Simple Explanations: Understanding (Your) Patriotic Frustration

by Firepower

The 904,237th daily outburst against incongruities – unbelievable events – is for Repubbeez, NeoCons and nationalists. They are the ones suffering in misery. They are the ones soooo pissed-off:  It’s because they are repeatedly frustrated…at doing nothing.

Liberals are very content and satisfied – even happy. “Our” side operates on a traditional logic that is frustrated and angry. They constantly cry:

How can this happen – in a country like ours!!?!???”

Why? They believe America is still the Land of Mom & Apple Pie.
It is not: It is Murka. It is not their country anymore.  It is not the country of conservatives – or even whites. Not even for quite a long time now. That’s why they don’t understand.

It’s why that…… confusion leads to the bitter insanity of make-believe fantasy: Screamy Eagles, flags & Snarly Wolf Avatars on Twitter to back-up that forum fantasy that “tweetzing” is revolution.  Fake-It-Till-You-Make-It works on picking-up pussy…not so much on Revolution.

Shit happens in a country run by The Mino. What you see today is SOP for what losers feel when the winners in the majority apply the pressure, power and oppression they took from you in your defeat.  To the victor belong the spoils.  Don’t like it?  Tough. Go cry some MOAR.

IRS’ing the TEA Party, NSA Spying and The Leader who actually, really, truly does get away with immunity for ObamaCare and Fast & Furious is what America is now.  You are playing by their rules. They run things now.

Must I end on a Happy Note for all the adorably tender Littlest Revolutionaries!© who surrender n’ sob when confronted with truths? Of course! So here’s your uplifty-McUplifting Moment of Hugg: We can win, by eradicating Murka…and returning America. But, that’s not going to happen by TDO, angry letters to the editor, Happy Thoughts, Twitter – or HASBRO’S latest boardgame, Extreem Arguing With Liberals – ONLINE!!!™

Whiners who bleat at the ugly truths in a relatively peaceful time do nothing to face the real ugliness of a country in war of revolution. If they cry into their 6-course turkey dinner, they will surely run from real future ugliness of deprivation and especially true suffering and loss in a foxhole being shelled by MRAPs. It’s the Normandy Scene from Saving Private Ryan all done up with your fat ass in a Lay-Z-Boy.

And before you whine about whining and accuse

Firepower, you asshole! What have YOU done for The Children!?!?!?!!

I can safely reply (for I always fight on ground where I win) that your predictable charge of Situational Fallacy does not apply:  I don’t have kiddies, so I don’t give a living ChristFuck what happens to the slobbering retard spawn you created, then let grow ignorant and fat.  If they submit to getting buttfucked hourly by MINO Hordes of The FFOL they only have themselves to blame.  So do mumsy and daddsy who defend their lazy behavior while simultaneously yapping impotent Tough~Talk behind their SnarlyWolf-Eagle avatars on forums & Twitta about “Dadburn Obammy Takin’ Disability Munny Away From OUR HEROSeals!”

I now only see them as cannonfodder to fight the FOL of LN. They have not earned the right of respect.  OWS, KONY and XBOX doesn’t cut it.  If they ever do get off their fat asses before I die, I will provide leadership.  But, that looks to be yet another Rightist Fantasy.  I will be long gone, having consumed poolside all the goodies that will be the legendary stuff of dreams to your impoverished, enslaved descendants.  You all can piss on my cholesterol-choked corpse.

There are increasingly few ways to do it. All of them ugly… Nobody wants to do it.
If not done, Murka goes one of three ways:
1. It gets better
2. It stays the same
3. It gets worse

You need a leader who kicks you in the ass…you want a leader who sucks your cock.

Kickass Leader + Whiny Brandons = potential success

Kissass Leader + Whiny Brandons = McRomney + < Same old Sameold

Published on: Jan 15, 2014

15 Comments to “Simple Explanations: Understanding (Your) Patriotic Frustration”

  1. Let Murka be utterly destroyed, the sooner the better.

    After all, in the words of the late Lawrence Auster, “It’s their country now.”

    • It does not end there.
      It being “their country” means that you will be living on the same street as a daily gun battle.
      Not just in the crossfire – but the main target if you’re White.

      Destruction cuts not just both ways, but many ways. One best better be prepared to live like a Comanche Warrior during The Destruction. Have the mentality of a destroyer of the destroyers.

      But, ’tis fatal sin to be old if when this calamity strikes. The Fall of Rome 2.0 is a youngster’s game.

      It could be fortuitous Auster died. Mindweapony at 81, heating your dilapidated farm-hovel with cow-patties and subsisting on a diet of nightcrawlers waiting for the final MINO Mob attack is more a ignominious end than Dorner’s Disease – or any other front room fighter slugging it out with the SWATZIs.

      I read Auster perhaps thrice; I’d like to see his thoughts you quoted on the subject. Post a link.

  2. “Destruction cuts not just both ways, but many ways. One best better be prepared to live like a Comanche Warrior during The Destruction.”


    “Only those mobile enough to scavenge, brutal enough to pillage would survive.”

    Auster all but gave up any any hope The United States could be saved when Obama was reelected in 2012.

    Here’s a link to one of Auster’s blog entries discussing his assertion that the old America is dead and that “it’s their country now.”

  3. South Africa didn’t collapse after the apartheid, Whites there are openly despised and hunted but they’re still there.

    White Murkans still have it good, it will be a not so sole decline but the Murkans will see this as perfectly normal.

    • Yes.
      Check out my posts on Hunger Games/Soylent Green etc.

      Whites are needed to do the math, design the bridges – and farm – the only reason S.African BiGGov doesn’t officially put a bounty on their heads and eradicate them like wolves.

  4. The realization that this is not the America of our grandparents is KEY.

    I see so many whites acting as if this was 1950. It’s madness. It’s denial. The good guys lost, and we’re living in it. Whites have to get off their high horse and do what it takes to win. So many just aren’t willing. They’d rather die and be poor than to fight fire with fire.

    • And, the level of their depraved foolishness continues plummeting further down even from there.

      They “think” the situation means total defeat and never fucking ask, “HOW do we regroup?”

      Pay heed: Their state is the result of living in the “GEN.Everybody Gits A Trophy!”
      and being ignorant of WHAT REALLY to do when you don’t win, when under duress.

      GenBrandon has failed to respond to adversity nor even to seek a remedy; THAT is why they are losers fated to be enslaved.

      One day the prophet will cease writing and the enslaved masses will have only Grecycling Spewers to rely upon. Little good will ever come from Dalrock, dRoss or even Donovan for they all present the same ineffective bullshit helpless to even remedy issues in the good times we live in today.

      If 450-Yottabytes of their words still haven’t fixed things in the Good Old Days, how can they fix the foreboding, nasty future.

  5. I find it entertaining you have a picture of a Brit model mudshark.

  6. Powerful.

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