If You Get a Rush from Crime or Police Work…

by Ryu

LEOs Often Seek …you are doing it WRONG. It “should” be boring.

Adrenaline/rush/pucker factor/juice is the result of uncertainty.

Risk is to be held to an absolute minimum during any good op. Most cops are too impulsive and need to wait for back up. Most criminals need to do more preparation and more work on their exits.

Cops and cons are brothers, mirror images. If policework was not dangerous, most cops today would not join up. If the criminal could not stick it to the man, most would never become criminals.

A rookie cop first gets the juice during traffic stops. Then he needs felony stops to get the same hit. Then domestics. Then manhunts or car chases.

A rookie criminal gets a rush at first from shoplifting. Then burglary, because he can’t make enough shoplifting. Then robbery. Then assault and armed robbery. A few make it up to homicide.

There are some people born with an innate love of risk. I urge them to take the time to control it. This can take many years.

9 Comments to “If You Get a Rush from Crime or Police Work…”

  1. Although Police work is not half as dangerous as it’s made out to be:

    2013 and 2015 will be the two safest years for police in US history

    • I know it. Police work is very safe. Farmer John in Kansas has a higher risk of both death and injury.

      LEOs have many mental tricks. Academy is the beginning of this. They love to scare themselves with the bedroom tales of monsters.

      • If you exaggerate your enemy as a Mighty Monster and overwhelm it with whatever 30 “peace” officers, protesters or Marines – it appears justified.
        If you exaggerate your enemy as a Mighty Monster – and catch it – you are the Big Fisherman that hauled in a record catch, not a blowhard landing a miserable minnow.

        If they truthfully state their enemies are equals, or inferior, it diminishes the HeroCOPS! “victory”

        The greater the enemy, the greater the victory.

  2. The allure of SWATZIsm is the thrill of subjugating another human being. When coloreds are scarce, the wite SWATZI will oppress fellow wites – even from his own class.

    The thrill of Tube Tingle – even as I write, at family Baby Jesus Birthday Parties – recounting “war” stories of that laughably risky traffic stop choking out some new Darkie gets the testes-a-tinglin’ in the jing-jang-jinglin’ Holiday Spirit.

    HeroCOPS!!!™ scarcely die from bullets, but donut-clogged arteries or Ryu’s Bullet Eater Theory where retired SWATZI oppressors lament their lost youth of TSA-fingering up wite grannies and choosing the best badge bunnies to marry.

    The jew hollywood Propaganda Machine is to blame for the lurid lie of: Cops! — In DANGER!!!
    Just saw the laughably outlandish End of Watch. Spoiler Alert: You can count on one hand over the past decade the number of “gooooode Cops!” that get assassinated by drug cartels.

    Wetback mafias have no need to kill them. They buy them.

    This typical, pragmatically ugly Firepowerian Truth can never be outed to The Herd because it’s “depressing” and would reduce the amount of meat rushing to get behind a badge for it’s main purpose: to oppress NRA Whites and colored radicals and maintain smooth, lucrative order for the Elite.

    • Good comment, FP. I found a book where a pig admits all of it. He says he’s exactly the same as a criminal, no different.

      It’s kind of interesting. He’s a big drinker. Spends his time chasing badge bunnies at the cop bar. He’s only really alive when he’s on the clock.

  3. Off topic, maybe you could do a post dedicated to another White handicap
    the notion of sportsmanship and fair play, it’s truly a White thing (and Japanese).

    I thought of it after reading this comment over over at lions:

    “I’m a white high iq recent grad American working in Nyc at a major credit card company. I work as a programmer on big data/analytics. The company is corrupt all the way to the top. Indians only hire Indians, despite their gross incompetence. Most have siblings and family members in high positions within the tech division. There is illegal under the table money going from Indian contracting companies to the tech higher ups. The level of incompetence is astonishing among the hires they make. I architect the whole project and the Indian code monkeys implement everything. They work long hours for low pay, dropping American wages further. 95% of the tech side is Indian, all often from the same caste. I was not racist, but I am now. This is happening all across America, and I feel powerless to expose the blatant racism and nepotism that is spreading through this traditionally American company. If I could I would expose them all to the New York Times, but the risk of my own career would be too high. They bring third world shit corruption to a great first world country. Trump 2016.”

    Only Whitey considers nepotism bad, for everyone else it’s almost a mandate.

    • I remember some african dictator telling a White reporter how he doesn’t worry about accusations of corruption
      Why? Because it’s a crazy White people thing to even consider it bad, africans laugh at the mere notion…

    • I thought of it after reading this comment over over at lions

      I am the prophet and Eradica a pulpit. Ryu is whatever he wants to be.

      As Black-Mold gains majority in Murka, all present blogger/deniers shall see The Truth of Eradican Concepts.

      Sadly, then it is too late.

      As The MINO expands its logarithmically growing power, accompanying brutality against wites will increase. Wites will be displaced. Shrinking numbers mean growing numbers of coloreds. They will not give out Welfare – but whips.

      If you want peace, prepare for war.

      White Minority Eradication: 2043 http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2lF
      Tomorrow’s Grandsons… of Today’s Justin!™ http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2uw

      You must determine when Murka fell then come to a consensus and countdown the years when previous great nations died.
      The answer lives in there.

    • I’m corrupt too! Whites only, racists preferred.

      Maybe you could write the article. Do it and I’ll pub it for you.

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