by Firepower

The White is pacified. They have lost their title and are now wite.

The most dangerous Human to ever be has freely laid down its weapons to eat Pizza and postulate on Kardashians.

That’s what freedom’s purpose must be for, ultimately. It is the logical conclusion, because that is how the first Free People ended up: It is The Terminus.

The wite will never revolt – while Revolution is repeatedly practiced in all its bloody gory-glory by the colored, Migger and Muzz. By these lesser peoples, even.

They are not deterred, no matter the punishment.

It is they who shall inherit The Murka. Then, the Chinese will rule them as plantation masters rule slaves – as Asia reverts to its Natural State.

That is the natural state of all men it seems. The Grand Experiment of Once America will be but a dream as the Glory of Rome was to a Lombard shitting in a meadow on the rubbleized Palatine Hill.

13 Comments to “NoRev”

  1. Whites are still the best warriors. One notes that virtually all front line cops or soldiers are white men. Even today. They just can’t seem to fight for themselves, without orders. It is odd. 80% of cops and 70% of military are still white.

    Revolutionaries need to be able to break the law. Revolution is illegal in all countries at all times. It’s the first thing the regime in power does.

    The criminality of the minos is their greatest asset. Many WNs look down on them, but I have learned to admire them for it.

    • Being the ‘best warriors’ has little to do with whites being the greatest seekers of Social Order; the reason they join rigid, structured and ordered organizations like the Military and SWATZIs.

      You find no such order in MINO ghettos. It is more a command structure of insurgency.

      • The Minos have the full support of USGOV. They DO NOT act is a revolutionary way. They have been given permission to act up.

      • MINOS will act in The Revolutionary Way – organizing, killing & ACTing – because aggression is in their nature.

        Primitives are animalistic:

        Unlike witey, when finished conquering, they do not sit down for Shakespeare and civilized cups of hot cocoa and discuss grand philosophy. Their aggressive, violent nature compels them to continue destroying – even after total victory.

        See LA, Ferguson or Detroit.

        You have not realized, that in a fallen nation, what you want are savages – NOT philosophers…

      • Their animalistic nature is a great virtue to them.

        Today for whites, their civilized nature is a burden. They believe in law and order, even when it does not serve their interest. The only whites who are even close to revolutionary belong to the criminal classes, whether they recognize it or not.

        All the straight whites work for the system. I do not expect the ideas of WN to ever filter down to the masses in pure form. It takes too long and is not palatable for them.

      • Yes.
        As I have explained in the past, it is what I name the “Soft Tyranny”.

        Repressing speech [as Stalin did] often fails, but giving the ignorant masses twittaTV PinterstPorn – and unlimited pizza – creates a deaf & dumb constituency: Too overloaded to listen and too materialistic to complain.

      • I heard an interesting convo by Glen Beck yesterday, FP.

        He said the Iran Saudi thing will get bigger. US will back SA and Russia backs Iran. He tied in Turkey shooting down that Russian plane, Turkey is also an American ally. So he says WW3 has already begun. Also, China will join Iran and Russia and Japan will join Murka.

        It seems alarmist, but I’m crossing my fingers.

        [ed note: And in both instances, the jew profits temporarily – maybe not permanently. Still, remember: Beck is an alarmist. He is that wyte type that is too well-read and not enough “living near” coloreds]

      • MINOs, especially niggas have very little investment in their environs as with their lives. They live for the moment of glee, sadness and their White man oppression narrative, rolled into one without any insight and foresight. Jewlords use them as the demolition crew, because of this.

        [ed note: Primitives, like animals, live only for feasting & fucking]

  2. Btw, Ryu: China will not join Iran. I have very little faith on the gookers. Iranians have urged cowardlee Chinee to man up. They like the Jews, only care about money, but with a peace rhetoric of worldlee harmoney.

    This Saudi Iranian conflict might hamper my trip this year.

    FP will tell you that human nature doesn’t operate on subservient universalism, either you dominate others or others will try do the same to you!

    • What do you think of Cuba, JS? As a latino?

      I do listen sometimes to a hick redneck WN site. I find the Southron accept distracting.

      • Cuban elites like most Latin American elites, are now pushing their poor undesirables into Murka. It’s like the gentrification process of our cities, where the rich push all the coloreds as far as they can away from their mansions. So Cuba and Puerto Rico will become the next flyover luxury Manhattan for Willy Clinton and Trump in the Caribbean.

      • Ryu: Are you a close combat practitioner? Why do you think of close combat?

      • I have an interest in close hand combat, but I don’t practice as often as I should. TD would be the best one to ask there. He has to USE real techniques everyday, and has done it for decades. He can tell us what really works, and what does not.

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