Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

by Ryu

FLETC. This is a place pigs go to advance their skills. These videos are about 20 years old, but people don’t change. Technology changes a little. The basics of police work haven’t changed in 150 years.

There’s nothing wrong with LEO skills. The problem is who they serve.

8 Comments to “Federal Law Enforcement Training Center”

  1. LN Fascist SWATZIs serving the Totalitarian MMM ‘maintain order’ via persecution of those deemed State Criminals: Those who disobey, threaten or merely upset the LN Estab – mainly The TEAParty.

    The TPs proved (with their humiliating defeat) that impotent “writing letters to their congresslime” is futile naivete compared to the Minuteman Musket.

    By providing merely symbolic prosecution of ‘bad’ guys, Fascist Secret Police create the illusion of State Order by WACOing Whites and simultaneously providing lame excuses why Miggers in flipflops pour across El Bordero.

    • It will be interesting to watch the WN-type parties in Europe.

      Golden Dawn in Greece failed, because they stuck with voting. Now that French chick Le Pens’ is polling well. But the elite there will shut her down too, if she gets too popular. There should be the usual assassinations, threats, and kiddie porn plants.

  2. The Elite fears the middle and underclass because they are outnumbered. They know their SWATZI Shock Army and all the drooling Jordies “servin’ thar Kuntree!” will never have enough firepower to defeat The Masses – even with MRAPs, tanks and jets.

    So, they defeated the Middle Class economically, took their jobs and will impoverish them until they are neutralized as Poor. Then, they won’t be able to afford the record numbers of anti-Obomguns. Antioboms…

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