by Ryu

Puppycide when when a cop kills a pet dog. Of course, police dogs are given full military funerals and are listed on lists of fallen officers. A human citizen is not worth as much as a cop-dog. That’s where you sit in the pecking order.

The quote to memorize is “It’s an unfortunate situation. I was in retreat and had to neutralize the hostile threat. We’re very sorry.”

WNs should understand deeply that police states are made possible by…………. police. They exist to enforce the laws, whatever the law may be.

The two sided morality – one standard for one class, another standard for the other. Cops are allowed to use whatever force necessary to “eliminate threats.” More cops kill citizens than citizens kill cops in the US. Therefore, police are a threat to us.


You’ll note that nearly everyone in this documentary are white.

This video is a treat:

17 Comments to “Puppycide”

  1. Officer Thomas Griffin and Sgt. David Daniels- the face of American law enforcement……

    The upside is these people are not very bright, and terrified of dogs. A big dog you are not too emotionally attached to could be a great tool………..

  2. One of the victims in the San Bernardino shooting was a Jew named Nicholas Thalasinos. Photo here: http://media.philly.com/images/nicholast.jpg

    [ed note: Gocht incht Himmel!]

    • Tragic. I haven’t kept up with the latest atrocity, sadly. They are all the same now, as well as the public/media response.

      • Yes. Tragique…Tres Tragique. 😥
        Les Corpses et le danse du morte ain’t even le warm yet and Murka’s already thinking New Ways to delight their Black Obama in admitting more colored Miggers of every delightful Rainbow Hue.

        As I’ve said, at least Muzz Miggers are targeting the proper: Cali jews and coloreds – and those lovely NYC hebes.

        What this should show you is how really vulnerable MMM BIGov bureaus are – even if created for Their Sacred MINOs in the holiest land of MINOs.

        It also shows you how much blood must need be shed to poke Murkans from their Big Mac/PlayStationStupor.

        I told you: It’s to be the OOB

      • It takes violence to even get a minute of attention today. Even that doesn’t last long, FP. In a month, Paris will be tres’ forgotten. 200 bodies is nothing today, that’s an average day in the Stan.

    • Good news, FP! Murka is going to let da womenz into all combat jobs.

      [ed note: good. NOW they can have a good cry – and I a good laff – when they wheel out the Next Brittni-McStumpy and her sequined tin cup to beg for Wounded Warriorz bucks!]

    • If Ms Martin were Lawrence Auster, all her fan club would see a post like this and scream “Filth column, dual loyalist, ethnic bigot.” FP “sees” her reveling in the death of a Jew. So clearly, the middle ground is what exactly? WHAT IS THE POINT of this side fact of this latest jihad which may or may not be real?

      Tell “us” Ms Martin… Tell “us” what exactly is your point in telling “us” that a Jew was killed by jihad perhaps all staged by UncleBeast under the auspices of ZOG?

      [ed note: IF I WERE the Ghost of Larry Awwster, I’d tell ya skip the Zogcrap and just call them the MMM – or simply The US Government…]

      • That it was not an entirely bad thing, TD. Even if it was real.

        Jews are also paying for importing their little pets, the Muzz. And the more they import, the more they will pay. A funny side effect in Europe is that the Muzz know about jews. So they are anti semetic.

        You speak of self annihilation a lot TD. It’s hard to find solutions that are not self-contradictory.

      • Ryu…

        Ms Martin regularly e-races my commentary at her blog… Clearly, at this level, all are guilty and always proving innocence. This is the self-annihilating state of modern “wn.” There is no actual line between friend and foe with modern “wn” that then doesn’t just break down to personal preference.

        Ms Martin THINKS being a genuine white Supremacist is Jewish psychops… But this is female brain speaking… It has no connection to being the greatest man alive which at one time was a rather common ethos amongst a wide swath of white boys in America. But to the Ms Martins of this world who have somehow reached a higher plane within this “wn” movement, little white boys with fantasies of greatness is very scary indeed. A Land of white Supremacists is very scary indeed. So scary that Ms Martin is an anti-white Supremacist within “wn.” What? How is this possible other than concluding that “wn” is anti-white Supremacy. And if “wn” is anti-white Supremacy then it is Jew psychops… And in fact, THIS IS THE LOGICAL outcome of modern “wn.” If one is at the the top of “wn” then crypto-Jew is the default assumption. So it’s all one big stick web of self-annihilating bullshit… A bunch of blow hards unwillingly to even call themselves white Supremacists as they claim to be eternal enemy of Jew… It’s nuts.

      • And it’s nuts in the most deeply psychological sense…

        The Jew qua Jew HATES the genuine white Supremacist…

        The Jewish “order” seeks to mass produce “white” anti-white Supremacists…

        And those at the very top of “wn” from Pierce to Rockwell to Covington NEVER CALLED THEMSELVES “white supremacists.” They WERE ALWAYS CALLED “white supremacists” by WHAT THEY WOULD CLAIM was Jewmedia, yet, never confirmed or denied the label IMPOSED upon them EVEN THOUGH they were/are vociferous “enemy” to the Jew.

        The only conclusion one can draw from this is what?

      • Editor…

        My point is that all anti-white Supremacist are a unique enemy to the white Supremacist… But the monocausalists as Cesar Tort would call them (himself a monocausalist AS AwS) focus on Jews to the exclusion of the rest of the FFOL… But it doesn’t stop there because within this particular reality is all the earmarks of self-annihilation… In other words, at the “top” of Modern “wn” MUST BE crypto-Jew of the “highest” order OR one simply has not reached the bottom of the “rabbit hole.” Modern “wn” is a self-induced paralysis rooted in ITS OWN FUNDAMENTAL anti-white Supremacy… It’s own hatred and loathing of the greatest of white men naturally emerging…

        Ms Martin represents a dyke ethos being injected into A Land of white Supremacy… There is no value in a white female with a dyke ethos. None. And yet these modern female “wn” believe “we” need dyke ethos.

  3. omg. Yes I erased your nonsense from my blog. Too wordy.

    And this: “Ms Martin THINKS being a genuine white Supremacist is Jewish psychops” That is untrue. I do not think this. You are debating imaginary points. I think a White man striving for Supremacy is wonderful. You and I just disagree about what constitutes the proper actions to take. ALSO, when I report something, sometimes it is just a report.

    I DID find it interesting though that a Jew was killed. Maybe it was the guy’s boss. Maybe he pissed him off, who knows? Who woulda thunk there’d be a practicing Jew our in San Bernardino which is around 80% non-European White would have Jew doing “public service” for them.

    I am not an anti-White Supremacist. I myself strive for excellence every day.

  4. 2Ryu

    This sickening SWATZI/Warrior Cult fabricated since 9/11 is the result of gullible sheep herding around a moron: Bushi. The Pantload.

    Even I can work up a little bit of sympathy for a Nigga.
    I call it Plug-A-Thug: Some wussy~witeboi with a badge empties a magazine into the back of a “scary lookin’ nigra” then hides behind bureacratic excuses catch-phrases crafted in the Ministry of Justice and defended by the ubiquitous jew lawyer.

    Sure, every niggra is “scary-lookin'” to cops who all go off duty and zoom out of LA as fast as they can for their homes in safe, wite burbs 24 miles away.

    It is what Pantload did and the minions follow the leader. This Turd-Prince drawls out pretty speeches to lure hick Jordies into enlistment, then flees to his 400 acre ranch in the middle of nowhere, guarded by an army of SS. None of his family will ever be 200 miles near an enlistment center.

    The russkis trained dogs in ww2 to run toward tanks and hide under them. With a 20lb satchel charge of TNT strapped on their doggy-backs. They at least didn’t put Fidov on a stamp.

    You so rarely hear of actual HEROcops! doing actual heroic deeds anymore – because they don’t. They have to rely on the innocent, guile-free nature of dogs to provide their heroes.

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