A “Ruse”….

by Ryu

American law enforcement is FILLED with codewords. This is done to disguise the true nature of their work and to assuage their consciences. Is America a police state…yet?

A “ruse” is a fucking lie. That’s what it is.

Feds seem to love the ruse. What they do is, recruit an ordinary citizen to get in on their scheme. The citizen gets roped into helping them make the bust/arrest.

Ruses are especially popular during manhunts. They recruit a civilian into baiting a person out of their house.

– In one case, the feebs get an apartment manager to call the tenant and say that their storage locker was broken into. Could he come and see if everything was still there? He said he’d be right down.

When the feebs set up a bust, it is in a certain place and time. Takes alot of time to set up surveillance and positions. They like to set it up far in advance.

The forensic magic you see on TV only….….. plays a small part. Modern American police cannot function without informants. All police states need extensive networks of spies, informants and snitches. America is now the largest and most pervasive police state in all of human history. One day, far in the future, history books will note this.

Cops lie, judges lie, jailors and federal agents lie…all the time. NEVER forget this. Our American law enforcement is not morally superior or operationally different Soviet, Chinese, North Korean or Nazi German law enforcement.

Don’t ever feel pity for the Americans. They deserve everything they’re going to get.

11 Comments to “A “Ruse”….”

  1. I’m reliably told that the East German regime of the late twentieth century could give you a run for your money. Thanks for the rare vid of the Calhoun experiment by the way Ryu. Have a good Christmas.

  2. It’s all pre owned, not used; kinetic action, not lethal force; or my personal favorite: parallel construction
    something straight of out the Soviet justice system, meaning give me the man and i will find the crime!

    Even better is the outright re-definition of terms, like how “imminent threat” legally does not mean something in the immediate future…

  3. I totally agree with the post’s theoretical originality and subsequent analysis of a core tenet of lost Murkan freedoms.

    The next process is: Does a frivolous nation, blindly partying amid the obvious noose tightening around its neck, deserve more warning – if it ignores all issued before…

    • “The forensic magic you see on TV only plays a small part”

      It may play a small part in solving crime, but it fosters the CSI effect
      where the population projects this false competence from shows onto the real world…

      People who watch five hours of TV per day really believe in the justice system
      – believe that justice prevails and Perry Mason or Jack Bauer save the day!

      • it fosters the CSI effect

        This is the modern, mediated Murkan version and updated technique of the STASI effect, and the earlier GESTAPO effects.
        Romans did it to the jews with still earlier scourging/crucifixion effects…

    • Did you know FP that many criminals still think cops are the good guys? That cops won’t lie?

      I don’t have any pity for the Americans. I write for about 1% of the WN population of America. That’s it. It’s a leadership site for the small number of leaders there are.

  4. Agreed about the lack of pity for stupid fuck goat herded muricans.

    Every fat piece of shit languishing on their goddamn couches watchin teevee and futbawl with their hog of a wife belching orders at him deserves the worst and they are going to get it too.

    Now deepthroat that diversity you fuckin insects.

  5. Ryu,

    OT. Watch The Revenant; download it free.
    It shows the mentality it takes to win.
    A little long though.

  6. Ruses will become more important in upcoming terror attacks. Legal businesses will be bought to facilitate the acquisition of needed supplies. Could be a gas station or fertilizer store. No illegal actions taken. All it takes is a respectable suit and tie and money smuggled into the country.

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