Detective Tricks

by Ryu

didjaknow? Kim Guilfoyle Is A Close, Personal Friend of Ryu

– “Do you know why you’re here?”

Guily tend to say that they don’t know. Innocent admit that they do. These are patterns dets notice over time.

– “What should happen to the killer?”

Citizens tend to be hard on crime. Give him death, fry his ass. Criminals are more lenient.

– The dogma is that the innocent are EAGER to tell their story. They want to prove their innocence. The guilty don’t care or don’t want to talk. This is how dets think.

– Typically, one or two dets go into while the suspect in the interview room. But outside, watching the moniter, there’s a group of ………..about 10 pigs watching the interview….WHOOOOO! *slap* He confessed! It’s high theater for them.

– Lawyering up.

The detective’s nemesis. They hate it and think only the guilty do it. But they respect it, because its the smart thing to do. The only reason pigs talk is to sell their marks a longer prison sentance.

– MOST criminals belive cops are the good guys, and they won’t lie.

Untrue. Cops can say or do almost anything to get a confession. “We’ve got your DNA. Lotta evidence left there. Tell me what happend….and I’ll tell the DA you cooperated.”

– People talking is what solves cases.

Wits and confessions. Forensics is the sexy area that the public likes to see, pulling rabbits out of the hat. Most cases are not forensics or circumstantial cases. If a case goes down inside 3 days, it is people talking that solved it. Not forensics.

15 Comments to “Detective Tricks”

  1. Speaking of the police…
    Entire Florida police department busted for laundering millions for international drug cartel

    “The Bal Harbour PD and the Glades County Sheriff’s Office set up a giant money laundering scheme with the purported goal of busting drug cartels and stemming the surge of drug dealing going on in the area. But it all fell apart when federal investigators and the Miami-Herald found strange things going on.

    The two-year operation, which took in more than $55 million from criminal groups, resulted in zero arrests but netted $2.4 million for the police posing as money launderers. Members of the 12-person task force traveled far and wide to carry out their deals, from Los Angeles to New York to Puerto Rico.

    Along the way, the small-town cops got a taste of luxury as they used the money for first-class flights, luxury hotels, Mac computers and submachine guns. Meanwhile, the Bal Harbour PD and Glades County Sheriffs were buying all sorts of fancy new equipment.”

    • And now everyone of those pigs is on the hook FOR LIFE to UncleBeast… So first you had a small town cop turned pig and now assimilated into UncleBeast’s mad mob with badges.

  2. The nascent wS tells himself that enthusiastically joining these executive collectives is a sign that one might then take advantage of the mob mentality. So we often hear of those who say that they would never be cops because THEY would then loot the criminal without regard to the law… This subtle admission IS THE SIGN that the executive mob collective ITSELF will turn you out… And this is exactly the case… All executive collectives in the Western world operate to turn the white man “out…” Turn him against his Self… Immerse him in temptation too great to endure… Hook him for life… Giving him whiffs of radical executive autonomy… And waiting for his final trip up to be swept under the rug like a filthy pig turned bug.

  3. In the West, one can only honestly enter the executive collectives with a white Supremacist mindset AND POSSIBLY eventually get out free and clear.

  4. FP: Remember my theory how real tough guys look more like Larry the cable guy than Arnie?

    Case and point:
    Charles Salvador: Britain’s Hardest Man (documentary), the “most violent prisoner in Britain”.

    Everyone should dl his Solitary Fitness book here, it will come handy when they lock us up.

    He is a surprisingly cheerful fellow, for being locked up in solitary and all that
    With stuff like “Enjoy it, be happy, and eat your porridge!” throughout the book…

    RYU: Whatever happened to bclaym / The Naive Gatekeeper?

    • FP: Remember my theory how

      yes. Still the masses perception of a thing equals fact, if only defining it for the ephemeral duration of that opinion.

      When surrounded by bone-through-the-nose Pygmies who “believe” God is the some rock (or Obongo is Christ), such silly falsehoods prevail.

      The stupider the nation gets, the closer its extinction.

      • A city and a nation that hosts a New Year’s Day event that is guarded by 60K-PIGs in less than a mile radius, is clearly stupid and tyrannical at the same time.

        […and clearly, it still has the cash supply stolen from everyone else to afford an army of merc SWATZIs]

    • I would like for you to guess what happened to bclaym, and then I tell you, but there is little time.

      He is dead. Strong WNs do not just magically disappear, posting for years then going away suddenly. He was one of the oldest living WNs.

  5. I look forward to the immense value Ryu provides with each of his CopShoppe posts.

    – “Do you know why you’re here?”

    Guily tend to say that they don’t know. Innocent admit that they do


    • It’s shocking that anyone talks at all, remaining silent doesn’t require effort, so why do people talk?
      Maybe the CSI effect again, because on TV, only the guilty ask for a lawyer, it’s even a TV trope:

      Only Bad Guys Call Their Lawyers

      “In crime dramas, when someone is arrested, they are read their Miranda Rights, “You have the right to remain silent,” “You have the right to an attorney,” etc. It seems, however, that all good, law-abiding citizens are willing to waive their rights and talk to the police without any qualms at all. But as soon as someone demands a lawyer, or refuses to talk without one, you know instantly that they are a sleazeball. Maybe not the one the police are actually seeking, but they are definitely someone of ill repute.”

      • why do people talk?…as soon as someone demands a lawyer, or refuses to talk without one, you know instantly that they are a sleazeball

        It is the same strategy and twist on the dynamic of “free speech”, where the more freedom to blab a society has, the more the rest of society doesn’t care.

        Speech – and even empty talk – is misconstrued as freedom and mistaken for power.

        You never saw “cop dramas” in totalitarian states like the ussr.

      • One find a great concern in LE literature after Miranda was passed.

        They thought no one would ever talk again, and interrogations would end. This never came true – it “should” have. But Americans are stupid, and getting worse each year.

        Cops have successfully implanted the idea in the public mind that only the guilty don’t defend themselves and need lawyers. It works, in most cases.

    • The SPers were very wrong about one thing FP: it is cops who must be studied, not military. The police are the standing army who occupy America.

      I can write some interesting tidbits, but the real profit comes from full immersion in it. The smallest error can lead to disaster. The people who need this information the most must not rely on piecemeal information, but must become experts themselves.

      • It doesn’t matter if the cops think you are guilty or of ill-repute. Don’t talk. You can practice this if you get pulled over for speeding or whatever. The cops ask questions you don’t have to answer. They ask, “where are you going” and where do you live? You don’t have to answer. If they want to know why you aren’t answering you can tell them you like your privacy. You can even say, “With all due respect, I value my privacy.” Practice makes perfect.

  6. That’s a great line, saying you value your privacy. If you start with AM I BEING DETAINED it drives them up the wall.

    And another sad post about the genetic hazards of miscegenation:

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