What It is Like to Be On The Run

by Ryu

This is an account of a techie to tries to go anonymous, for one whole month.

He didn’t make it. In the end, it was his online activity that screwed him.


4 Comments to “What It is Like to Be On The Run”

  1. The thing I found interesting about the article is how often official ID is requested but also how often he got away without really showing it. Never dismiss the laziness of the general public.

    • The hackers call it social-engineering, PUAs might call it something else, a spook would call it tradecraft. Same thing, different names.

      The primary sin of all professional security is laziness and complacency. The SS says they only keep agents in “the inner circle” for 5 years. That is as long as a human can remain vigiliant without burning up.

  2. Legally speaking, you can’t even listen to Howard Stern without having produced your birth certificate at some point.

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