Burn Hollywood

by Firepower

Burn Hollywood burn, I smell a riot

The Rumpus Room is well-decorated at Ryu’s Mansion

Goin’ on first they’re guilty now they’re gone
Yeah I’ll check out a movie
But it’ll take a white one to move me

Get me the hell away from this T V
All this news and views are beneath me
‘Cause all I hear about is shots ringin’ out
So I rather kick some slang out

All right fellas let’s go hand out
Hollywood or would they not
Make us all look bad like I know they had
But some things I’ll never forget, yeah

So step and fetch this shit
For all the years we looked like clowns
The joke is over smell the smoke from all around
Burn Hollywood burn

Ice Cube is down with the comedy
Now every single white bitch wanna be he
Big Daddy is smooth word to mother
Let’s check out a flick that exploits the coloreds

Roamin’ thru Hollywood late at night
Red and blue lights what a common sight
Pulled to the curb gettin’ played like….…. a sucker
Don’t fight the power – they shoot the motherfucker

As I walk the streets of Hollywood Boulevard
Thinkin’ how hard it was to those that starred
In the movies portrayin’ the roles
Of wusses and Klansmen and moles

Many intelligent black men are still uncivilized
When on the screen like a guess
I figure you to play some jigaboo
On the LN plantation, what else can niggers do

And black women in this profession
As for playin’ a lawyer, out of the question
For what they are, Aunt Jemima is the perfect term
Even if now she got a perm

So let’s make our own movies like Spike Lee
‘Cause the roles being offered don’t strike me
There’s nothing that the white man could use to earn
Burn Hollywood burn

11 Comments to “Burn Hollywood”

  1. Let’s do make movies…

    • I’d like to make movies.

      Many of the best movies I see are not American at all. Europe does good work. They have focused on people, rather than special effects. It makes their cinema more interesting.

      There was this Euro-version of Fight Club, Ondskan.

  2. Watch Korean films; Infernal affairs (the source for Scorcese’s inferior derivative – The Departed); New World; A Bittersweet Life etc.

  3. As if the world needed more former country singers/Christian rock artists/Disney stars/ turned celebrity-toy sluts.
    The cock carousel has many fun rides for high-status elite scammers and thugs.

    Meanwhile, the Western world sex imbalance threatens to reach Chinese levels as they import the entire fighting-age-male surplus of the Muslim world.

    • I do love tall girls though.

    • Disney has long been a fully developed jew-run Propaganda Corporation.
      Here, you see the complete process from original 1930’s White Anti-Semite company being transformed into a Spielbergian jew-loving purveyor of filth.

      The Message of Miley is be a wholesome white girl (or Selena Gomez wetback to include The New Wave of MINOs) but still achieve societal blessing when she transforms into a miscegenating slut at puberty.

  4. How is Hollywood – Is it burning or is that a fantasy?
    Trump has demonstrated that a lot of people no longer give a shit about the lies the media pump out by way of news. The media seems to become more “mentally challenged” and enraged, by the day, inasmuch as they seem to have lost the power to dump the Trump.

    But what of Hollywood, are there any figures on this?

    • Is Hollywood on the rise or fall?

      Americans still give them their money. This new Star Wars movie has the nerds going nuts. Receipts are down a bit, even though the population keeps getting larger.

      Hard to say. The internet takes a lot away from Hollywood. Many Hollywood movies today are cheap knock-offs of old movies or 80s remakes.

      • Damn it – “If its not hurting, its not working”.

        (Useless sound-bite by former UK Conservative prime minister John Major but applicable in this case.)

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