Killing Hope

by Ryu

When is the US going to build that wall and stop illegal immigration…now?


Wait! We’re gonna build it, we promise….

In 5 years?

10 years?

20 years?

Are we there yet….

Is this getting boring yet? Why do people take it when the USG does it? Do they like being played for suckers?

Try never. It is the HOPE that someone will do it that prevents change and action.

The USG has purposefully left that sliver of hope. They didn’t kill it completely. Such a move would embolden the truly angry. It is a principle of wise men to always leave a little hope, always leave a way out.

The breakthrough comes when one knows and accepts that there is no one coming to save us. No collapse is coming, no politician will solve our problems. This way of thinking opens new doors.

3 Comments to “Killing Hope”

  1. A more appropriate picture to accompany the entry (you should change it), now that’s a wall!

    How soon before Trump (or Barry White how i call him) is touring this for a photo op?

  2. Speaking of, Might Is Right is discussing the crazy Trump train from that angle, great episode.

    Quote: “Trump would be the worst president for, out of those running, for the White race, he would be like a pressure release valve for white anger, he would be able to trick the White mases, he already is, into thinking he is on their side. He would likely be able to better manage some of the federal agencies, tho White genocide agenda would be more efficient, and the beast would become stronger, or at least the weakening of the beast would be slowed, he would fool the yokels into feeling that the immigration issue, and other issues, are being sensibly dealt with.”

    (sorry if double posted, my browser is acting up)

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