Who Defends YOUR Rights and Freedoms?

by Ryu

…and who is taking them away?

Are Osama and Saddam destroying your freedom?

Does Quadaffi run the NSA and FBI?

Did ISIS pass the Patriot Act and NDAA?

American freedoms are being stolen by other Americans, who mainly work for the USG. Local cops and federal employees values their own paycheck more than your rights and freedoms.

No modern soldier or policeman has ever defended you.

That’s just a mantra, a form of mental training for pigs and triggers to feel good about what they do. LE and the US mil have many forms of mental training decided to reinforce feelings of martyrdom. The more often repeated, the deeper one believes.

13 Responses to “Who Defends YOUR Rights and Freedoms?”

  1. My prediction for the next major Muslim terrorist attack:

    They will hire or steal one or more light aircraft, and crash it/them into a large civil airliner at a nearby airport.
    Probably using an undercover Muslim convert who may have dyed his hair blond. They will pretend it was an entirely homegrown attack, unlike San Bernardino.
    New York and DC airspace seem too risky, Atlanta only has the one big airport, LAX could work, but for an easy target there are at least five airfields in the Dallas metroplex, with the 7 runways and international terminal-D of DFW right at the center.
    The Muslim attackers would probably do it in the afternoon during the busiest time of day.
    A Qantas A380 carries at least 200 tons of fuel for a trans-Pacific flight. Aiming where the wing meets the fuselage could make a spectacular fireball.
    Worst of all, Obama’s approval ratings may shoot through the roof like Bush’s did. ISIS would gladly give him a third term if they could.

    • A bit like Joe Stack then?

      That sounds complicated. Complication increases the risk of getting caught, even in the short term. It is the simple and smallish attacks that succeed best today. I bet they will keep it nice and simple.

  2. Damn TIME Magazine to hell for naming Merkel their “Bitch of the Year”, makes me want to subscribe to them just so I could cancel.

    • She is the woman of the year. THAT is the system now. YOU are the exception.

      Merkel as woman of the year. Obama getting a Nobel Peace Prize. They are in charge and they will appoint all their people all the awards possible.

      • What exactly makes Merkel a “woman” as opposed to covert dyke? Or, are woman and covert dyke one in the same?

      • The public perception. They perceive her as a woman, so in their eyes, she is.

        Today, there is no objective reality for most. Perception is reality.

      • Yes… But in this instance, we are not writing of public perception, but a radical media clinging to archaic language for the purposes of mass deception… And ALL of the right, being quasi-cuckservative themselves, play right along with their own cultural correctness…

        Dyke of Year… Most definitely… Woman of the Year??? Merkel is de facto dyke and CANNOT BE woman anymore than man can be sexually attracted to males and sexually averse to female.

  3. The only defender of your rights and freedom is you. The Founding Fathers understood this clearly and warned that no BIGov would bear your responsibility but instead, enslave you as we have today.

    For what once was a free nation indeed, we are now, relatively speaking, no better than Soviet slaves.

    • You get it FP. Many others do not.

      NO ONE cares more about your safety and security than you. Not the FBI, NSA, the Marines, or your local cop. The USG learned from 911 that selling security to idiots is hot business. They play the card often now. When America was free and every American was a cop, there was no police state.

      Instead, most outsource their own security to others. Problem is, you only get as much security as the money you pay. Pay 40K a year, you get 40K’s worth of protection. We pay 2 billion a year for the Secret Service, so they give rather good security.

      This is a big stumbling point with many WNs. They believe someone is coming to save them. I am working on a WN now, and he is certain that the Marines will save him. Another thinks Donald Trump will save him.

      • You get it FP. Many others do not.

        This is the problem: 1%ers – WN style – can not save the 99% cattle.
        They are simply too ignorant – and prefer it.

        Once, a Wise Man could write a hundred words and inspire a million Men.
        Now, a billion bloggerz write a trillion words and inspire one Man.

  4. Muzz, like coloreds, are BIGG ON Unity Huggz n’ Peace!® when they suspect an anonymous White fucking with them.
    All other times
    they militantly scream
    and practice “DEATH To Whites!!!”


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