Why Sniping Works

by Ryu

It creates two crime scenes out of one.

One crime scene is the body itself. This crime scene will also have the victim’s ID probably and the bullet. The scene will almost certainly be found. The TTD will vary from immediate to a few days, and is hard to control for the sniper.

The second crime scene is the sniper’s hide, where he shoots from. Its harder to find this CS.

The practical distance limit for shooting is 1 mile or 1600 meters. This distance extends in a sphere around the body. The officers would be looking for footprints, shell casings, and eye/ear witness statements.

There have been many, many successful snipers in the US. They succeded in….….. the short term, only to fail in the long term. One must not neglect to destroy evidence – and especially the gun.

A sniper loves his gun; it’s like his right hand. It still has to go. A gun is not worth more than one’s freedom. It has to be totally destroyed; not sold, not throw away.

19 Comments to “Why Sniping Works”

  1. Well, long distance shooting is an art form in itself. It takes a phenomenal amount of practice to get that good. While I realize that the weapon would have to go, it would be very difficult and expensive to replace. Also, the act of trying to replace it also opens you up to detection if you’re not very careful. Not that many rifles are good enough for long distance shooting up to a mile and would be more traceable than more off the shelf rifles. Also, the ammunition required would be more traceable than standard ammo as well. Keep in mind that the type of weapon might make you easier to find since each sniper has a preferred weapon because of the nuances required at that shooting distance.

    Now, if you use a more ‘standard’ rifle with non match ammo you’ll have to be much much closer and thus make initial detection easier. In that scenario, the rifle is less likely to incriminate you but you have the danger of faster detection of the sniper’s hide. Six of one, half a dozen of another.

    • Then keep tweeeeeting. It’s working as great as PeterPanzering the resurrection of Triumph of the Will 2.0.

      An identical signature left as a calling card to enemies frightens them.
      Have you ever heard of Muzz commandos running down a US HEROsniper hidden 700 yards away before he makes his getaway.

      It’s a myth promoted by – tada – exmil flagwaver outdoor NRAjordieshows that you have to hit a gnat at 4000 yards like Uncle Carlos. Take another look at those WeepiWounded Worrier commercials where they wheel out the vegetables who took non-fatal hits from Dragunovs.

      The sight of a pants-shitting Mongo-by-gunshot is more repulsive than a ceremonial Arlington picnic. It’s also more expensive to repair than a corpse.

      Hard empires are wrested from the evil by harder, crueler Men.

      • Correct. Great to be back in NYC and see the pansy 3Fers for the holidays, paying 3K for their jail cell, while they sit at the couch swirling their snifters, while blogging on Lion. LOL!

        But seriously, ISIS is a Millennial movement. It’s ruthless, cruel, and efficient, yet tweet-tweet saaavy. But it isn’t executed by our GenBrandons.

      • Yeah, why do you think I stress the importance of euthanasia?!

        It is one thing we liberal wimps of the Netherlands and Belgium DO have covered….

        [ed note: i’m sure for every White euthanised in VRWland, 0.000000013 coloreds get the syringe]

    • You are a strong nationalist, and understand much. I shall try to write on topics controversial enough to keep you interested.

  2. Something that is rarely seen in flicks or even talked about is that US HEROsniper is not working alone. They typically have at least one spotter (who spots and does range, angle calculations and is also a sniper) and at least one flanker (provides security for our HEROsniper so the enemy doesn’t sneak up on him.) You don’t hear about that much because it ruins the entire lone wolf mythos built up around these guys. People still think it’s like WWII where some lone sniper is hidden out waiting patiently for days for a target to pop up. It’s not. It’s a team effort nowadays and our Supersniper has at least one or two people covering his ass while he beats a hasty retreat (not to mention artillery and air strikes via radio.) At the battle of Haditha though, six HEROsnipers were overrun by muzz even with all that support.

    An interesting tidbit. A typical infantryman is expected to hit a man at 300m only 10% of the time while a sniper is expected to hit a man at 600m 90% of the time. Now people have a frame of reference as to how good you should be. For us poor plebs you’ll have to drop the range back since most of us can’t get our hands on rifles that will shoot out to 600m consistently (400m is more likely.) Study WWII snipers since IRL only HEROsniper gets a support team. Make no mistake tho, shooting 400m is different than shooting 100m and 1600m is many orders of magnitude harder. This isn’t Hollywood and you aren’t 007 with a personalized self guided auto targeting rifle with a built in suppressor and custom ammo. IRL, expect a $500 unsupressed rifle with 4-5 MOA, $100 optics and commercial ammo. Plan accordingly.

    Making people aware of that reality Is not tantamount to tweeting. It’s simply this: Forewarned is forearmed. Nothing would be more useless, frustrating and foolish than trying to shoot a rifle farther than its useful range. The further you want to shoot the more specialized the rifle, and thus the easier it is to trace because of their limited number. Nothing more nothing less. The key is a rifle with descent enough accuracy, but sold in high volume to make finding it more difficult. However that type of weapon is going to preclude shots in excess of 300-400m and you can forget the 1 mile shots and other such nonsense. Forget suppressed weapons and other such “high tech” crap as well. People will be using commercial grade, non customized equipment with commercial grade ammo because that’s all they can get their hands on. Expecting anything more is unrealistic. Simply keep your expectations in line with that.

    • Simply keep your expectations in line with that.

      All rifles sitting unused in closets will never hit a target even ten yards away.

      Solutions abound in technoworld.

      The two prime characteristics of the interwebz is a mix of the obvious PeterPanzering fantasy wishes and the opposite, wherein naysayers intone Warnings of Failure – like the Greek Chorus.

      In fact, the entire interwebz is an Aeschylus play writ large…and the loss of Eric Friens interrupted my wine-drinking not one drop, so it should* not matter…

      Eradica is a leadership site encouraging progress from an already ossified herd that already has plenty of reasons to obliviously indulge in apathy.

      • Damn! Those are expensive FP.
        [slavery, is even more costly…]

        I now believe that WN is only suitable for a very small portion of whites. It simply takes too long at 4-7 years to make someone who knows enough. Nothing I can write in one article can overcome 20 years of American living. Only in a few cases will education work.

        If whites ever fight back, it will be a far more instinctual feeling leading them. I suspect most WNs would look upon them as brutes or savages.
        [it seems, they must be Morlocks – to fight the even more atavistic colored savages]

      • Why go with that low tech crap? Why not go whole hog with a PGF? See here: http://tracking-point.com
        That way even GenBrandon can be a sniper. It’s like using an Xbox except you have to get out of the basement.

      • even GenBrandon can be a sniper. It’s like using an Xbox except you have to get out of the basement.

        lol. theres many systems. theres one i can’t recall the name but yours looks even better.

      • Damn! Who put all those wires and crap on that gun?

        Looks like the fall of the American IQ affected long range shooters too. Now they need a super-computer to do what the human brain used to do.

        WN will be won by “human technology”, like guts and discipline. You can’t download those apps, you can’t buy them at China-mart. All those super-snipers won’t be worth anything when their batteries run out.

    • This is an excellent comment. I know about spotters and security. The most experienced man should spot, and the less experienced should shoot.

      A gift: http://www.firearmsid.com/A_nogunid.htm

      It’s a partial GRC database, used by many Firearms and Toolmark Units. Every bullet has a characteristic number of striations and twist. This leads to a set of guns that can fire the bullet.

  3. Very good analysis, but I disagree with the need for accuracy. I expect
    Muslims to fire ballistic shots into crowded stadiums from vehicles
    parked at pre calculated locations within the next year. Pigskin is haram
    you know. Obama will blame xenophobes for making the tribesmen and their
    extended families moving in feel unwelcome. Hillary will try to ride
    demand for massive gun control to the White House. All hunters will be

    • The need for accuracy is practical. Bullets lead to guns. One has to account for all the bullets he has shot – even those at a firing range. I’ve seen cops dig bullets out of the hill to check on a bullet/gun combination.

  4. Hey Dudes, sorry for my absence but as I told you, as much as I hate this title I am truly an ‘operator’ in District One, for now… this is not easy, this will have a cost for me, but not today.

    That being said… This post is LOL as fuck! Bunch of bad azz SNIPHAS here, innit? Re: googlewarriors

    Let me save you about 3000 US$ if you are dumb enough to try and build that rifle and about another 1.5K in fees for a good lawyer. Why do you need this weapon?

    Two niggers in a busted Chevy Caprice shut down ALL of District One, Washington DC from the trunk of a rusted out Chevy Caprice Classic. You want to talk about shit weapon? Based on -what- experience? The ‘Beltway Snipers’ controlled DC with a 10 year old hooptie, and an iron sighted AR15. How? How could two negroes do that?

    Patience, and time. Patience, and time. The pedophile nigger that liked the younger negro taught him like a father on the west coast. 100s of rounds on iron sights until he could hit the knot on a tree at 100 meters or so. In this modern soft ass reality if you can accurately hit a target 100% of the time at 100 yards? You are a ‘sniper’ LOL!!! Dafuq? The vast majority of the ‘beltway snipers’ shots were taken at less than 300 feet, fyi. In the marines this is what is commonly known as a basic infantry riflemen. But in soft faggot ass DC you are a ‘sniper’.

    Marine Marskman designated riflemen are good out to 500 meters (1,500 ft) Designated Snipers are good out to 1000 meters (3,000 feet) but again, DC area.

    I’ve been backlogged trying to catch up on posts but this one stood out among other VERY nice posts here as usual

    Metal is pretend violence. In fact, it’s worse than that: Metal is mistakenly portrayed as violence projected outward, but it is not: it is violence directed inward – toward the self. It is not sadistic, but masochistic.

    Death metal is preposterous, a ridiculous caricature for whitekidz slumming on Saturday night in downtown urban “club” areas </I?

    Yep, white kids pretending to be hard, wearing long hair, who still get their asses beat on the regular by -truly- hard niggers.

    • Apex_Predator

      Let me save you about 3000 US$ if you are dumb enough to try and build that rifle and about another 1.5K in fees for a good lawyer. Why do you need this weapon?

      ww2 recruits were expected to hit man-size targets to 1000 yards. 500yds was standard.

      I expect 2days online warrior to spend $60000 and hit targets 3 feet away.

    • We’re badass! Don’t forget it. Police and Swat snipers take most of their shots within 200 m also.

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