What Golden Dawn Must Do

by Ryu

Every nationalist must know what’s happened in Greece. Golden Dawn tried playing by the system’s rules, then when they started winning, the system changed the rules. Blackwater was hired by the system for protection. Radical liberal groups have been protected by the Greek legal community. There has been bombings, arsons, and assasination against GD members.

GD has to break into two different organizations. One will be the completely legitimate, clean GD that feeds to poor and does community outreach. Naturally even peaceful GD members will be targets for assasination by the system.

The other group that needs to be formed will be …..….cellular in form, with no connection at all to GD. They will do the dirty work. Every organization has such men working for them. The only connection to GD will be that a few of their actions might “help” GD’s cause.

Both the visible and invisible portions of GD must be present. The public needs to see that GD isn’t backing away and that GD is determined to win “fairly.” The violence that needs to occur must take place within plausible deniability by people with no ties to GD. Perhaps they might take a radical leftist title for cover.

The system is determined to eliminate GD by any means necessary. For GD, the progression from playing the rules to playing dirty was needed from the public’s POV. It has to look like GD did its very best to do it properly. The average man on the street isn’t willing to put in the time to find out how things really work. The above system is exactly the same one as the USG, Israel, Iran, and everyone else use.

11 Comments to “What Golden Dawn Must Do”

  1. Golden Dawn tried playing by the system’s rules, then when they started winning, the system changed the rules.

    this is why compromise with the LN/MMM is not only futile, but dangerous: They will kill you. They want you eradicated, so they must be struck first and eradicated. That simple.

    Blackwater was hired by the system for protection.

    do you have a link/source for that. I can’t imagine our Freedumb Luvvin’ Jordi MERCENARIES fighting for the oppressor, man.

    The IRA used a successful, bifurcated system. Sinn Fein as the placation spewing, stalling political mouthpiece and then the black skimask using shooters. Muzz use it: “peaceful” imams liars spew bullshit about “religion of peace!” while isisisis killers mow down Parisian metal faggots (that one’s for you, Teutonic FAGtagonist bitchboi)

    TF fagged off just as predicted. He pondered the futility of defending a group that called itself queens of the stoneage. Manly, in the eyes of a fapping StormCunter satisfied with VRW…

    • The lesson was driven home to me watching the Russia/Crimea thing.

      Crimeans vote 95% to join Russia. Murka doesn’t accept it, so they start a civil war there. It was clear they didn’t believe in democracy, that it was just a sham. Voting does not matter. It always comes down to violence.

  2. Blatant Nazi emulation hurt the Golden Dawn. They made it too easy for the system to attack them in this regard and lost potential nationalist sympathizers because of it. Our modern world has labeled the Nazis the most evil regime to have ever existed and any associations with the group will be persecuted.

    Jordie Mercs will do whatever job for money, even popping Murkans. I can’t verify the number of individuals that were suggested that were killed by Blackwater in this article, but I can verify that they were there sniping Murkans.


    • I have found that most kids today have no real hate for the Nazis. For me it was a remote time, For them, it’s a myth. It has no reality.

    • But think of the real mind war on those thinking they are opposing the zeitgeist by supporting Nazism when nothing could be further from the truth. Hitler was a quintessential anti-white Supremacist.

    • Thanks! Never heard of it like that. Is Kalgeri a jew? But I have heard of it in different ways.

      • Kalergi is a Euro-Asian crossbreed, his mother being Japanese. He proposed that English be the language of (whole) Europe, because “its intermediaire position between the Germanic and the Romance language Groupe, predestine it to the position of natural Esperanto.”

        (In the land of invented languages, by Arika Okrent, page 137)

      • How did you know of Kalergi, Oogenhand? It is not a name I’ve heard before yesterday.

      • Often the vilest of coloreds eventually get screwed by Their MMM.

        “Sweet” old coloreds (like in the article) have sucked-down 70 years and million$$ of every type of gumminWelfare available.
        These are the scum that, for decades, pumped out pickaninny factories. They have 16 keez and 149 gran-keez…and seemingly none of their worthless litter will pick up the tab for Dear Old Sweet Mizz Jemimah & Uncle Hezekiah.

        Now that they’ve aged out and past The Universal Colored Threat, the beast knows they ain’t gonna March Fo’ Trayvon burn sheet now that they’re decrepit.

        The MMM needs that Bea$tCASH to throw at the new and upcoming young, dangerous coloreds needing pacification.

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