Everybody’s a “Cold Blooded Killer”

by Ryu

There is nothing special about killers. The authorities tend to believe that murderers are somehow different from ordinary people.

The only difference is – they do what others only talk about.

And EVERYBODY talks about killing. Cops, judges, lawyers, priests, and kids. Give them a badge or a uniform and they’ll do it. Most can’t handle doing it on their own, without state permission.

The most prolific killers in this world work for the state. Manson, Bundy or Gacy can’t even get close to Chris Kyle’s kill count of 200+. But who’s the “hero”?

In the 15 years of America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military killed 2 million civilians. The USA averages about 10K homicides per year. Over 15 years this sums to only 150K murders. It’s not one tenth what the US military killed over the same time period.

This is a good time to mention PTSD. This is an American term which describes a soldier or cop’s guilt when he…..…… kills too many innocent civilians. Each new war with magical technology kills a greater proportion of the civilians relative to true targets. No one felt PTSD fighting Nazi Germany or killing Osama.

Law enforcement is human too. They enjoy a good kill and they enjoy vengence. They have a tradition of beating cop killers and fugitives at the end of a long manhunt. You can see the fist impressions on Frein clearly on a few pictures.

9 Comments to “Everybody’s a “Cold Blooded Killer””

  1. The psychological chasm between “cold-blooded” killer and one who can justifiably kill in defense of his self and his people is very fine indeed. So fine is this line that those social engineers charged with creating killers DO NOT EVEN TRY TO CREATE such an entity… A TRULY righteous “cold-blooded” killer… They go for either straight psychopaths or true believers… BUT ULTIMATELY nearly all from the pool of young “white” males.

    • I am convinced that no one is coming to save whites, TD. Almost like the jews if there were no US or Allied powers. To win, whites will have to overcome the psychological barriers to revolution.

      • It is a Christian axiom that one cannot save his own soul… How far is the leap to a secular belief that one will not have his life saved by another?

        No personal solution to collective descent. No “white men’s” movement. No real matrix. Radical autonomy or white Supremacy. I believe this is “it” for any and all white male.

      • IMO, the only personal solution is white supremacy. And it may be unpopular. I doubt if there are more than 10 in the world. I can’t control what the others want to do.

        WNs who do this for others tend to drop out. Some last longer than others, but I’ve seen it too often. They give their best, and there’s little response. One has to do it primarily for himself.

      • Yes… One has to be white Supremacist for himself FIRST because the zeitgeist is all about snuffing out this belief in every single white male in favor of a collectivist, relativist conception that translates into a self-negation… Molds “white supremacy” into anti-white Supremacy in the minds of the “white” mass.

  2. Ryu – I’d like to submit a post. how does one go about doing that nowadays?

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