Oil, War, and Drugs

by eurybates

[ed note: Heres smorestuff from the late great fleer of eevil, Master~eurybates]



I have a confession – I don’t think that petroleum comes from dinosaurs.  When I think of it I think that the idea is actually quite funny – fossil fuel.  I actually think that that hypothesis is quite ridiculous.  Recently a book was written by a guy who did some research into what Germany was doing in the 1930’s and how they developed a process to produce synthetic oil from coal.  The elites are pretty slick and they have been able to bury this type of information for a long time.  If you ask any Murkan from anywhere and ask them why Murka attacked Iraq a lot of them would probably say, “oil.”  That is what they want the fodder to think.


If Murka was run by someone with a brain they would declare a war – but not against Iran – they would declare a war against…..….Mexico.  There are probably endless reasons why a war against Mexico would be a good idea so I am only going to list a few:

  • America needs a war
  • Who is going to ‘save’ Mexico?
  • Mexico has been interfering with Murkan politics for a long time
  • Mexico has been poisoning the youth of Murka for a long time with drugs
  • Mexico speaks spanish
  • Mexicans don’t respect Murka, the Murkan border, or the Murkan way of life

If not Mexico then maybe Murka would consider attacking Canada but the reality is Mexico would put up more of a fight.




11 Comments to “Oil, War, and Drugs”

  1. The Soviets believed in abiotic oil. Carbon and hydrogen are very abundant in the universe. Gas and oil are basic molecules. They thought the inside of the Earth had great reserves of abiotic oil.

  2. Best mind the hogwash theories and tinfoil hat cliche.

    Festering on such nonsense while coloreds move on your block is evading The Question and evading The Action – Like isisisiis substituting shooting-up WimpyWitey parties to waste time on Conspiracy Theories that Saddam Hussein faked his hanging and still lives… with Osama.

    Oil comes from fossilized plants as does coal. It starts out as peat. A Bison chip is a chemically hurried version once used as fuel by injuns. Oil is merely the latest phase of this aging process and no mystery.

    euri, I could have helped you look less foolish if only you weren’t such a wuss, fleeing at the slightest criticism. You don’t even have the balls to comment even though you were never barred from doing so.


    Wns are the only crew with 7th grade educations and the nerve to act like Diva-Dilettantes.

  3. When it comes to Mexico, we don’t need a war but a wall.
    Then when Mexico refuses to accept its illegals back, we need a war to occupy a reasonable portion of northern Mexico where the illegals can be resettled in an orderly manner.
    I’m a very humane and kind-hearted person.

    Of course the above is meaningless, as the only true options are population replacement or apocalyptic terrorism.

    I expect Trump to be assassinated in 2016 by a left-wing pro-Muslim terrorist similar to the left wing pro-Muslim terrorist who assassinated Dutch maverick politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002.
    They already released the killer and gave him a generous allowance.

    • The Frenchies prided themselves on their sophisticated humanity too – just before Adolf used their nation as a toilet for 4 years.

      Our military must be deployed on the entire border, occupying a zone as deep as is required to house all Miggers in a camp…in the hot desert sun.

      This will be their base and home while they work in the longest chain gang in history constructing a wall 40ft. deep; by hand.

      After a year of hard labor they may be released at bayonet point into the occupied desert. Abu Ghraib type discipline will be enforced. A second offense gets two years. It must be a hellish experience even the filthiest Migger would never repeat for US Welfare Buck$$$ or spickaninny citizenship.

      When Mehicco predictably sabre-rattles las objectiones to re-admitting these parasites (while shooting for World Sympathy and US AIDBuck$$$) the oil well confiscation will begin. The mightiest navy in the history of the world will finally cease obsessing over pregnant SEAL ladies and promoting faggot sailors to seize Gulf oil platforms at the rate of one a month until Mexeeko surrenders and accepts every filthy Migger sent here.

      This would solve The Mexican Problem in approximately one year, saving our military to disband the concentration-work camps to reside permanently stationed at the border. Now, they’re ready to use that high tech shit on Miggers, instead of who Lois Lerner and the NSA commands Our Brave Heroes to enslave.

      • Meanwhile, In the lunacy that is Europe. The EU are handing the filthy Turk (greatest ally), 3 billion fucking euro, to slow down the relentless flow of sand niggers.
        Just imagine what sort of a fence you could build with 3 billion fucking euros!

      • 2Colin

        The EU are handing the filthy Turk (greatest ally), 3 billion fucking euro

        When Rome grew feeble from its feckless character, it paid tribute to other tribes to keep out Visigoths, Ostrogoths and the most feared of all, Huns.

        Strong nations oh-so luuuuuuuuve showing off their power and do so any chance they get- like The Soviet Putins. Weak nations in collapse cannot muster their emasculated Brandons and only have treasure stores made up from their trade in senseless luxury goods – so they literally throw their purse at an enemy.

      • Wow. That is a great plan, FP.

      • Indeed… A Grand Canyon-esque TRENCH financed by the criminal nigger-migger nexus…. Able to “flush out” any and all mass incursions, hydro-powered by the Rio Grande to be renamed the The Great Gringo River…

      • Well done FP – A fine analysis


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