What’s Worse? Getting Shot or Going to the VA?

by Ryu

Merry XMAS Stumpy!

The VA.

According to one vet, going to the VA.


7 Comments to “What’s Worse? Getting Shot or Going to the VA?”

  1. “It was during the battle for Marjah”

    There is a 90min documentary of that battle, 49 views, people care so much!

    The Talis are laughing at the US all way to the bank, they are now stronger than ever.
    It’s funny actually, how the US is even paying them millions in road protection money…

    Who could have predicted that the longest war in US history would be
    against some sandal wearing, goat fucking, sand monkeys? Ooh Rah!

    • I too enjoy the show. Murka’s playing wack-a-mole in the sandbox now.

      They concentrate on issisis, then the tally spring up again. Then AQ. Good stuff.

      • Islam has been a band of perpetuating self-annihilators for 1400 hundred years… The ways and means to financially subsidize such a collective monster are undoubtedly vast and contradicting… That Western liberals are a key subsidizer of this perpetrating self-annihilation is both entirely predictable and widely unknown and I acknowledged. Such is the nature of a radically autonomous society. In fact, the “white race” heavily subsidizes ALL THE perpetuating self-annihilation of the FFOL in the metric of real existential crisis for its remaining remnant of wS. Thinning our herd unilaterally really doesn’t change this dynamic when considering the law of Big Numbers versus the existence of singularities..

      • It is impossible for a Capitalist society to also spend on Progressive Globalism while maintaining an army of welfare niggers. And Welfare Wetbax. Plus now, Welfare sandmonkees.

      • If the key economic hurdle from the perspective of the “default elite” is more for less such that any empire can maintain an “army” of slave labor ready to work more for less SO AS TO COVER past, present and future debts then one must “see” the near infinite value of 35-50 million fat, lazy, corrupt and contented MRKN barn animals ABLE to subsidize 300 billion Chinese peasants AT very minimal provocation. If they had a literal gun to their head by a LN SWATZI-JORDIE joint effort of 500k on the ground (1k boots on ground in 500 top cities) both within the prison system (they could be worked to death to finance foreign Chinese debt) and without in the private sphere and on the streets…. There is when the reduction of the economic paradigm just means the movement of mass man under slave inducement that understanding that MRKA’s slave class of 35-50 million is equal in slave production to the 300 billion or so Chinese slave class… And in the meta-economic scheme, MRKA has far more leeway to squeeze production out of its slave class due our incredibly liberal society… This is in fact why the Chinese allow us to run up our debts… There is an incredible material gap between MRKA’s slave pool and the Chinese slave class as well as the breadth of personal autonomy that the numbers work out in the end to all sides. It can’t be otherwise. Which doesn’t mean they work out for any of “us” at the individual level, but only from the perspective that our minuscule economic transactions are swamped by the Law of Big Numbers. But if one transactions are in accord with the dominating economic paradigm then the effect of amplification must be considered even if only one EXTRA ripple (it MUST move another bigger ripple and so forth).

        You cannot beat radical autonomy with radical autonomy… You only amplify it. If one opposes China quaChina as primary economic adversary then he MUST oppose China as a genuine white Supremacist.

        So there is a natural slave class within all Soveriegns that may be employed in time of national emergency… But it should not be grown in order to finance instant degeneracy at the expense of an even larger slave class in the future of one’s nation.

  2. Muslim terror prediction for 2016: They will steal a fuel tanker truck and crash it in a crowded location.
    Places to always be on the lookout: college or high school football games, chain restaurants, big box stores.

    [ed note:
    Wite Terror prediction for 2016:
    Continue to
    take it up the ass
    until somebody does some thing]

    • A neoconservative columnist will write a column explaining what he’s most offended about: The Muslim attackers actually insulted Islam with their actions.
      They don’t understand the religion as well as he does.
      He joins the mullahs and wahhabis in condemning them with tears glistening behind his horn-rimmed glasses.

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