Never Trust an American With Good Intentions

by Ryu

“The path to hell is paved with good intentions.”

No one can teach this lesson better than an American. They will commit any atrocity and run to the ends of the Earth if they think they are “right.” A modern American is incapable of seeing anything from another perspective.

– In Waco, Texas, the USG and American law enforcement wanted to save the women and children from David Koresh. By the time the raid was over, agents had set fire to the building and killed everyone inside the building, including the women and children.

– The war in Vietnam was begun to ….….. save the Vietnamese from Communism. Before the war’s end, America had bombed villages, destroyed the forests, tortured people, and killed millions of civilians.

– America’s war in Afghanistan is now about “saving women from Islam.” To do it, America has killed civilians, tortured men and women, and destroyed the country.

– America’s police want to make America safer. So they created the biggest surveillance and snitch state of all time. And they kill 500-700 civilians each year without trial. You’re welcome.

– During Ruby Ridge, American LE had deep concern for the safety Randy Weaver’s wife and children. So they shot the wife and one of his kids. The shooter got a medal of valor.

God protect you if the Americans care about your safety. They’ll kill and maim you in order to save you….just like Vietnam: save the village by burning it down.

3 Comments to “Never Trust an American With Good Intentions”

  1. “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. “

  2. Evil is a sign of inefficiency, There will be more of it as the world deflates from five centuries of improbable progress.

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