Police Academy

by Ryu

I don’t think many WNs believe me yet, that academy is essentially the same as basic. The best way to learn is to see with one’s own eyes.

They begin academy screaming. The senior officers yell “What are you looking at me for? Did I TELL you to put that bag down?” Obediance first, obediance last. Obediance until retirement.

The process of making any killer, USG sponsored or not, is always the same: child abuse. Tell the child nothing is ever good enough, punish them without reason, demand obediance, cause them to HATE, make them deadly, then turn them loose on the unaware.

This is also how dogs are trained to fight. Ted Bundy and Chris Kyle have much in common.

Academy is done usually while the recruit is working another job. He puts in his hours after work, and a full day or two on the weekend. Training lasts 6 months. It costs money, from 3K-5K; sometimes a PD pays for it, sometimes the recruit pays.

BTW, IT IS possible to get used to CS gas. One builds up a tolerance to it, if exposed to it often. COs who do cell extractions alot build up such an immunity.

Recruits visit a shoot house on the last week. It’s a real world simulation of clearing a building. This is like “hell work” for soldiers.

3 Comments to “Police Academy”

  1. It’s not true the pigs want to hold the monopoly on violence. They don’t mind gangs, thugs, and crooks being violent. As long as it’s not political lol.
    Keeps the white folks scared and in line.

  2. Overheard two guys on the train talking about how they would fight back if the government imposed martial law and made our nightmares real.
    Best they could think of was pouring gasoline against an office building at night. Also something about pouring gunpowder from ammo into pipes.
    More people should have guns in their homes, and always shoot first.

    • We’re already under martial law. The military on the street is the police. They are armed and uniformed in the same manner.

      THIS is what a police state is like. There’s nothing foreign about it. Every American already knows what it’s like.

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