You’re Never Truly Alone in Murka Today…

by Ryu

It doesn’t matter where you live or the time of day. There is almost always people around.

Combine this with CCTV and “see something say something” and it makes crime harder to commit. It takes more planning and preperation to be a good criminal today than ever before.

The ideal is always the same: no witnesses, no forensic evidence, no motive…a ghost. We can control evidence by attention and study. Control motive by not being a glory-hound and not wanting to take credit.

Leaving no witnesses is harder; there is a random element present. It’s not only avoiding witnesses, but to avoid looking suspicious or memorable if seen.

We can control where we go through planning. We can control what others see by careful selection of clothing and uniform. We can control suspicion to a degree by actions. But it is always possible that someone is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Americans have a very short attention span today. It affects law enforcement too. According to the TTD or Time to Discovery idea, the more time that passes, the less remembered.

The essence of planning is to lower the risk and place it where and when you want it to be. Then, just do the best you can. Improvisation is often necessary. The reason intellectuals don’t make good agents is that they fear risk. Few will have both the genetic intelligence and risk tolerance together.

21 Comments to “You’re Never Truly Alone in Murka Today…”

  1. Forget CCTV, smart phones are the real dilemma, our own personal pocket snitches!
    Everyones movement can be tracked in real time or reconstructed later from that data.

    It’s standard procedure now to bring in IMSI catchers and other spy gear during protests
    (eavesdropping devices used for intercepting mobile phone traffic and movement)

    Step one at OWS was to suck up all phone numbers and device IDs… stand up, and be marked!

    “Nobody in America, ever again, is going to be left alone. Not ever.
    Government came like a dust storm of fine choking powder, making its way into everything.”
    Fred Reed

    “This is the world in which we find ourselves as citizens in late empire America. You cannot be left alone. If you want to do just about anything, you have to have a relationship with some company that is usually working hand and glove with the state to nudge you in the direction they prefer. Simple transactions like buying a song suddenly turn into elaborate time wasting exorcises instead of quick transactions between anonymous parties. The great tech boom has resulted in the exact opposite of what libertarian technologists promised thirty years ago when this started.”
    The Z Man

    • One must become independent to the extent that all that need not be taught.

      It must be assumed that libertarian pundits are similar self-aggrandizing marketers as LN pundits and Republipunditz.
      Accepting punditry purely bc it’s ‘libertardian’ means you’ll be waiting for Black Santa to drop off toys in 2 weeks – along with a slurpy bj from Kennedy.

      Wisdom is learning a lesson, then applying it successfully to new, different data of experiences.

      • Yes, the same pundits who write books about Islamophobia, and host seminars for dumb NRA wheaties, on why Islam and Muzzie are dangerous. They do not serve any particular purpose other than to garner fame and money to an unsuspecting, credulous demographic. They dare not host an event call niggaphobia.

      • It’s a dangerous thing. Good writers seem to deteriorate once they start accepting money. Then the goal becomes “their career” rather than artistic purity.

      • Yes, the same pundits who write books … on why Islam and Muzzie are dangerous.

        One should* assume a wise person long ago would have determined Muzz have been dangerous for centuries.
        *Dead SpoorHead MRM’s: note proper usage of word ‘should’

      • Excellent. For continuing the import of coloreds and muzz despite the warnings, I hope the Sweeete Sweedse suffer great torment.

        More wites must suffer, then die, to thin the herd of pale sheep – the same type distracted to death by Daily Mail’s articles on which monkey Ke$ha’s bedding.

        I hope all decadent wite western MINO Mills suffer. It entertains me, for I know it hastens the day when MINOs collapse the LN Welfare State and anarchy reigns in payback.

    • One of the few cases where it helps to be a total outsider. A shit populace will create a shit society with shit bureaucracy like Guest describes. The only way to resist is to stay out of their stupid little boxes. They still don’t have the fingerprints of most homeless on file.

  2. LNs need colored minions to siphon money from BS welfare programs at the expense of the wheatie working class.

    FP’s prognosis of nigs being the best demolition crew for Jews is spot on.

    In Manhattan, SPICs are now the demolition crew for LNs, instead of nigs. Many of the nigs in Manhatty have been kicked out completely. SPICs are gradual rotters, as mentioned by you. They don’t destroy property overnight like nigs do. They destroyed it slooowly. The elites of the enchanted isle don’t want to see black miscreants trash an area completely. Furthermore, SPICs are the best drug dealers in the business. Even the NYPD don’t really arrest them anymore (take note Ryu), because SPICs pour money to NYC’s economy, where as nigs are just welfare leechers and .gov workers.

    • This economic system of perpetuating self-annihilation is not surmountable within a given paradigm where absolute resource depletion is another false meme perpetrated by a high IQ cabal of jewhite homos and swallowed whole by a sufficiently critical mass. And it is within this critical mass that another more critical mass of “whites” find valuation in perpetrating the false meme of imminent resource depletion. The essence of the innovative white Supremacist has been to create value out of newly discovered “re-Source” of which there is seemingly infinite supply as “nothing” does not exist and we have hardly discovered everything.

      • I believe in enviromentalism, TD. Even the white race was doing it. It has become a moot point with unlimited mino reproduction.

        It’s gone in the shadows today, but I know where the bodies are buried. There’s a freshwater crisis in the West. The oceans are losing their large predators. The last free lions, tigers and elephants will die within our lifetime.

      • Ryu…

        Environmentalism suffers the same fate as all high IQ “white” movements THAT DISCOVER that their inherent movement is due their “whiteness” and most definitely not their “humanity.” I made the environmental argument many moons ago that if one wanted to curb man-made CO2 admissions then he would stop all mass third world immigration into the West. No “environmentalist” got with the logic because they were really liberal ideologues in environmentally degrading cloaks.

      • Mass migration of both jihadist and migger is an indisputable contributor to man-made CO2 at multiple levels MERELY commencing with the start of the migration. Then from there is the amplifying effect of taking one from a place of low production, ie., low production of CO2, to a place of high carbon emmission for the intended purpose of more (carbon) production. The environmental movement was infiltrated by radicals and then much like “white supremacy” became a target for “centrist” opprobrium without any apparent awareness of the “inside the parties” job that it really is… Environmentalism in the context of the West is anti-mass immigration… Anti-gratuitous CO2 production and surplus human effort use to depreciate white man’s labor cost. All else was liberationist extremism (left and right) ultimately used to discredit the whole movement. I was once such a dupe to this deconstruction of The Land of white Supremacy.

  3. Ryu…

    Perhaps you were aware of this great parallel between your conception of an all-seeing State and the Christian’s conception of an all-seeing Creator. This parallel draws explicitly to mind the FALSE anti-Supremacy (what the sheepwalkers passively speak of as “equality”) of our “default elite.” This parallels brings to mind a certain outcome logically necessitated by a desire for supremacy through a rejection of Supremacy and NECESSARILY APPLIED as anti-white Supremacy.

    Of course, the radical autonomist, perceiving a strictly material paradigm, would attest to the meta-physical fact that we are truly alone… And then work feverishly to create that all-seeing UncleBeast….

    These are not surmountable circumstances… These are suboptimal genetic profiles triggered by mass external stimuli… Suboptimal A.I. desirous of compete obsolescence.

    All a white male can do RIGHT NOW is reject this self-annihilation everywhere and anytime he can perceive it…. Then take the next step to extricate one’s self from the perpetuating self-annihilation. In that, one is truly alone in the worldly sense, but alone because such condition is the launchpad for transcending.

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