What Happened to the Great WNs of the Past?

by Ryu

WN did not magically begin with the internet. There were WNs from 1945 on out. Where’d the old ones go?

They gave up on educating others. They saw what we have seen – that education will not work in most cases. It takes too long to make a good nationalist.

Human moves says that near the collapse of every great empire, learned men tried to awaken the people. They failed because the people were beyond saving. Some of these men were famous like Socrates or Soren.

It is an ugly truth: civilization and sanity are the EXCEPTION in our world.

Those who try to educate are fighting history and human nature. Most men are incapable of…..….. education and rationality. In their own way, the educators are as flawed asthe average man, because they are compelled to educate, even when it fails.

It must be hard to live around people after one sees and feels the truth.

At the slightest urging from their masters, the masses would slaughter anyone. Justify any atrocity, perform any misdeed and call it just. They will damn a civilian serial killer but praise the uniformed one. They look down upon the individual psychotics but fear the institutional ones.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. But man can only pay for so long. The veil of civilization blows away at an instant. The founders knew and understood, before the ink was dry, that their creation would fall.

12 Comments to “What Happened to the Great WNs of the Past?”

  1. People opposing the system have almost all used the model of mass organization, which roughly involves organizing a small number of people, training them to educate the masses, educating the masses, organizing mass protests and political action, then taking power by democratic political action, violent revolution, or some combination of the two.

    This only works when all involved are puppets, and TPTB are pulling the strings to make what they want happen with the appearance of popular support.

    The other model is using a small number of people to take violent action to overthrow the government. This is also an illusion, violent revolutionary movements have succeeded when they had a large number of followers and massive financial and logistical support from outside. All the communist revolutions succeeded this way. Failed communist revolutions, mostly in Latin America, had a lot of popular support, but not enough outside support. FARC has cocaine money and still can’t take power in Colombia.

    Most people are sheep. That’s not bad, that’s just the way it is. A few people are sheepdogs and a few people are shepherds. The shepherds and sheepdogs need to take care of the sheep, not try to turn them into shepherds or sheepdogs.

    • Thrasymachus…

      There is no real system in the sense of an immutable mechanics that functions regardless… What exists is a mass desire for radical autonomy… This, in our instance, is conceptualized as a flock of sheep oblivious to their pending slaughter. But the reality is that the responsibility to “slaughter” lay always at the feet of the wolves. But whereas a sheep can never feel wolvish, a wolve can certainly choose times of sheepishness… In fact, it is in the wolve’s mastery of the sheepish act that he may do his most vicious slaughtering. “Our” herd is being thinned NO MATTER what we do… Does logic dictate contributing to the thinning of “our” herd? Why? So that “we” may get to THEIR wolves more easily? So that “we” no longer maintain a buffer zone between rabid wolves? “White” sheep are much preferable to the anti-white Supremacy of the Jew, nigger, migger, homodyke and jihadist that is already readily prevalent.

    • Good post, Thrashy. You see a lot.

  2. Luckily even now WN is excess, the pro league, not the right introductory step
    the angle should be how it’s OK to stand upright, have a positive self image…

    Which IS seen as racist, every Whitey not applauding bent over is considered a grand wizard.
    People will eventually flip, why not act in self interest, when you’re racist if you do, racist if you don’t?

    • Just take the leap… It is rhetorically UNDENIABLE…

      The zeitgeist DESIRES that YOU BE an anti-white Supremacist…

      Ergo, to BE anti-zeitgeist IS TO BE a white Supremacist…

      And the inherent radical autonomy in the above line of thinking is that one need know nothing else to validate the above… Meaning, the sheepish protest of, “what do you mean by white Supremacy” is now known and understood as signaling submission to the zeitgeist.

      YOU KNOW the zeitgeist is anti-white Supremacy…

      YOU CLAIM TO BE anti-zeitgeist…

      NOW YOU MUST BE white Supremacist…

      Only from here does the modern “white” male actually start life.

  3. What happened to old WNs is what happened to old America: They are the past.

  4. It’s clear that the impetus to evolve to white Supremacy just wasn’t there 20, 30-50 years ago… And even though the rogue media would have you believe in an American history full of “white supremacists,” NONE of the big names of the past ever SELF-IDENTIFIED as a white Supremacist. ALL WERE LABELED “white supremacist” by a nascent LN regime to which the big names of “wn” both failed to confirmed and/or failed to reject and instead just allowed the label to linger in the ether like a rancid fart…

    Really… How much brain power is required to understand that if the zeitgeist absolutely does not want YOU to become a white Supremacist THEN your stance as anti-zeitgeist MUST BE that of a genuine white Supremacist?

    • Very few use the WS term the way you do, TD. I think there were many WSs in the past.

      • And that should tell you a number of things… First, most “white supremacists” of the past and present are simply “white” anti-white Christians… Otherwise known as radical “white” liberals. Second, beholden to a “nationalist socialist” economic ideal, one signals his desire for a proto-“universal equality” as socialism under ANY setting is STILL fundamentally egalitarian. Ergo, “white” national socialists are anti-white Supremacists. Thirdly, by feigning ignorant of an ABSOLUTE CONCEPTION of white Supremacist as a white man striving towards objective Supremacy, one had within his grasp THE VERY radically autonomous MEANS one employs to maintain the charade above.

        “wns” really die because they never put forth genuine white Supremacy… They never claimed a desire for A Land of white Supremacy. They all end up desiring eradication of the white mass ALREADY steeped in self-annihilation. But things still have to be created and not just destroyed.

        [ed note: that’s far fetched: g.l.rockwell et al hated coloreds far more than whites – if they even hated any white at all, other than 60s commie liberals. WN fails bc Murkans care far more for material pleasure than intellectualism; they think with their tastebuds and gonads – not their brain. it’s a simple as that]

  5. Wish some Deutschlander had the guts to take a potshot at shitbitch Merkel. Even if they have the aim of an old school Stormtrooper it would make me feel so good.

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