The Sequence for Laser Incidents

by Ryu

It is embarrassing that a child’s toy, a laser-pointer, can take down million dollar airplanes and helos. Therefore, the USG created draconian punishments for who decide to deploy them.

I was able to piece together what happens by following news stories and reading law enforcement literature.

It’s the helicopters that catch the Laserists. If one avoids helos and ground witnesses, he’ll probably get away with it.

In this story, you see SWATZIs give up a rapist-hunt to find a laserman.

Let us say that some youth is shining his laser at an airplane. The pilot….…. reports this to his headquarters, who relates this to the local police.

The pilot tells them the general location. A helicopter is deployed and sent to the area. Most helos today have IR capability and can see people in the dark. If the kid didn’t beat feet, he may be caught. He probably has between 5 and 10 minutes from the time the incident is reported to get out.

The chopper tells ground units who to contain, then these close in. Depending upon the severity of the incident, there may be many units involved or few.

It is an easy arrest waiting to happen. If there are no witnesses, the kid has no laser pointer on him, and if he makes no confession, he is clear. If he dumps it, he must be sure that there are no prints on it, and that its purchase cannot be traced to him. He might succeed if he isn’t running and just acts like a normal person on a walk outdoors.

I make no moral judgement about using laser pointers. Pilots ***should*** be able to fly just using their instruments. They are trained to do this. Electrical storms, the sun, and the night sky also “blind” the pilot.

10 Comments to “The Sequence for Laser Incidents”

  1. And yet, these “laser-pointers” at the end of the day serve the zeitgeist in minimizing the autonomy of the people AND SO the default assumption in our radically autonomous cauldron is false flag/copy cat operation. Why wait for a catalyst probable to a Law of Big Numbers scenario when one could manufacture several of these events thus helping to maximize the autonomy of all the players at the direct final expense of the ticket holders?


  2. It’s another over-hyped threat, see:

    Hundreds of green laser pointers dazzling a chopper during the protests in Egypt

    HUNDREDS, and the heli didn’t fall from the sky… there is a YouTube video of it as well.

  3. The sequence is predicated by the Elite Economic System that is dependent on commerce; Airlines are viewed as a crucial element – Transport. This is a transport of human cattle on trips to do the bidding of corner office merchant-masters. A laser incident will trump every rape or murder of any number of Little Peepul.

    Whereas if some wyte creep was jacking-off in Chelsea’s parlour window, the entire NYPD would be called to secure the perp for a CNN Perp Walk. The Elite is served first respective of its status.

    BIGFed has nothing to fear from wyte nationalists; wytes, period – will not do this. This is strictly the realm of aggressive, ballsy Muzz terrorists and their colored satellite sympathizers.

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