What Happens When a Prison Guard Goes to Prison?

by Ryu

…or when a SWAT member gets raided?

…when a US military sniper gets sniped?

…when a cop is pulled over and arrested?

…when a thief is stolen from?

He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword also. But many can dish it out, and few can take it.

To judge a man, we must look at his conduct in both situations; when he is on top AND when he is on bottom. Everyone looks good when things are going well. The public is never shows the worst moments of some groups though, and this is deliberate.

American WNS only know one aspect the revolution: the losing, shadowy side. All we know is losing for now.

People who work for the system don’t take losses well. They don’t know it intimately. If or when that changes, they will be scared and lost. It will be a time of great vunerability.

In this story, a police chief is raided. This is a man who OKed the raiding of thousands of other people…BUT when he is raided, he doesn’t like it.

3 Comments to “What Happens When a Prison Guard Goes to Prison?”

  1. The affliction is forced integration… Rogue pigs don’t get cut any slack amongst a homogeneous citizenry… Only in DIE-versity do they get any kind of favorable odds… Rogue “white” pigs amongst all-whites would be dealt contra-Boss Hogg and the good-hearted Duke boys agitprop of our youth. Rogue white cops amongst all blacks? Again, no leeway… The alternate scenario is negligible… Rogue “black” pig amongst all whites just doesn’t really happen. And rogue black cops amongst blacks would get dealt also.

    They key to downgrading any future police state is racial and religious separation… White Supremacists amongsts white Supremacists and anti-white Supremacists amongst themselves. This is that basic solution to the burgeoning Profile State (police + nanny). Let it “flourish” amongst those desirous of being profiled for the purpose of predicting future action. The white Supremacist desires to fly free.

  2. Former cops could be crucial if the shit ever hits the fan.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary creates a new national police agency loyal to the federal government.
    At first they would only provide backup for underfunded inner city forces, then ‘temporary’ replacements for squads accused of corruption or police brutality, then for forces accused of being too white in an ‘exchange program’. Minnesota beat cops would be sent to the hood and vice versa.
    Those who don’t like it may be made into examples.

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