Why Do Criminals Have to Shout?

by Ryu

There’s a reason for it. Cops and cons are brothers, exactly the same.

Cops call it “command presence.” It’s called being a fucking asshole. Don’t show any emotion, then yell, wave your gun around, stick it in someone’s face, be a control-freak. Only MY safety matters.

Of course, no one is a cop 24 hours per day. The “cop-face” is only put on for 8 hours. They aren’t like that in the locker room, or bar, or their living room. The public doesn’t see this side. Cops are the beer-drinkers and the football-watchers.

Script 1: SWAT Breach of a House

“POLICE! Get on the ground NOW! Comply, comply! Stop resisting! Get on the FUCKING floor!!!”

Script 2: Armed Robbery at a Bank

“FREEZE! This is a STICKUP! NOBODY move. Get on the fucking floor! Don’t look at me you fuck!”

The same.

The Process: Start off by …..……scaring them. Yell and scream, hold a gun. You take total control. For “your own safety.” If someone disobeys, they get fucked up or shot. You tell them EXACTLY what to do and when to do it. Then, only relax when they have been completely restrained, either by ducktape or cuffs. That’s how to be a cop, or a criminal, in America.

If you make the threat big enough, you often don’t have to use violence. But if the threat doesn’t work, you MUST use violence. Cops and cons both.

There’s nothing more real than pain and death. Violence is the solution cops, criminals and the USG all turn to. It’s the only solution – when nothing else is real anymore.

22 Comments to “Why Do Criminals Have to Shout?”

  1. Hey Ryu, was it you or FP that had a video of some vietnam movie where the guy basicly just shoots the woman rather than deal with her, what was that?

    • That’s mine, or at least I know it well. It’s something nationalists will have to learn how to do. And make no mistake – soldiers and cops feel it too. Eventually one can kill with no feeling whatsoever. You’ve seen it also, no doubt. Happens every day.

      Our future makes Vietnam look like Disneyland.

    • How about a KKK poster telling blacks to go to hell? This wave of Islamophobia has distracted you and everyone who believes in a greater White Murka, from their real and immediate nemesis.

      • I like that KKK poster a lot. It’s beautiful. That hoodie guy looks bad.

      • Now, anyone who thinks like FP would say Murka is just waiting to fall. The incessant nigkikespicing of Stormcunt and others has now been replaced by muzziebahwah….

        [ed note: Murka has fallen. long ago, as I’ve stated]

  2. If most conceive themselves little more than animal then it makes absolute sense to “bark” loudly at fellow animals, most of whom are both disarmed — they are humanimals after all — and mostly poodle-like… A bouncer understands the pros and cons of a loud and commanding voice. But the reality is that it is the given situation that determines the nature of the “shout.” Quite evidently, the initial “shout,” assuming total collective unawareness, is always startling and momentarily disorienting to the promixate collective. But, given the wrong individual, this could be the very trigger sought after in this individual’s mind. Ergo, that fantasy of blasting criminals trying to ruin his day has finally arrived… Thus the zeitgeist is very much in the business of provoking these “triggers” within the broader conformity of the sheepwalkers. And very reductively every scenario turns out to be a trigger for the genuine white Supremacist to act NO MATTER what degree of separation OR alliance stands between the zeitgeist and its radically autonomous hordes.

    This is where rubber hits the road with realization that every conceivable scenario demands the genuine white Supremacist to reign upon the scene whether it be to annihilate killer criminals with no badges or strip the utter manhood of the criminals with badges.

    Practice young white boys… Look in the mirror and command yourself…

    • Yes, the only people watching the streets are cops and cons. Everyone else is on their iphone, cell phone or computer.

      What’s your standard procedure, TD? You’ve got a drunk guy getting aggressive. Get him back in line.

      • Ryu…

        You made me formally ponder this a little more in depth. I learned bouncing on the job… Many of its attributes are like second nature at this point and not formally articulated in my mind. So I have done this in response to your question.

        First, is simply nip at the bud. If the first impression is future problem then nip at the bud… Reject entrance right at door. Too drunk, bad id, etc. None of the reasons can legally be challenged. So I then went to NAB… Nip at bud, nip at bar and nip at back.

        Nip at bar is the lushy, loud, obviously has a good buzz individual who really goes one of two ways… Feast/fuq (chasing female all over the bar) or fight (either aggressive through the crowd and/or stewing/arguing belly up)… Usually the signs of which direction one is going is picked up earlier in the drinking stage… Feast/fuq is given tolerance… Future fighter is normally bounced when nip at the bud kicks in.

        Nip at back basically refers to that point when a 2-3, 5-6 person brawl breaks out. As bouncers, we usually, in that situation, have to take peoples’ backs as we obviously cannot strike individuals engaged in a personal brawl (where no obvious signs of deadly force are present and so if a situation arose where a gun or knife was pulled then all bets are off as a pool stick across the back of one’s head is now entirely legal under the presumption of saving lives). So the simple protocol in the typical brawl is to get at the source of the conflict and take the back (usually a choke hold) and hastily remove from bar…

        So NAB… Nip at bud, nip at bar, nip at back.

      • You’ve been doing it so long, it has become instinctual for you, TD. I imagine you must be the oldest doorman in the place.

        You have a lot of valuable knowledge. It would be good to share it.

        I know a part of it. It’s always cheaper to cut off a problem early, before it grows too big. Violence is expensive, and it’s always cheaper to talk then fight. And you never humiliate a man – let him save face. These all have applications to WN.

      • Is it really the end of the world… if a bunch of drunk morons fight? Why prevent it. To save the cost of furniture for the jew owner? Who takes such a job ~

        Congrats: Now you’ve both learned what makes Jordies tick.

      • Well, if I wasn’t being paid to do it, I wouldn’t give a rip. Doormen are just there to protect liquor sales anyways. The partyers like to feel safe. It’s just like putting armed Jordies on Wall Street.

      • I actually work with a couple other bouncers a few years older with their own particular story surrounding bouncing in your forties. Lol!!! My motivations have in many ways harmonized to an understood reality (no true material wealth outside of anti-white Supremacy… Post-Christian/Post-Liberal radically autonomous “society”) and narrated a cost/benefit analysis fit for perpetuation via a “break even” ethos (versus exponential growth/black market). Profiling is now my speciality by mere repetition… The phenomenon of radical autonomy as antithesis to genuine white Supremacy is twenty years in the making within an industry (nightlife) and actual environment (SoCal) that IS SIMPLY radical autonomy in the diverse flesh of the world’s well to do liberationists. Simply APPEARING like a fighter, SEAL, wS only adds to the cost/benefit analysis as these “traits” serve both the real effect of mass submission and individual triggering over the “ghosts” of “white supremacy.” One cannot be foreign to America and then not know white Supremacy when one sees it.

      • No… FP… Certain situations call for letting all involved release the initial blows… There’s no real pride in bouncing from my point of view… It’s a cost/benefit analysis in terms of radical autonomy and white Supremacy… There is a nexus in the job between both modes of operation contra the prevailing zeitgeist wisdom… My place is really a microcosm of “white” self-annihilators in need of security courtesy of genuine white Supremacy in resoinse to the impending dark hordes… And of course, it is legitimate to point out the parallels to cops/soldiers, pigs/jordies. I don’t disagree with the overall assessment… There is always a certain type of self-annihilation when immersed in our pervasive degeneracy. Yet, such degeneracy maximated is the very force “we” fight.

      • TD, how many of your bouncers are white supremacists?

        I doubt the mindset is that common. Many young doormen seem to get some kind of feeling out of the authority of it. A 20 year old can get injured and recover easily. Not true at 40 or 45.

        White supremacists just don’t go to bars or strip clubs as patrons. There are keener pleasures than drink or women.

      • Ryu…

        None, that I detect… But that is the very PHYSICAL dilemma for all emerging white men… Total immersion in degeneracy either “maximizes” one’s radical autonomy… Or he SOMEHOW hones in on HIS own white Supremacy AND recognizes to the total mind war… Recognizes no place of genuine white Supremacy except within as ALL THINGS without are fundamentally anti-white Supremacist.

        I present the “parallel” paths at their cross-cross…

  3. Speaking of criminals, remember the spectacular Hatton Garden safe deposit burglary in London?
    Where they abseiled down an elevator shaft and used heavy duty cutting equipment to get into vaults?
    Well, as it turns out it was done by a crew of four seniors, all of them over sixty!

    Which gives me hope that some LEOs will turn towards WN when retired
    they are already race realist and they certainly need somethings fun to do…

    • That was a good op. Knowing the rules isn’t enough, one has to have the discipline to follow them. And all white men. It takes too much brains for most minos.

      I didn’t see the part that any of them were cops. Cops tend to make very poor criminals. I’ll be writing more about this, with examples.

      Try this. You’ll appreciate it.

  4. Criminal shouts are copies of what HEROCops!™ co-opted from the military. It’s called VOA: Violence Of Action. LIUFY

    Scream and shoot to intimidate the foe.
    It’s what propaganda does subtly and over time.

    VOA is itself based on primitive Anthropology of what Apaches, Comanches, Zulus and Mongols did.
    Not new.

  5. Erudite Knight
    December 13, 2015 at 2:28 am

    A fine scene from Platoon. Sgt. Barnes has had enough:

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