Reviews of Movies…I’ll Never See: Affirmative Action Star Wars

by Firepower

Ah yes. A ‘work of literature’ created by a chinless white male cretin sellout, suddenly contaminated by vagina & darkie heroes. It’s the same Power of Myth show described by James Campbell. LIUFY

In 1977 there wasn’t a single darkie in Star Wars – just a lippy, ’empowered princess’ feminist who IRL became a fucked-up train wreck of booze, sex, neuroses and pills. Reality is funny that way.

Beware. The new PC colored and feminist ‘heroes’ will not go away after this installment. They are the future of Star Wars. They are positioned by their DisneyCO hebebe masters to now wage PCWar and Fight White Male Vader Evils. Then,  de rigeur symbolic nazis white males are defeated by the MultiKult Forces of “good” then off to the next mansion-making Part 8 installment for the moron campers. All enemies are white males when the heroes are MINO.

A billion drooling, emasculated, effete wite nerds rise up as one to ….…applaud the jew Hollywood creators injecting niggras & nannies into white christians …at Christ-mas time.

In Creed, juicing libertine creep Sly relinquishes his claim to fame and wealth and gives the baton to The New Colored Hero. Coloreds don’t earn anything.  The ridiculous Southpaw depicts a white male boxer (lmao – like they exist anymore in today’s boxing Sea of Wetbacks & Niggras) “struggling with” his success – with all the cliched, sorry suicidal gun play:  You will not see colored rappaz or affleetz portrayed as this weak despite their being the worst humans ever born.

Thanks GI Jordie: You fawtfuryerkuntry!™  to establish more desecration of even your ridiculous nerd mythology.

Today, it’s the Greek Myths propagandized with coloreds and cunts – as written by jews. None of which ever made a worthy contribution to the once dominant White Male Greek Mythology.

29 Comments to “Reviews of Movies…I’ll Never See: Affirmative Action Star Wars”

  1. SPOILER: Space iseeeees wins!

    While the next domino to fall is Bond himself:

    Author Anthony Horowitz (Jewish) has revealed how the new James Bond novel Trigger Mortis has been amended for modern readers and contains anti-smoking messages about smoking causing cancer and for the first time an outspoken gay friend. Who chides Bonds and says; come on Bond, you’re living in the 20th century now not the Middle Ages.

    From yet another article:

    New James Bond author Anthony Horowitz (Jewish) admitted his wife was behind the editing out of sexism in the latest novel Trigger Mortis. The writer said that remaining attractive to a modern audience, given the main character’s attitude to women, was one of the hardest things to do. Horowitz said his wife went over the first draft and was ‘angry’ about some of the things he written.

    He told the Radio Times: ‘My wife Jill Green, who is the producer of Foyle’s War, read the first draft and was quite angry about some of the language and some of the words I used and the descriptions.

    ‘And she was right as she always is and I had to cut back and cut back. I had to really bring it back over the line again. Bond’s whole attitude to women, although it’s part of his character it doesn’t really play very well these days.’

    via Vox Day who adds:

    “Pathetic. And the punch line is the wife. Look at that heinous half-orc. No wonder she hated the portrayal of a handsome man failing to kowtow to beautiful women, unlike her Gamma husband dutifully obeying her.”

    • The jew, feminist and faggot are…The MINO. These falanges all hate a Bond as their common enemy – a White Male. Thus, they deride, sabotage and plot more against them at every chance. Which is why backwoods white hick boys obey their gov school MINO training and willingly become mewling Wounded Wheelies commercials for them.

      The lesson that 97% of jews (and their feminist wifeys) aren’t on “your side” should’ve been learned in 1995. 1965 if you’re 60…

      It’s up to you to take the next steps.

      • I read some Hollywood insider how they only cast White males as villains now, that’s the only allowed safe PC & focus group tested option, because casting coloreds would be racists, casting women sexists, and god forbid you show Asians in a bad light, China is after all on track to surpass the U.S. as world’s biggest movie market by 2017, movies like Terminator Genisys, which flop in the states, are huge there, and besides, everyone hates Whitey.

        But it’s good, White villains, it prepares the ground to embrace our bad side
        when all non whites consider us the devil, we may just as well play the part.

        [ed note: post a LINK. it preps nothing, for there is no attraction: these now all-wite villains are NOT the sexy, genius baddies of old, but cowards, creeps & weirdos]

      • They really hate Bond as a “white supremacist” and it matters not one wit whether their assessment is real or mere delusion as someone like Dr. James Watson can attest.

  2. The trailers seem boring anyway. Not a single new or original idea in them, just stupid fan service to make the pajama boys cheer.
    The popular director’s mistake was to reject any input from Lucas. Even Phantom Menace had original visual style, but everyone hated the characters and plot.
    Original SW from 1977 was like a bolt from the blue.
    Just another sign of the Dulling of our culture.

    [Star Warts could* have been succinctly made in two movies. Lucas’ 1977 vision coincidentally had a black and female future hero just in time for the PC Century of Obamonkey? There’s more script pages than the entire Bible]

    • Given Star Warts fame of 2 Kikey types, featuring Ford and Fisher, with effete Mark Hamil, who was never the hero in the movie, just some backdrop weak wheatie chump — the series were of no significance peons ago!!!

      • The movie Alien, which came out 2 years after Star Wars seem to imply the future of wheaties being eradicated into a minority by a dark parasitic life form, seems about right.

        [ed note: it is also the subconscious reason for this era’s wave of zombie/apocalypse porn. 1979 was the nadir of post-vietnam, post-watergate Jimmy Carter grinning buffoonHate]

  3. Hindsight tells “us” that SW is just one piece of generational propaganda in the “long march” through MRKA. The quintessential bar scene in SW was the foreshadowing of the future. Those in power SHOW THEIR POWER by telling their enemy in advance of their plans. When I played football and was looking to breakthrough as a walk-on, the aim was clear… In any old school, one-on-one tackle drills, I ALWAYS TOLD the tackler which side I was running to and so meet me there in about 2 seconds and see what you can do (most tried to juke the tackler as the aim of a runner, I wanted to run them over). It never did get me on the field (whole other topic), but there was no doubt in my fellow player’s mind what it meant to get hit by a 195lb walk-on freshman QUARTERBACK… Our “default elite” are doing the same exact thing… Telling the masses exactly how they will lay it down in the future. For most, there is nothing to do but to accept the inevitable.

    • Interesting, TD. Simon Rierdon used to say that the elites used movies as a preview also. Did you get that from him, or come up with it yourself?

      • Ryu…

        That’s something I picked up myself… It’s really an effect of being politicized way back when and then being unable to watch any more movies as pure entertainment. Now, one sees Liberalism, ie., the turn towards homo-sexual “nature,” in nearly all entertainment INCLUDING professional sports through and through.

  4. I found this story, FP. Looks like the USG will kill even SS agents if it wants to. Suckers.

    • Looks like the USG will kill even SS agents if it wants to. Suckers.

      The MMM will kill any SS – especially wites. The LN will kill any SS – even MINOs if they are even merely perceived a threat by the LN Police State just the way WW2 NAZIS had zero hesitation to execute fellow Germans.

      All that matters is the State.
      The Orwellian State.

  5. Good post FP. They ARE replacing whites with minos. I hear they want to make a nigger Bond too.

    I’m still gonna see this new movie, but when its free online. I aint’ paying 10 bucks a ticket.

  6. Think of the meta-SW… A two-three millennial long battle amongst WHITE “default elites” and their spectating masses of ample cannonfodder. Proverbial “bread and circus” upon “bread and circus…”

    But ultimately, the epic battle is amongst high IQ “whites” (German-Anglo-Ashkenazi) over the imposition of “white supremacy” or genuine white Supremacy. Their vision of “white supremacy” is prevailing to the obvious effect of no existing genuine white Supremacists. So the paradigm in which “we” are immersed is a mass of perpetuating self-annihilators otherwise understood as the FFOLN… Socialist anti-white Supremacists… SawS… THAT’S “WHITE” NATIONAL SOCIALISM of MRKA right NOW as “we” type!

  7. Think of the sheer irony… The essence of the Bond character is only secondarily his “sexism,” he is IN FACT a supreme spy… Radical white autonomist extraordinaire LOYAL to the “Queen,” BUT ever so covert about that relationship as well…

    The idea of a supreme “black” spy within a “white” hegemony is just the stuff of radical “white” liberatiion…

    Bond suffers the same fate… He discovered his supreme spy skills inseparable from his “whiteness” and therefore must be annihilated. And let’s face it, it started with Pierce and duckface was that last heap of dirt… Passive and aggressive.

    [ed note: Bond is already forced to submit to a dykey M; the next degradation is to make Bond a colored, but he will then never be subordinate to a wite wo-man]

    • Which then just means “black faggot” Bond shall be the next radical degradation… How’s that for those “white” dykes? HoMandingo pegs’m out of a sheer animosity for them “white” bitches.

  8. To Ryu: A Fugitive for 11 years now.

  9. The movie Alien, which came out 2 years after Star Wars seem to imply the future of wheaties being eradicated into a minority by a dark parasitic life form, seems about right.”

    My dawg Yaphet din’t done make it nigga. Done save that white bitch tho’. He den dun explode sittin’ on dat couch!

  10. FP: But do watch this comical review on why Star Wars Episode 1 is garbage, and why the original worked.

  11. I hope their Nigger Star Wars is a failure. As for fucking Tyrone Bond WTF?

    • As you must realize, both Murka and Brittville are decadent; all former Western Nations are. They are no longer even “western.”

      If the Swedes made movies, there is no doubt the hero captaining the longships would not be Erik the Red, but D’erik The Black.

      Simply put: it’s over. That’s why you see mere tiny responses to overwhelming MINOization. The barbarians are not at the gates, they are pillaging the remnants of the temple.

      • I watched Spectre (with nip sub-titles), last night. Fuckin Moneypenny’s a nigger now. A plague on this house of Kikes.

        [ed note: there is NO plague coming down from Gawd as a curse to magically eradicate the LN]

  12. To round this post up, a picture of the all female cast of the new Ghostusters 3 movie!

    • cowa-certainly-not-bunga

    • To round this post up, a picture of the all female cast

      The Big Lie wns, spers, flagwavers and even NRA Whites succumb to is LN Propagandization will magically end – and “things will get better” without a fight even. They pretend it will not get worse until the seething insanity is so far-fetched it will become normal.

      Hell, is the absence of reason.

      • It’s getting worse, and staying that way.

        I no longer watch modern movies, TV or music, if I can avoid it. I stick to the past. I’m not going to watch a bunch of fat dykes shoot shit.

        The REAL Ghostbusters was made during the last white decade, the 80s. They can’t recreate that atmosphere with their magical special effects. Things are so bad, I’m nostalgic for nigger music of that time.

        [ed note: you like colored music then (and it’s permissable) because the black was still dominated by Whites]

  13. There is still some stuff left without cultural Marxism, like Deadliest Catch.
    They had a woman try last season, but she quit in tears after a few days…

    If you think Police work is dangerous you haven’t seen crab fishing yet!

    [ed note: both jobs serve the Elite. one makes it safe for them to indulge in their penthouses in the choicest catch of 50 lb. crab legs]

    • Good stuff. FP’s right, they too serve the elite. When’s the last time you ate lobster? or crab cakes? Maybe they grind it up and throw it in your dog food, but that’d be the most you see of it.

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