Raiding the Police

by Ryu

Everyone can dish it out…few can take it. American cops are great at raids. They don’t enjoy raiding when they are on the recieving end.

I found an interesting story. A police chief’s house was raided:





He didn’t like it so much. It was upsetting to him that someone ….…..pointed guns at his head. He felt his life was in danger, and that his privacy was invaded. This man had participated in dozens of raids and ordered hundreds of them. Yet, he had never considered what it felt like to be raided himself.

It’s a human rule: Everyone looks good when they are on top. When the other guy is in charge, we find out a thing or two.

We’ve never seen the US military and police being beaten down and humiliated. That day is coming. I can promise you, they won’t take it well. We can see a small piece of it when cops or soldiers die – each death is of course a tragedy of epic proportions.

It goes for us too. Sometimes, all one can do is hold out and wait. That is the job of WN right now. To wait, without complaint, until the right time. No one likes a sore loser. If you’re going to be a sucker, be a quiet one.

38 Comments to “Raiding the Police”

  1. I told a fine reactionary the other day that at this stage of terminal self-annihilation, one’s reaction IS ALL ABOUT THE timing. This goes for any anti-zeitgeist force… All direct action boils down to perfect timing all the way through. This is the critical mistake that all victims of the zeitgeist make… Less than perfect timing in one place or another.

    [ed note: instead, send them to Eradica. less confusing]

    • To the extent that SO76 merges with white Supremacy, I support Eradica… The right to annihilate those who are attempting to annihilate you is the right to pre-emptive strike and right to pre-emptive strike is the acknowledgment of Evil as the dominate MUNDANE player and his minions as a motley crew of back-stabbing cutthroats enacting his will all about. A SO76 + white Supremacy is just that state of being necessary for white male survival.

      • You should* support Eradica unequivocally.

      • There’s a certain honesty needed here, TD.

        We support the idea of freedom up to the point needed for us to win. But most whites today are not in the condition necessary to rule over themselves. The USG and their own passions govern them, and if WN ever succeeds, we too must rule them. Their attention span is now too short to focus on anything for long.

        Maybe….one day, that could change. It would take generations though. There would be purges on the scale of what Comrade Lenin and Stalin did.

        We are supporting a police state run by us. A WN is a white LN elite who is not in power. We are their exact opposite. We are how they would act in poverty and obscurity.

      • There would be purges on the scale of what Comrade Lenin and Stalin did.

        We are supporting a police state run by us.

        Yes. The only way to enforce order is with discipline; the sort of discipline that once made this fallen nation great.
        There will would be as many wites eradicated as MINOs. There is no way to reform a Pareene.

      • I can guess the meaning, but I find no definition of Pareene, FP. It must mean a crowd of ruffians.

        [ed note: for shame:
        MRAs Are Lost Pareenes Declare Win

      • Pareene is crypto-Jew playing gleeful “white” self-annihilator for a crowd of like-minded degenerates. So his deception is really of secondary importance as contrast with the primary appeal of his radically autonomous virtual self. He attempts to make deracination appear normal, even nerdy and thus “intellectual” so as to take the mass mind of low to mid IQ “white” male off PATHOLOGY AND AFFLICTION… Deracination is self-annihilation is pathological…

        So from the white Supremacist perspective, to be a Pareene is to be pathological… To believe your deracination was a matter of intelligent discovering rather than learned programming… To believe that one can “transcend” race when one denies both the transcendent realm and race itself… To be a Pareene is to afflicted with the pathology of anti-white Supremacy.

  2. What do you call a cop who had conducted dozens of raids, suddenly to be raided himself and so taken aback as to signal a deep detachment from reality? This cop was a pig slathered in the radical collective autonomy of his choice and when it came to devour HIM, he totally forgot that the price of membership was self-annihilation… So those “allies” of his ONLY SAW another “citizen” that needed to be put back in line…

    Radical autonomy is what turns a cop into a pig and then opens him up to the slaughter.

    • The “brotherhood” that many cops and soldiers believe in is not real. They are paid to obey orders. They have, and will in the future, attack their own if ordered.

  3. Ryu

    We’ve never seen the US military and police being beaten down and humiliated.

    When this happens, it ruins the national spirit, making it a crippled zeitgeist. World War One’s trenches destroyed England’s army and the Japs destroyed their idolized navy in WW2. They never recovered. England destroyed Napoleon in 1815; today’s cheese-eating surrender monkeys have still not recovered 200 years later.

    While in power, jackbooted-government SWATZIs relish their godpower nearly as much as threesomes with supermodels. They relish grinding their bootheel into the neck of the oppressed as they do orgasm.

    Baconfaced & deballed:

    • Ha. They should ask those dickless soldiers if they’d have joined up again?

      • lol. They’re so well Crapropagandized, they likely would re-up just to whip off their wheelie pants to barf-out Hajii with their nub and pissbag.

        See, it’s A-OK for Mr. Tom Cruise to be pissed off at UncleBEAST in a hollywood jew movie, for his Vietnam neuter job, in Born On The Fourth of July, but when hollywood serves today’s LN State – and vice versa – that’s taboo.

        Mr. WW2 Mighty Marine himself – Gen. Chesty Puller – had a sonnyboy who went off to ‘Nam and got fixed. Check out his story and see how it “ended.” LIUFY

      • They say look at who one cannot criticize and there you will see an entrenched power… Well, non-US military cannot critize the U.S. Military and not receive total wrath… Add the context of a Liberal Nazi establishment (anti-national socialists) generated FROM the seed of the Greatest Veneration to produce the radical seed to the 60’s anti-Vietnam baby and one recognizes “radical autonomy” as the operating paradigm. Earthly power is the stuff of the sexually degenerate anti-(white) Supremacist. In HBD lingo, the genetic profile most probable to be “trigger” to “pursue” this radical sexual autonomy and belief in total entropy, ie., self annihilation, should be totally eliminated from the pool of genetic profiles. With some unknown mechanism, this profile has been able to perpetuate EVEN as “it” “desires” nonexistence.

      • Have you seen this documentary Ryu? It’s called Iraq for Sale.

      • Thanks! Give me a few days and I will watch it.

  4. Wheatie in Murka and also in Eurot, have been for the most part oblivious to the nigga problem, as they focus on Islamic extremism and in our own backyward, Mexi-Miggas crawling over the border.

    In Germoney and in the UK, nigga pollute the wheatie gene pool which is much more detrimental, then Islamicists taking over the land in the name of Allah.

    Somehow Neo-Hitlerites have no problem of Niggaballer fucking one of their women, but Muzzie who takes their job and homeland is more of a pressing issue.

    • As I teach, the problem for Whites is not one sole enemy, but a diverse coalition of FFOL.

      • Yes!

        Eurots and many Murkan wheaties enjoy watching niggaball and they don’t seem to mind those lowly savages rape their women. Now, I see plenty of GenBrandons befriending them to make things worse. They deserve eradication, would you not agree?

      • Ever notice coloreds and Jews (refers to all MINOs) want white pussy and hate wheatie men? The reason why I mentioned this is that MINOs are inherently jealous/envious of White people, their culture and supremacy, and have successfully used their tactics to squash any attempts for White men to have the upper hand via the FFOL.

      • JS, I have a Manhattan question.

        I have heard that in some NYC neighborhoods, they are crawling with undercover feds and cops. Have you seen this? How do you make an undercover cop in NYC?

      • Yes, they have MINO cops who disguised themselves as low down ghetto MINOs in some of their neighborhoods. In some subway stations, you often find wheatie cops who look like your average Manhattan wheatie walking around the underground so they can arrest trespassers who jump the turnstiles and don’t pay. Some of them are now preventing terrorist attacks. There are even female undercovers arresting perverts who touch them. There is no way to tell who is an undercover. Very hard to pick them out. Generally, anyone who looks like your typical 3Fer Wheatie liberal, both male and female, are not undercovers. Most wheatie cops don’t look like them. But that could change pretty soon!

      • Ryu: It’s no surprise that ISIS or any saavy “extremist” organization would want to take down NYC and Washington DC. They go for the jugular, where the elites live and play. No one of significance gives fuck if some Fed building goes ups in flame in WakO, in the cornfields of Kansas or potato land of Idaho.

      • I can understand why they want to go for the throat. But District 1 is untouchable. The police state is strongest there.

        District 1 has many dependances on outside cities. Water, food, electricity, garbage removal. Those big beautiful cities would be garbage dumps without the outside.

        Sometimes, one can’t go for the throat. So, we go for the eyes or the knees.

      • True, but Muslim extremists are savvier, when it comes to bumblefuck targets. While NRA wheatie might shoot up a gathering of their enemies or bomb a Fed building in smallville, Islamicists go for the infrastructure that provides power to the elite playpens, like reservoirs, nuclear plants etc…

      • Here’s an article about an ISIS cell in NYC:

        They planned their attacks in Staten Island, which is a poor, unremarkable area of New York, infested with Tony Soprano types, but were able to go undetected until recently. Police don’t guard heavily in areas where elites are nowhere to be found. It appears that these guys wanted to take down the newly built world trade tower, known as the freedom tower.

      • Yup. This happens often in South Africa. They want to kill the men and fuck the women.

        It is of course a contradiction. You can’t make a white woman without a white man and woman. But our enemies are not that long-sighted.

      • And Jews love to exploit White women as porn objects. It will take another decade before the White demographic have any inkling who their real enemies are!!!

      • There are jewesses performing in porn.

        No ‘eeeevil Svengali’ hypnotizes young wite sluts, forcing them to fuck niggers on camera.

  5. Also, FP. The most glaring and pressing problem are the coloreds, especially nigs. YET, WNs, Neo-Nazis, whoever in right-o-sphere ignores it wholeheartedly. It’s propoKikeganda working its wonders, while Jordies fight Islamicists in the Middle East and protects MINOs at home!

  6. PA: Bombing Iraq was definitely a money making scheme for Cheney & Co.

    Combating terrorism is also a lucrative game for those who take part in it. Murkan elites would want more terrorist threats in our shores, simply, because it creates a money market for anti-terrorism.

    Cops and authorities rake overtime when there are so called terrorist threats. I can bet these guys laugh themselves to the bank, because it’s an overkill most of time.

    Furthermore, do you need 20K police officers to guard a parade that only spans 2 miles and 3 street blocks?

    • Overtime, baby!

      Sometimes, when no citizens are listening, pigs will say “ca-ching!” at a big crime scene. Overtime is how they make their $$$$.

      When I hear about the latest turrist atrocity, I hear the rolling of coins and dollar bills. They do too.

      • I personally know of a PIG, a childhood buddy who turned to the NYPD. He rakes in about 180K as a Sargent with OT! No college degree, just the police academy, and a lot of donut munching during downtime patrol.

      • Also, a guy like Rushie Limbaugh is just another double speak guy, who only cares about $$$, while the nation further descends into the deep abyss. There’s the low profile nigkikespicing of Stormcunt and then there are these high profile, high paying alarmist, “conservatives” that make Orson Welles roll in his cave with his War of the Worlds broadcast.

      • Ha, Rush has uses. We have to tolerate that the only WN-ish media comes from Rush or Glen Beck. They do help the cause, a little bit. I don’t like it, but until we have our own TV show, we’ll have to make due.

  7. FP: Yes, I know, but most Jewesses are butt ugly, and they don’t even have a butter face. Sheeksas galore, is one of the Kike’s pimpin…game.

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