Ryu’s HEROCops!™ ~ The bestofthebest!!!

by Firepower

Let’s salute our Nation’s Heroes!™

Those brave Praetorian Guard who stand watching admirably as Slick Willie busts a nut on teenage interns; as Bushi “The Pantload” hides in the Pentagon basement for a week after 9/11 – and as Our Historic Black Ruler phones the jews at the IRS, commanding immediate persecution of Americans who hate surrendering Taxe$ to Dagon.

It’s a tuffjob guarding Ruling Royalty, protecting them from……. The Little People – the scum of a degenerate Murka…

At least real Roman Praetorians had the good sense to knife a scumbag once in a while.


5 Comments to “Ryu’s HEROCops!™ ~ The bestofthebest!!!”

  1. From LN oligarchy to Murkan anarchy — seems like what’s in store for us in the near future, but don’t expect NRA Joe Boomer and his GenBrandon to game people with guns. More like drunken revelry, and then getting arrested!

  2. That Clancy, is an obfuscating cunt.

    • Yes he is. I have tried to develop an interest in his writing. But Tommy is completely pro-Murka. He’s a true believer.

      [everybody who lives in a mansion behind walls guarded by cannonfodder clodhoppers is promurka…]

      • Ryu…

        Yes, but being pro-MRKA is is still less clichè than being anti-MRKA…

        Being anti-MRKA is literally as clichè as gets AND when one ACCEPTS that not a single global regime is truly white Supremacist, ie., ALL are anti-white Supremacy, then the anti-MRKN stance takes on an even more incredulous clichèness. In fact, when one pushes through all the psychological hijinks, one realizes he is ultimately anti-MRKN NOT because he a white Supremacist, BUT BECAUSE he wishes to stand tallest amongst a global mass of anti-white Supremacy and this means opposing MRKA as their illusionary “land of white supremacy.”

      • I agree, TD.

        America really does not matter. It’s just a cautionary tale. I try to use it to teach how to stand on one’s own, and think for oneself. I can be anti- or pro- Murkan, depending upon the case.

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