical Rightist Flaw of shooting your own argument down with exaggeration – or simple misstatements.

        If you say “murka has many 3rd world ‘hoods – bc they are populated w/ coloreds” now there is an irrefutable statement likely to ring true with even LNs (even though they deny it). Their denial is then where you attack them and perhaps win a convert in the audience.

        But, don’t count on it: Murkans grow stupider and fatter each day.

      • I’m parroting somewhat of your take of White elites leading charge a group of miggas into battle, symbolic of 3rd worldism — Murkan eliteys are mostly White, who have a large contingent of primitives at their disposal at every facet of life.

        [ed note: yes, the varying levels of comparative economic trappings determine the treasures up for grabs and how they are commandeered]

  5. FP: Yes — State governments fundraise from proles via Looto:


    Chumps buy tickets with the chance of winning, close to zil, but paying uncle beast the nice way, feels better than taxation without representation. It’s a game where proles and coloreds are in a jolly good mood together.

    • Yes, Benecio del Toro isn’t White. He would be a Migga in Murkan terms.

      His wife is White, and he’s a Puerto Rican elite, unlike the undesirables from our 51st commonwealth that flood our Mickey Mouse land and New Yawwk.

      How would you define “Whiteness” of this RHINO imbecile of Kuubah?


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