MINO Machine: Air Marshalls

by Firepower

This BIGov job class was endowed saint-like, demi-god status during the post 9/11 chest-beating /tear-squirting mewl fest.

Now, any terrorist just need look for the Fat Wise Latina or colored with the uppity ‘tude of “I gots me a badge white muthufucka!”  They just whip out Allah’s Boxcutter and end the obvious threat.


Note the names of Da Air Marhallz and Dem Supa-vizas: Women, Miggers & coloreds = MINOs. The majority of those names are MINO – and they’re supposed to be the minority.

MINOs are the de facto rulers of BIGov simply by staff numerical superiority.

In 2055, 245 million coloreds run by a 99% MINO-staffed Gummin’ shall still claim MINO status to keep the twelve remaining Murkan Wites from jumping the Affirmative Action queue.

Of course, it won’t be a 100% MINO Rulership: The colored overlords will need 1% to be accountants and SEALs…

20 Comments to “MINO Machine: Air Marshalls”

  1. Goodbye to the First Amendment – Pat Condell

    • It’s already gone for most, Colin. Rights – like muscles – atrophy if not used. WNs are the ONLY group in the US who practice free speech today.

      Kind of like the second amendment. It has to be used to be useful. But, we know the rest of the story. Rights don’t come from government. One takes them for himself if he wants them.

    • The problem with this psychops is that one’s default assumption SHOULD BE “self-fulfilling prophecy” and instead it is certain consignment. The real effect is not to so much to trigger that zealot, but to warm up the masses to new “understandings.” That a zealot might be triggered is a double bonus given an almost automatic reaction for more police state. This is a symbiotic regression that “we” help narrate AND MAKE CONCRETE.

  2. I like this story a lot, FP. These are now common in the US. All elite USG agencies are now being corrupted – SS, DHS, FBI and so on. The more, the better.

    The police state must become more inefficient for WN to work. Too many white men in it still now. I am hoping they ban all whites from police and military work in time, but they will probably keep a few as triggers and engineers.

    • It’s a crazy 3-way race. What happens first?

      – the seemingly omnipotent but imbecilic machine purges itself of white men, the only people who can successfully run a serious, modern operation,

      – white men wise up on their own and refuse to take part any longer, or

      – white people are eradicated, rendering the issue irrelevant.

      Either of the first two are, in the long run, beneficial for white people. Unfortunately, the third has the current momentum.

      • To further explain, as in reply to Ryu,
        …the White Man eventually becomes so reduced in numbers his only purpose is relegation as a target: A societal boogeyman and scapegoat.

        Then, when eradicated, your descendants will see that coloreds really don’t need Whites to run their chimp pit. Africa has existed for millennia.

        Slavers, disease and now Red China do nothing but reinforce the Nigger Social Strata: The rich junta strongmen get richer and the poor fuck out more slaves.

        It’s what they do.
        They’ll be doing it in 2085 Manhattan, when it looks like Zimbabwe today.

      • This has all happened before, I believe. Once in Europe 30K years ago, and again to the whites in North America thousands of years ago.

        In one case, they survived but had to run to the far north of Scandinavia. Whites in America were exterminated by the Indians.

        Probably too late. In fact, I know it is. I’m just waiting for some more of the right people to wake up. We’ll have to pack it up and move. We can survive in Northern Canada, the deserts, or anywhere else. Minos cannot anymore.

    • As stated in Patterns of MINO Rulers http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4sS

      …as the MINO (and coloreds) grow in numbers, they naturally displace all former whites either by the womb or the pink slip.

  3. Off topic…

    For anyone wondering what that top imagine on Eradica is:

    You can see a before picture here.

  4. Ryu: She’s from Toronto. Toronto is like NYC, where blacks are found in large numbers. I’m based out of Montreal, which seems to have more Muzzies than Nigs and Jews combined. The New French seem to be on the inverse of their old world Parisian cousins. They really hate blacks and Jews, and Muzzies are like a buffering point.

    One sad fact, Canadian Whites are gradually disappearing for MINOs. You and FP know that. But Murka’s black mold toxin is the foremost PROBLEM!!!

    • ROFL…

      “She was superb both for the outstanding quality of her work and for her warmth and interpersonal skills,” he wrote on Oct. 24, 2010. “She had the intelligence, creativity and ability to work collaboratively that allowed (her) to find excellent solutions to just about any problem researchers and faculty members would present her with.”

  5. Btw, FP: The current meltdown of Mayor Ram the Chicago Jew is what happens when nigs target their LN masters. When you take low status wheatie away from the equation, the animals will start to bite their owners. Shieetcago has been seeing a hollowing out of working class wheatie, with a town divided between wealthy libs and poor colored savages.

    [ed note: as written in Patterns, when the white debases itself to its nadir to appease MINOs, they always select the actual MINO ruler in a spasm of public, vocal betrayal]

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