Catching Hate Criminals

by Ryu

It is a tragedy to see good men getting caught. The first link in this case was using the vic’s credit card to buy something.

Few people truly understand that America is a police state. Fewer still can appreciate how hard it is to get away with something in a police state. Action is the hardest thing in the world.

Once a man is on the suspect list, it is nearly impossible to go free. That is why such extraordinary precautions must be taken.

After a “serious” job, everything must be destroyed. EVERYTHING. Even crowbars, clothes, sometimes even tires. Not sold, not given away, but destroyed.

The smallest error can lead to disaster. The bigger the case, the more minutely the system will ….….check for errors. This case was a media case right away.

There is a “progression” in criminality. It takes time.

Forensic Files: Brotherhoods

Today’s study is 23 minutes long. Double murder and arson at a family planning center. The t/p is 0300 July 1, 1999 in Redding, California. The important evidence here is glass, paint and hair/fiber.

TTD? Days.

Did the killer know the vic? Yes.

A man called his son. There was a strange message on the answering machine.

Gary was gay and was married to some gay dude. Both were shot with a 22. Empty shell casings and blood spatter were left.

This was suspected to be a hate crime, so the FBI was immediately called onto the case.

****The killer recorded a new answering machine message in an effort to increase TTD. The voice did not fool anyone.***

The vic’s car, ID and credit card were missing. Naturally, they were looking for the car and then activity on the CC. The car was found 6 days later 100 miles away.

Investigators asked the bank when the card was last used. It was used right after when the crime would have been committed. The suspects must have used the CC to order some stuff and they had it sent to a PO BOx. The police set up surveillance on that box.

Matthew and Tyler Williams were caught at the PO Box. At their home, was newspaper clippings on an arson spree. Hate literature was found at these arson scenes.

“The best time to break in is between 0200 and 0400.”

Your car, your enemy. The police begin by looking into the Williams’ car. There was broken class inside. It was safety glass, used in windows and doors. When it breaks, it blows back towards the breaker. It embeds in clothing.

A crowbar was also found in the car. It had green paint on it. They used pyrolysis GC on the paint. This made a chemical fingerprint. The green paint matched a paint at the abortion clinic.

Glass can be investigated with density, refractive index, or melting point. The glass in the car matched the glass in the synagogue fire.

Some of the ignition devices did not work. Cloth was used as a wick. This cloth had dog hair, cat hair and chicken feathers in them.

A Mark 2 ww pistol was used. A silencer had been used. This silencer was not disposed of, and had a tiny speck of blood on it. The blood was the blood of one of the Williams’.

Matt Williams knew Winthorp because he had worked at the local farmer’s market briefly. So, he knew about him and his deviance.

Sept 8, 2001. Trial date. Matthew Williams committed suicide. He was the older brother. Tyler got life in prison after pleading guilty to arson and first degree murder.

9 Comments to “Catching Hate Criminals”

  1. Tyres never considered them. I always get mine replaced in a shop. And the tyres get thrown onto a pile for recycling, so it isn’t destruction really.
    Apart from that, you would be forgiven for thinking that these guys weren’t very good assassins.

    • Tyres leave impression evidence on soft ground. There are experts who know these impressions, for each make and model of tire ever made. From the tire to the car to who bought them.

      • I’ve seen that on CSI. As well as incriminating soil. My main concern would to be adequately dispose of the tyres. To much tyre tread on them and arise the suspicion of the tyre shop guy. Also they sometimes will sell secondhands with plenty of tread left on. Doing a tyre change DIY involves some equipment and disposal sends smoke signals.

  2. These crimes will be harder to investigate as society declines, but the liberal elites will demand ever more police protection for themselves.

    • Agents will be pulled off the rape squads to investigate anti-Islamist graffiti. David Brooks will win a Pulitzer for a column voicing his naked rage against xenophobia.

    • I too expect it. The elites can’t afford to protect themselves, and everyone else, at the same time. There’s not enough money.

  3. Don’t forget to ditch your printers as well: Your Printer Is Spying On You!

  4. Super post. Do you have any other ones you can drop? I dig this. 🙂

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