The Power Over Life and Death

by Ryu

The state has reserved a number of special powers for itself. The USG decides good or evil. The USG has the power of taxation. And most important of all – the USG may decide who lives and who dies.

Nothing offends American cops and soldiers more than a non-agent killing. They call it “playing God.” Under the current system, only authorized agents may play God.

Their indignity when one of their own dies is quite delicious. Their celebration when they kill a “bad guy” is equally raucious. Whooping and high-fives are often performed.

Life has a manner of symmetry. A rich man has a great deal of power due to his money. A poor man can acquire the same amount of power, but only by…..…. taking on alot of risk. One man has money, the other balls.

The power over life and death is the closest a man can come to God-hood. The state tries, but they can’t stop individual men from seizing this power on their own.

Do cops and soldiers miss it when this power is taken from them, during retirement? Absolutely. This is part of why retirement is hard for them. They become just ordinary citizens.

It has not been understood by the mass of WNs how “crime” may be a means of self-development, like art or theater. The higher the penalty, the greater the growth.

Most WNs today still accept the system’s valuation of good and evil. This is the ultimate reason why they fail.

11 Comments to “The Power Over Life and Death”

  1. Edited…

    The greatest of State-sanctioned killing is not done by cops and soldiers (especially when balanced [against] the killing of niggers, miggers and jihadists), but “self-employed” high IQ “white” male doctors and [their] [radically] liberated female clientele. If one were to conceive the moral inversion of “Might [makes] Right,” one would conceive [of] abortion. But this is in reality, only half of the symbiotic regression because at the meta-level “state-sanctioned” = the mobocracy… The MRKN mob now desires mass self-annihilation AT CONCEPTION and so it is thus state-sanctioned… In the same vain, the mob, BEING A MOB, demands AND then is increasingly annihilated by a rogue and militaristic state police force. Again, a symbiotic regression in play where a perpetuating self-annihilation is used to provoke each side to even more radical claims of autonomy.

  2. Imagine a nation filled with white boys not just indifferent and not just tolerant, but ACTUAL ADVOCATES of their “mother’s” STATE-sanctioned “right” to abort them at CONCEPTION, ie., from their beginning. Furthermore, this collective of “white” boys demands no formalized recantation of the OPEN ENDED SANCTION to kill “them” FOR there is no sunstantive prohibition against killing one’s child after birth KNOWING THAT A state-sanctioned “right” to kill from the beginning STANDS as it stands… A “right” to kill one’s son (or daughter) from their beginning…

    This is deeply pathological when understood in the frame of the claim of an ideologically-induced “white genocide.” In many respects, WN is now to Jewish “supremacy” what blacks are to “white supremacy” and those who scream “genocide” the loudest are in fact the most feverish of self-annihilators.

  3. Our Fascist Police State began the Civil War.
    The degradation of Once America rapidly accelerated with Federal God usurping all powers until the IRS was born to pay for WW1, while saving EuroSwine – for the first time.

    Then, as the black (and now MultiMINOs) grew into politicized dominance, it transformed into a MINO Welfare State: The LN/MMM.

    The ultimate irony is it was built, empowered and enforced by Whites.

    • Wheatie today are so clueless, because it’s still fun & games. As long as the paychecks keep rollin…like Tyrone with his welfare payments, Brandon could give a rat’s ass. I came down to New Yaawk over the holidays, and I saw the venues packed and pricey restaurants were galore to the T. They don’t fucking care, as long as the police state does it job.

    • Not just whites… But high IQ jewhite anti-white Supremacists. But now, even low IQ and mid IQ “whites” have ignorance no more as a feeble cover. The zeitgeist is IN HIS FACE at all times, too.

    • I think the MMM would collapse without whites FP. Just like Rhodesia did.

      I watched an interesting movie recently: Machine Gun Preacher. This white guy find God, then goes off to the Sudan to save children. It was like a Jordy wet dream: not only was he tuff, but he saved da minos 🙂

  4. I’m new to this site…The comments are incoherent due to a new lingo here….

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