God Betrayed America

by Firepower

Rene ’78: Same Topics As Today – and Always

“…what role will emulation of Jesuschrist play into the lives of genuine white supremacists? Why are whites entitled for supremacy as opposed to other races?

Christ is defined as the perfect man…only by christians. More than that, he is defined as God. He has help being perfect in an imperfect world where Whites must regain their supremacy and dominate among all the other races who strive for it.

Emulating the meek Jesus destroyed the race, by destroying its fight.  The spirit is gone; is that what God n’ Jesus really wanted? JC may be considered the perfect man, but he’s also the perfect victim, ready to sacrifice for his lessers and creating the doctrine of dying for unworthy scum. That’s what brought Whites low.

Christ taught white men to be cheerful sacrificial victims to coloreds, who – instead of showing respectful repentance – still howl mockingly in the darkness. Is God to be loved when …..…..he repays true kindness with scorn?

Godly America freed the slaves; blacks rob, rape, pillage and burn cities whites built then drain the treasury with welfare. Today’s Germany is more “blessed” than us.

Holy America defeated Nazism at great cost and liberated God’s Chosen People who we still protect 70 years later. Jews give us stock market manipulation ending in the ruinous Great Depression & Great Recession of 2008. Saudi Arabia and every jew-hating nation is blessed with oceans of oil.

Deluded Murka fought “godless communism” for decades at great expense: Communist Red China owns us.

If God’s plan for his religion is repaying loyal disciples with contempt and rewarding their enemies, then his “great plan” is working well.

If one cannot trust the Bible with 100% acceptance then all time spent in devotion is spent on deciphering The Lies.

38 Comments to “God Betrayed America”

  1. It’s not called Christ insanity for nothing.

    There is nothing more opposite to WN than worshiping a kike, one contradicts the other.

    I was just telling the other day two Jehovah’s Witnesses about my god, Thor the mighty!
    A strong and White god, who doesn’t turn the other cheek but strikes his enemies hard.

    They didn’t know how to respond, it was priceless.

    Fun fact: Breivik carved the name MJOLNIR (Thor’s Hammer) into his Glock 34 using runescript and GUNGNIR into his carbine, meaning Odin’s spear.

    How long before Norse mythology is considered racist?

    • That’s not the way with Jehovah’s Witnesses – it only encourages them to return.
      At the last place I owned, I had success, after chasing them off with a pitch fork.
      Here they left me alone when I just told them to fuck off.
      If they come back – remember the direct approach.

      • The Ideal Nordik-Wiking Varrior should nobly emulate his Aryan/Nordik Varrior-Ancestors and take the Longboats (today’s car) and invade English Monasteries of old: They should invade colored streets and loot churches.

        Vikings didn’t blog.

      • They don’t come to your home here, they just wander the streets and chat up people.
        So why not screw with them and practice my English, especially if they are female…

        It’s certainly worth 5 minutes of my time, telling some chicks about the thunderer!

        But it’s a joke, while i do like the iconography, that’s all there is to it for me.

    • But this isn’t really the issue… Worshipping a “kike.” The issue is defying the cold hard logic and then exposing one’s self as one with the zeitgeist… IF thy “enemy” IS THYSELF — and for bona fide self-annihilators this is undoubtedly the case — then ceasing to slap yourself is step one in psychological recovery. Those AT THE TOP… The really smart “jewhites…” Are SUPPOSED TO usher in a PERFECT SOCIETY… So WHY are things such a disaster? Simple. The “smartest” REJECT Perfection AS A MERE CONCEPT and ONLY USE the figure of Jesus Christ and all its 2000 years worth of interpretation TO OBSCURE the FACT that the “progressives” HAVE NO MODEL on which to “perfect man.” What “we” have instead is Liberation, ie., self-annihilation.

      The cold, hard logic cannot be denied. The most intelligent worship Perfection… The least intelligent claim Perfection does not exist ESPECIALLY as Man… And the “progressives” deny Perfection at the very same time they seek to “perfect man.” And it is within this latter mass collective of regressives that all the chaos ensues.

      You want to deny JC as The Perfect Man? Fine. But because you are then unwilling to handle the consequences such as now being an anti-white Supremacist and one with the zeitgeist, it’s just not good enough to dig up mythical Norse gods THAT YOU DO NOT EVEN BELIEVE TO BE REAL and then pretend as though a mass of whites were now going to worship such entity to what end, exactly?

      Do you deny The Perfect Man as mere concept? Do you deny the Man with a will to do all right? This is what the zeitgeist intends to break in every white male possible. Arguing over whether you think Christ is that model when you reject such a model in the FIRST PLACE tells “us” what exactly?

      [ed note: Godd created Man in His image. The first humans were as black as my shit after a filet mignon or this boldface type…]

      • Fuckin’ Hell TD, that’s a bit opaque, even by your standards.

      • Colin…

        Isn’t the $64,000 question ALWAYS what the white man MUST DO NEXT? Is there a mass solution? We have eradication and separation as two leading abstract contenders? But who are the perfect models of such action and is it all or nothing or something quite in between… We separate, eradicate, separate some more, eradicate further and so on and so forth… What can SUSTAIN this rejuvenating cycle but genuine white Supremacy? Belief in NS? Odin? Paganism? Hitler? Breivik? Roof? Zionist-“Christianity?” What is “it” that will inspire this strategy of separation and eradication so as to defeat a mass “white” self annihilation? Or shall “we” just prophetably facilitate?

        You aren’t thinking like those who think they toy with “us” like game board player pieces. They sell mass self-annihilation and “win” by default. And not too many actually care.

  2. Ying Yang Jews and Nigs – A great reason as to why I will be renouncing by Murkan citizenship shortly!

    As of now, the Murkan cesspool just needs to self-evaporate. Can you wait any longer remains to be a question?

  3. The problem is that humans are hard wired for religion, so the something for nothing approach fails.

    Look at liberals, they consider them-self atheists, but they are almost orthodox compared to their Christian parents, who maybe went to church but were otherwise normal, while progressives are all in, 24 7!

    My Catholic uncle knows not to bring up the bible (and he doesn’t) when we barbecue, while my lefty family members have no such reservation, it’s global warming and poor dindu refugees all day long.

  4. What exactly is “insane” about worshipping The Perfect Man? Insanity is often defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. But who would worship The Perfect Man over and over again under the auspices of expecting different results? The logic of worshipping The Perfect Man is, in secular “game” jargon, to possess the will to execute ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, every time.

    So again, this “Christ-insanity” meme, is the COLLABORATIVE EFFORT of both the high IQ NS “jewhites” and their anti-white Supremacist brethren on the radical liberationist left… NEITHER SIDE DESIRES a mass of white men EXECUTING all the right moves as though they were perfect white men… Neither side is for white Supremacy… And both sides hide their desire for radical sexual autonomy within a façade of revolutionary “thinking.”

    The only true revolutionaries are the genuine white Supremacists… Believers in Perfection… Worshippers of The Perfect Man… Desirous of the will to do all right… And determined to execute all the right moves for there is no surer path to victory.

  5. Jesus is in many ways, the perfect model of white America.

    They crucify themselves for the mino masses. They are thanked for their sacrifice by beatings and torture. I suppose if one ***KNEW*** he was an immortal son of God, that’d be alright. The rest of us don’t have Jesus’s certainty.

    It reminds me of Tibet. I wonder how many peace-loving peoples died over the centuries?

    • But it exactly REAL white Christians WHO ARE NOT “sacrificing for salvation” on the altar of MINO, but rather, liberal “Christians” and radical liberationists who are self-annihilating on behalf of the MINO and then creatively tying that self-destruction onto the persona of Christ. The message of The Perfect Man is possess the will to do all right… That’s it… And such a message stands as direct rival to possess a will to do anything. So it is really a head divided.

      • Did you read Brandon, TD?

        He used to say that there were only about 200K real Christians in the world. His ideas made sense, because he said the real Christians wouldn’t necessarily self identify as Christian.

        “God uses an “evil” entity to bring punishment/correction/judgment on a GREATER evil. Islam is God’s “punisher/corrector, an entity which brings judgment” upon the greater sins and rebellion of the jew run feminine entity which presently rules all the so-called western countries. As He used the Israelites to bring the same punishment upon the land called Canaan, He turned around and used the king of Assyria on the descendants of the same Israelites who had later degraded themselves in the same sins as those Canaanites.”

      • “God uses an “evil” entity to bring punishment/correction/judgment on a GREATER evil.

        Godd should* just quit with the lash and pass out candy and poontang; it’s not like anybody can steal “His” property.
        So much for a loving Gawd: E’rrbody can name a horror he’s done, but not a “miracle”

      • You know the same truth FP. Education won’t work. It has never worked. Soren, Socrates, yourself have all learned this.

        What on Earth would wake up whites today…but minos themselves?

        Its a beautiful symmetry. And after the War for Indepenendence, the founders had to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. America WAS the white ethnostate, then became its worst enemy. One wonders if humanity has moved one step forward in all its years.

      • Ryu…

        If you want to pathologize a movement or religion or ideology then you deracinate it… You take the “fathers” out of the movement, religion or ideology…

        When one contends INTELLECTUALLY with Christianity, he MUST CONTEND with the CLAIMS OF THE “father.”

        The CLAIM of Christianity is that The Perfect Man existed as empirical fact.

        THIS CLAIM IS THE BOLDEST, MOST OUTRAGEOUS CLAIM made in all the intelligible universe…

        ITS proof, its falsification, its disproving, its violent rejection, its violent imposition… This is the Narrative… This is the white man’s head divided between objective Supremacy and anti-Supremacy… Perfection and “universal equality…” Singularity and The Redundant Phenomenon… Relativity and Absolute Truth… These are the competing wills of the “white race” with a charlatan class selling that “bridge” that even the best minds cannot conceive.

        White Supremacy or radical autonomy… A will to do all right or a will to do anything… There IS NO SYNTHESIS!!! The Perfect Man logically necessitates this irreconcilable chasm. So His mere conceptuallity must be destroyed… In tangible, real world terms, this means destroy the white Supremacist.

      • Being a WN has taught me something about Jesus, TD.

        The man who comes to save is often slaughtered. Even Jesus was not enough to wake up most. The greatest enemy to WN is other whites. Jesus’s greatest enemy was the people he came to save.

      • Yes, jesus’ followers were majority jews and jews were responsible for having him executed by Romans.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… But one must not stop there when considering the effects of factuality… Jesus Christ died for degenerate man’s salvation… But this understanding is not then to be replicated so as to further validate the original act. The “self-annihilation for salvation” and their NS/alt-RITE critics (who claim Christ demands his adherents self-annihilate) subconsciously understand the psychological shit-stew they CREATE for the very purpose of distorting and blurring the clear metaphysical schism at root within our society ALL PLAYED OUT through a Narrative now open sourced authored by high IQ “whites” across the globe steeped in sexual degeneracy and anti-white Supremacy.

        Remember The First Law of Perfection… Nonduplication.

        Duplicating Christ’s annihilation is to degrade the act itself… To take from it its full effect… But it also assimilates liberal “Christians” within the system of perpetuating self-annihilators… And that is the entire aim at taking what is empirical fact — The Perfect Man exists, universal equality falsified — any so soiling the ether with the SIMPLE TASK of 2000 years deconstruction of The Perfect Man that “we the people” literally eat, breathe and gorge on shit as a matter of routine so that a most hideous of “universal equality” seems to appear on all of our plates.

      • I don’t know any of the laws of perfection. What are they, TD?

      • In others words, if I’m compelled to “self-annihilate for salvation” then I must lose all faith in the truth of Christ’s Crucifixion. This is the psyche war at work on a large collective of “white” liberal “Christians.”

      • Ryu…

        The default assumption of the anti-white Supremacist is an “infinite regress” within a “General Entropy,” a self-annihilation within a total Collapse… The paradigm is “universal equality.” The solution to wit is Perfection. And the self-evident First Law of Perfection is nonduplication, ie., “infinite regress to nothing.” This is the metaphysical mindset ONE MUST EMBRACE TO THEN CORRECTLY INTERPRET the teaching of The Perfect Man which must then be to possess the will to do all right so as to avoid self-annihilation. It’s so simplistic that is necessitates an entire zeitgeist to obscure, pervert, hide and subvert its simplicity.

        You are to be a white Supremacist… Nothing has changed except your constantly growingly complex conception of the phrase which vexes the most intelligent white minds in a far deeper manner than the mere possession of a will to do anything which ALWAYS devolves into doing nothing or just self-annihilating.

      • If you embrace collective descent while necessarily rejecting Perfection then you are left to desire radical (sexual) autonomy… This is anti-white Supremacy aka Liberalism, ie., the homo-sexual “nature.”

      • Ryu…

        The perfect painter is separate from his perfect painting, but it is in Perfection that an absolute relationship can manifest. If you were to critique the perfect painting, what would you look for? Redundancy? Painting the same exact stroke twice as though some Matrix-like glitch necessitated a do-over? So it is for Perfection in the absolute… To make redundant… To duplicate… To replicate… Is nonsensical… Meaning, what sense can you make of duplicating Perfection? What more could you “get” from such redundancy? And so it goes for His Perfectt Creation… And it was Perfect at the start. But man was granted the gift of painting his own strokes. There are no redundant strokes. But there is no duplicating the perfect painting… It is or it is destroyed. Christians say “we” were saved from annihilation… “We” were saved even after “we” tainted the perfect picture with our redundant strokes and.insistence on duplicating that which IS NOT EVER REDUNDANT.

        So here we are, on an elaborate canvas that was once painted perfectly with not a single redundant stroke, granted a gift of painting our own singularly perfect strokes and yet failing miserably.

      • TD, how does a white supremacist chose his mate? I’ve been wanting to hear what you did.

      • This white self annihilation is very strange. It’s the most passive suicide ever. Maybe not all whites are like pandas. The Scandinavians seem worst. So sickeningly passive and pacifistic. If only Breivik had been a sperm donor.

      • Ryu…

        I was no conscientious wS when I had my first child. In fact, I was deeply immersed in radical sexual autonomy. Fortunately for me, the consequences were those I was willing to bear.

      • Ryu…

        I was no conscientious wS when I had my first child. In fact, I was deeply immersed in radical sexual autonomy. Fortunately for me, the consequences were those I was willing to bear. But now that I’m a father of multiple daughters and sons, it’s simply a matter of teaching them something radically different than what society teaches them at large. It is clear to me that the fundamental pathology is deracination/radical sexual autonomy… Two sides of the same coin… Liberalism, being the homo-sexual “nature,” is radical sexual autonomy. Liberalism within white society is simply anti-white Supremacy. So my general advice to both my sons and daughters is to first seek out a mate who one senses is white Supremacy, ie., one not in search of “equality.” Seek out a mate who shows no signs of sexual degeneracy in manners or language. Seek out a mate who believes in his fundamental right to exist. Seek out a mate who is repulsed by homosexuality and dykism. Seek out a mate who has a grasp of loyalty and its necessity to a harmonious life. Seek out a mate who has decent relations with his parents and siblings. In particular, for my sons, demand total loyalty right from the start as a woman who renders no loyalty deserves nothing and this will be the operating paradigm for any and all man/woman sexual relations not grounded in a total loyalty from the outset. For my daughters, find a man who will destroy those that would soil his hard earned reputation and then understand how you and your future children sit peacefully in that principled ethos.

      • Ha. I’m not surprised.

        He “should” know better. Hit and runs are very difficult to get away with. There’s a terrific amount of evidence left behind. This is not like being a soldier where he can just run and gun.

        Either traffic camera or CCTVs from local businesses led to him. Then his cell phone pings sealed it. I’ve seen cases broke by just the broken plastic light covers left behind.

        It’s a different thing working on your own. I wish I could convey how hard it is to be a soldier without gov backing or protection.

        [ed note: i was thinking of the dichotomy of Honor & Courage with Shame & Cowardice in the same decorated ‘hero’. other than that, anybody who jumps on a grenade for a Jordi in the Stan is pretty fucking stupid.]

      • How hollow words like shame, cowardice, honor and courage ring today. Those words have little flavor.

        When he was in the Stan and jumped on a grenade, he acted selfishly, because he valued his buddy’s life more than his own. In the US, he was selfish when he tried to get away with assault, and did poorly. In one case he was called “hero” and another “villain.”

        I understand selfishness. The masses think they maximize profit and minimize risk by appeasing the USG, when we know it will consume them in time. It’s a short term profit though, because the mino machine is going to grind them out. As a WN, I take a longer term and less certain risk with a higher profit potential in mind.

        We are moving to a plane beyond praise or blame. Not whether an act is “good” or “evil”, but whether it is done well. If WN wins, we are good. If we lose, evil. That’s all.

      • Matt Meador…

        “White” self-annihilation is not strange at all. It is rather programmatic, From an input/output perspective, it’s not more than garbage in/garbage out… Radical sexual autonomy in/radical sexual autonomy out… But that’s just the desire. There is also the “hatred.” Hatred puts fire in desire so it equals ire for the father liar… Hatred for the father solidifies the collective liberationist identity. Hatred for the father is hatred for the race of father… Hatred for the race of father is hatred for the race of father… Hatred for the race of father is hatred for the race. So the desire is radical sexual autonomy and ideologically-induced deracination. Anti-white Supremacy…

        So it is in fact not strange at all that anti-white Supremacy shall predictably lead to “white” self-annihilation. This is EXACTLY the aim of the zeitgeist only first does its mob of “white” self-annihilators put down all remaining remnants of genuine white Supremacy.

    • I suppose if one ***KNEW*** he was an immortal son of God, that’d be alright.

      I often think of this also. Plenty of schmoes died worse for far less and sillier causes. Buddhist monks torch themselves for the Dalai Lama’s tea cozy.

      If I were assured by Gawd that all I had to do for eternal bliss and absolute power was to be crucified – I’d sure as fuck do it. Jesus’ “ordeal” was a cake walk.

  6. It is a fascinating thing to witness high IQ “whites” of the alt-RITE persuasion feign incomprehensible the FACT that without The Perfect Man AS EMPIRICAL REALITY then “man” is FOREVER mired in a “universal equality.” Then one realizes that this is the VERY AIM of the alt-RITE… To paralyze the “white supremacists” to its right… To AUTHOR INTO THE Narrative the “movement’s” own unique spin on its anti-white Supremacy and ULTIMATE DESIRE FOR A “predictable (white) mass…” A redundant phenomenon… A desire for a “universal equality.”

    So again, the figure of Christ, under 2000 years of deconstruction, IS REALLY JUST THE MASS GOSSIPING OF the circus spectators subservient to a mass consensus that they have yet to witness the perfect performer.

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