Ghost Rider

by Ryu

I’ve got tremendous admiration for Ghost Rider. He’s a Swedish streetracer who specializes in evading pigs. His fearlessness, experience, reflexes and anticipation make him one of the best at what he does. The best nationalists will have to utilize their genetic gifts in a similar manner.

The speeds he drives at, being afraid would kill him. It’s all being in the moment and feeling what he’s doing. You’ve got to have brains and you’ve got to have balls.

Isn’t it interesting how an amateur can beat “the professionals”? The cops can’t catch him. There’s the balls needed to chase down baddies when you’ve got…..….. 100 of your closest buddies nearby. Then, there’s the balls need to ride a motorcycle at 150 mph, knowing that if you mess up, you’re toast.

By the nature of our current situation in the USA, we nationalists have to work alone. But excellence can motivate other people. Everyone knows what needs to be done, but that doesn’t mean we have to go about it the same way.

When Ghostie starts getting chased, whoever gets scared first loses. That’s how he always outruns the cops. They don’t have the confidence or balls to drive like he does. His superiority comes out very clearly.

Genetics are a part of wn. There’s the genetics needed to look like Arnold or to be 7 feet tall. Ghost Rider’s skill also has strong genetic compenent.

6 Comments to “Ghost Rider”

  1. The idea that a genetic profile predisposed towards objective Supremacy could be an Anglo-German hybrid has set the tone for the last 80 years… The chaotic “white” self-annihilation all about COVERED by screams of “genocide” is just the kind of phony war needed to obscure the absolute aim of annihilating the German-Anglo (white) Supremacist.

    Ghost Rider is what exactly? If he is inspired by white Supremacy and rides against the tyrannical State of anti-white Supremacy then have him state this to UP THE STAKES…. If he is merely gambling with his life for a fix then he desires self-annihilation and should say so…

    But the larger point is a good one… Find your own white Supremacy… It will become alive if it is truly emblematic of genuine white Supremacy….

    • There are genetic predispositions to risk, safety, strength, size, and so on. Not just physical traits but mental and emotional ones. I believe in such a thing as natural character. Germans tend to be different than Russians, different than Americans.

      • Of course… And no genetic profile is equal… And the triggering mechanism of the current theory reduces to merely reality itself (they call it environment). The question is one of inherency… As in, is there a genetic profile that is predisposed to seek Perfection… And when you recognize the meta-modern conflict… Russian Revolution… And the assault on America and Europe… One thing becomes clear… There is an attack on certain whites (Russian Orthodox, European Catholics, German-Anglo Protestants) within a larger proxy war of self-annihilation amongst “white” anti-white Supremacists.

        So the reigning paradigm is covertly annihilate the genuine white Supremacist WITHIN THE MASS CHAOS of “white” self-annihilation AND WHENEVER there are obvious acts of self-annihilation, narrate the mass perception back towards indicting and implicating “white supremacy” so as re-normalize the temporarily traumatized mass.

  2. The riding on the shoulder made me cringe- much easier to run into something nasty there. Note that the speedometer tops out at 299 KPH- that’s about 187 MPH- so he may have been going even faster.

    Every Winter Olympics we get a bunch of black people complaining about how it’s not real sports, basically because it’s all white people and usually requires expensive equipment, the poor ghetto youth, boo hoo hoo….. But winter sports often require something blacks lack, physical courage. To be a fast downhill skier, you have to have super fast reflexes but also be willing to take the risk that one tiny mistake could get you seriously injured or possibly killed.

    Blacks are aggressive, but not brave. Big difference between the two. And its why blacks aren’t really the threat they seem. Blacks attack helpless victims when they have multiples of numerical superiority. Any risk of getting hurt, they back off.

    Doing something like this requires that you systematically evaluate and reduce all the known risks, while understanding there is some small element you can’t control and living with this. On the ride itself he has to rapidly process the environment while remaining focused on the path ahead. Kind of a multi-focused focus, if you will.

    Motorcycle champions these days tend to be Spanish and Italian, along with some Australians and Californians. In warm places you can ride year round, but it’s always a white thing.

    Thordaddy- whites always did it for the rush. You got on a boat and went looking for trouble partly because there was nothing on the shore behind for you, but mostly because adventure calls…… But yes much better to put that to some constructive use than getting your balls and legs blown off for Uncle Sam, or getting roadkilled……

    • You sound like you know something about this topic, Thrashy. I’d be curious to read about it at your blog.

      • I love motorcycles- they’re one of the coolest things on the planet- but I’m not much of a rider. I have had bikes off and on but had to sell them. I’ll get one again someday, maybe.

        The topic does branch off in some interesting ways and I think I will write about it.

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