Paris Pig Slaughter~fest!

by Firepower

Fallen For Thordaddy’s Rock Hard Philosophy…

Le Infame du Merde!!!

Your typical effete Britti fagpaper somberly announces: “Paris attacks put dagger through heart of liberal Europe!”

Firepower says: Good. And ha-fucking-haha.

I have long wanted to put a dagger through it. A rusty dagger of deserving death – but not as deserving as Murka. I don’t give a fuck for eurofags who mismanage a continent after Big Band Swingtime Morons from Dubuque died for them in ’44. Fuck ’em all.

Likely, there will be thousands of dumb white cannonfodder clodhoppers lining up to enlist for France from all that …..…..Weepy McWeepster hack shit I saw on Sunday’s NFL Niggaball ceremonies. Fuck them too.

Les Outrageuses!∀!

But, an Orlando Muslim family claims it was targeted by gunfire…which was done certainly not by emasclated white HipsterBrandon, but some tat-faced Latin or pissed-off colored ready to kill everybody. Wites don’t have the balls anymore and the ones who do are too fucking old to act on it.

Pictures of the mooing cattle show them as mainly effete wite hipsters, octaroons and miscegenating wite females. Good riddance.

A good before n’ afta pix shows these SupaTuff MetalMilishaManiax crying with their Taily McTails between their legs, shepherded by useless Parisian SWATZIs who couldn’t stop Hitler Youth.

Le Sacre Bleu!!!

Meanwhile In Murka, White-hating colored racist Spike Lee warns witey The REAL Day of The Rope Cometh here in the same way…

Les beaux artes from the phony-tough  metalfaggot band artistes included songs Kiss The Devil!, Suckin’ Fer Satan and Useless Cock of Christ.

Let’s hope they have their well-deserved chance kiss the Devil and perhaps, suck a creamy load from Allah’s dickhole.

Before AND…

je sweeeeee charleeeeeeeeeeeee! wahahahaawaaaaaaaaah!!!

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62 Comments to “Paris Pig Slaughter~fest!”

  1. A better after picture is this (graphic). Death metal indeed!

    [ed note: Led Zeppelin, Down On The Killing Floor]

    • That crime scene looks weird to me. It’s really clean. There should be ALOT more blood.

      • They probably swept in sand material to cover a lot of it. This is what it seems!

      • Look at the people JS. Real close.

        There’s no blood on most of the clothes. There should be a big pool of it. The human body is like a big bag of blood. There should be liters of blood from each body.

        A real crime scene looks like this:

      • Ryu: Right now, I’m just watching if terrors hits NYC again, my hometown. I was there when 9-11 happened. I barely woke up and heard screams from the rooftops shortly. Take it as a grain of salt!

      • Do you think WN has underestimated Central and South America, in terms of how they view whites JS?

        They have a pro-white, anti-negro culture. Maybe we’d have a chance there.

      • As of now, WNs are pretty much tame, given the eradication program of nigs by SPICs, in our own country.

  2. “Your typical effete Britti fagpaper somberly announces: “Paris attacks put dagger through heart of liberal Europe!” – Dream on son. There’s no chance of this. The people who were killed, were of no consequence. The only problem is, the ones left alive can vote. Hence the current fireworks display in Syria.
    Cynical? – No. If the Euro elite were that bothered, they’d stop inviting these sand nigger cunts in.

    This article is merely Liberal preemptive whining. He’s taken some time off from pulling on his knob to type an article.

  3. No speed bump for insanity: “French President Francois Hollande says that despite events Paris that killed more than 120 people life must go on and that his nation will still accept 30,000 Syrian refugees.”

    Britain is now even flying so called refugees in, mere days after Paris:

    “The group of 100 is the first in a total of 20,000 Syrians who the government committed to house until 2020. The Syrians flew into Glasgow Airport yesterday and are expected to be resettled by local authorities across Scotland.”

    A nice present and thank you for staying in the union.
    [ed note: fuck scotland. you lie down with dogs, you get muzzfleas]

    I guess it’s not enough that every 5 minutes a white woman is raped in Europe.
    [rinse n’ repeat repeat repeatrepeat]

    You are getting your share over in the US as well: “Going against the sentiment expressed by her governor, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Blake says she will welcome Syrian refugees to her city.”
    (who also said during the black riots “We must give protesters space to destroy”.)

    Baltimore has already the highest homicide rate per capita in country
    what could possibly go wrong by adding 10k muslims into the mix!

    • Separation, eradication or annihilation… This is true dark triad of our times.

    • It goes to show that propaganda/education only counts for so much. The information is there. The horse doesn’t want to drink.

    • The Scottish crave cultural enrichment – seriously!
      The Scottish Nationalists, the ruling party, are always whining about British xenophobia. This is because they lack the hostile ans insanitary ghettos of the Muzz that their British counterparts have. If disgusting street apes did not exist then these new lefties would have to create them. Such is the perversion of their thinking.

      This is merely a welcome bounty of scum that the Brits are bestowing on the grateful Scots idealists. To refuse them would be easy. The British government would do anything to avoid antagonising the hostile Scottish government.

      • Colin

        This is merely a welcome bounty of scum that the Brits are bestowing on the grateful Scots idealists.

        This is what happens when you turn a clan of Haggis-eating Bravehearts into dainty shortbread-eating Bonnie Prince Charlies: The British successfully pacified an enemy with luxury until they totally corrupted them.

        The MMM also does this today with coloreds, Miggers – and NRA Whites.

      • Nah FP. These Scots have no one to blame but themselves. They’ve always punched high on the liberal scale. Tony fucking Blair is Scottish, though you could never tell from his accent, The Blair’s of Blair Athol dontchano.
        Though indeed, when the masses realise the plague their elite has poxed them with. Then will be the time they blame the Brits.
        Because as well as Liberal faggotry, they also do hypocrisy and whining so fucking well.

        [ed note: iihc, even he Welsh willingly let The Royals dump Muzz in their lands. the only Athol I know is Athol Kay, and he’s pussy-whipped n’ proud] 🙂

  4. At least the priorities are clear, French soldiers with FNC-80 rifles guarding tribesmen
    that’s the gun Al Pacino used in the movie HEAT, so they really mean business!

    There is of course NOT ONE soldier in front of one Christian church.

  5. And in todays Saint-Denis raid the French police fired 5000 bullets!
    For a mere 2 dead, 8 arrested, that’s 2500 bullets per person…

    It’s a miracle they didn’t burn down the whole block like in Waco.

    • Indeed I read reports, that the woman with the bomb belt did the hard work for them. Killing herself and two of her m80’s.
      That’s why the authorities have been slow in coming forward in announcing the death of the terrorist “mastermind”. Seemingly, her two mates are a bit of a crispy jig saw puzzle.

    • 2guest

      in todays Saint-Denis raid the French police fired 5000 bullets!
      For a mere 2 dead

      You see the leader, Murka, display this in nose-camera videos of bombs swooping down on Bagdhadi Terrorists and Restrepo*-ish Fire Fights where BrandonJORDIES expend tons of bullets to kill…Pat Tillman.

      The WIMPYWest equates the Hollywood mentality that mega-‘splosions = results. They foolishly think noise is action…against foes with $10 AK-47s and bombs in discarded pop cans. It costs Mega-BILLION$ to station Jordies that guard against raghead goatfarmers. 9/11 cost peanuts compared to toppling the towers.

      Terror on a Shoestring: Paris Attacks Likely Cost $10,000 or Less

      It is a PlayStation mentality for XBox idiots and it fits.

      It is a true indicator of a depleted nation: Valuing empty symbolism over actual results.
      This also infects the mrm and wn.


      • The whole French response is a fireworks display. They bomb empty buildings, and show those black and white pictures with crosses and explosions, on telly, to impress the plebs.
        Someone fucked up on the telly today, showing the French bombing these empty buildings and then showing the Russians hitting a massive convoy of oil tankers. A sand nigger barbie, (thank you Vlad)
        The Western rules of engagement have changed, from destabilse the Assad regime to destabilise the Assad regime and take some television of blowing up buildings, to assuage French plebian hostility to the West’s conspiracy and foolishness.

    • Wow! Where’s they put all those bullets? The sky? Man they must have saved up the urge for a long time.

  6. Je Suis Charlee!

    • That’s what happens when you get niggers to do the mopping up.

      • I’ve seen some of the news clips regarding the killing of the terrorists in the Paris suburbs.

        They interviewed a bunch of “much ado about nothin” frenchie nigs and asked them how they felt of the massacre. Scared shitless, and with their usual grumpy faces like most nigs who complain about wheatie racism.

        France and Germoney, are following the UK and the USA, to the path of multicult suicide!!!

    • What are we supposed to see in this picture, FP? I’m unimpressed.

      • I think I’ve already got PTSD. It is the correct POV, just like what the SPs have.

        Order and civilization are rare and fleeting. Life is violence and killing, which can strike at any second. In most of the world, dead bodies in the streets are not shocking.

        The problem is, soldiers learn how to survive war. But they can’t do that – and – live in modern USA at the same time. One is about reality, the other is fantasy.

      • the worst thing about pix is they don’t cover the stink of death. the shit and blood smell. blood is acrid.

      • Ryu: Paris is similar to NYC and London: The bastions of Western Elitism with its phony pomposity via cafe culture, its petty colored subjects, and are the ONLY SERIOUS TARGETS for Islamic Jihadism.

        This is why I hate Paris and the Parisians. It is French as much as NYC is to WNs.

        But the Paris Massacre is really about the French Speaking Belgians and their rivals the Dutch speakers. As a result, Belgium has an apathetic law enforcement system due to its local politics which then attract criminals of all sorts and is a breeding ground for terrorists. The Dutch speakers are secretly happy that the French folks in that city have failed miserably in their security measures and have allowed the attack to happen. It’s like NRA wheaties in Middle Murka could care less if some Jew or LN dies in NYC during 9-11 when muzzies were knocking down the towers, because their intelligence have failed. Better yet, as if GI Joe Gleeny could give a rat’s ass about the NYPD and their failings, when he was alive.

      • Interesting. But the Dutch are much the same, JS. They’ve let in tons of Muzz and blacks too. All these Euro countries are the same.

      • Yes, Ryu, all the same, with the UK, France and Germany being on the full suicidal process of their people, history and culture.

        Some guy on the Alt-Right said nig wombers (those who fuck wheatie sluts) are more of a threat to White existence than Muzzie bombers. I would agree with him, given the fact that blacks are more of an immediate threat. But then, who are the ones oblivious to their threats.

        [ed note; sheeeet. i told you that long ago in: Murkans worry more about Muzz 10,000 miles away than Miggers 1 mile away – and coloreds one block away…]

      • I found a funny story on Canada, JS. They are planning on fighting ISIS by flying in 900 Syrians per day. Brilliant!

        I luv your defense minister, who is a Turban-headed Dot.

      • Montreal already has a lot of muzzies from that part of the world. They’re lot cooler than our do nothin miggers, who are just bunch of welfare fucks, with nothing to offer, besides the usual hate rhetoric and excuses. I suggest you learn more about Islam, both the right and dark side of the religion.

  7. Elsewhere I read Hollande is a bit miffed with King Kong. There was the cancellation of sales of the two war ships to Russia, just as they were adding the bar fittings. Reneging on a contract – not France’s finest hour
    The notion that while Barry’s m80’s destabilise Syria in a long war of attrition, Europe takes the refugees, and half of Africa, seems to have got to be a bit to much for him. Maybe Hollande has some nads – who knows?

    Seemingly, he’s going seeing Barry next week for a chat before flying to Russia for a meeting with Vlad the lad.

    Is he going to finally tell your thick nigger prez to fuck off I wonder? I hope so but either way, its going to be mildly amusing.

    • But isn’t this just the thing… These events on high that rain down collateral damage on the super-majority of “white” liberationists NONETHELESS has each and everyone one then dusty off and donning a skirt and pom poms to rah rah for one detestable side versus another disgusting side… But NOW it becomes all too cliché for “us” to “sit” around in the virtual world pointing out the oh-so obvious reality of “white” self-annihilation as global phenomenon. If the prognosis is not reversable then one must think “remnants.” And all “remnants” are perpetuated via the human intellect. So perhaps “we” elevate to testify… Declare our desire to perpetuate remnants of genuine white Supremacy in an epic of “white” self-annihilation. “Genocide” has ALWAYS BEEN the battle cry of the self-annihilator!

      • Yes but it provides light entertainment – in fairness.
        You could also make the point, that it is instructive and beneficial, inasmuch as understanding the liberal elites and predicting their actions serves a potentially useful purpose.

      • Colin

        as understanding the liberal elites and predicting their actions serves a potentially useful purpose.

        Practical knowledge of the FFOL/LN only goes so far; its utility is limited when most conserva-wites prefer xbox and do not care.

      • Colin…

        Because I “see” “white” self-annihilation as highly infectious then I’ve never taken it as light entertainment. The “preachers” are not dying… Only the adherents are dying… But even there, they are not dying IN TRUE CONFLICT, but dying in a symbiotic regression… A memetic infection obviously taking to a particular type of “white” HAS COLLATERAL EFFECT. The “alpha”-scam is feigned indifference. That’s the hordes’ second choice of delicacy after fear.

      • It’s the only show in town TD, however if taste tells you to avoid it, I can understand that. Some of us are more sensitive than others.

        You seem to have gone for the second option – the instructional. This is good as analysis of the behaviour of elites is strategically significant. It gives an edge to countering their propaganda. It can be used against them.

      • But that is the very mechanism of discernment of reality… A refined SENSE-itivity to phenomenon. An overabundance of stimulation to chaotic phenomenon is the manner in which a “default elite” EITHER drives one mad or psychologically freezes one in a state of uncertainty that he then defensively cloaks in a professed indifference. To be indifferent to a deadly infectious disease clearly at epidemic rates amongst our kind isn’t really the smart move.

  8. most conserva-wites prefer xbox and do not care

    Most important, NRA wheaties, don’t even know who their real enemies are. – “Let’s bomb the shit out of Iraq”.

    • Most important, NRA wheaties, don’t even know

      Which means: Most every political wing in Murka has now degraded
      To such an extent that none of them are worth “dying for.”
      The decay has progressed to such a level
      That it’s not even worth
      Writing about it
      Any More

      • NRA wheaties are more concerned with the fuzzy muzzy dickwad, miles away, peppering bullets into their fantasy sphere in the name of Islam, then the nigga next to them, who will knock them out and knock their daughters out, when they’re not looking.

        They are now more worried of the Syrian refugees from far away, coming into Murka, than the miggas amongst them, who will stab them in the back to the ground, when the opportunity arises.

      • It’s true.
        I’ve long said that.
        Fixing that ignorance is not even the issue anymore: There’s plenty of – too much, even – information to remedy Jordie’s Syndrome.

        Flagwaver’s Disease is seemingly incurable even with the mass of information now available online. The Right has been stupefied into idiocy the same as the Left.

      • FP, have you ever found an account of war by a 40-ish man who fights on the front line? Not a desk job guy.

        I’m tired of listening to 20 yo Jordies. I’d like to see a docu that covers a Jordie from civilian to recruitment to war to trying to find a job again. A 10 year study.

      • FP, have you ever found an account of war by a 40-ish man

        Not offhand, just past kids who were 40x mature as 2days Xbox Jordeez.
        You might have to go far back to the Civil War or even -gasp!- Israeli wars.

      • I think 20 yo is a little young to be totally disillusioned, FP. It takes quite a few years.

        An adult knows that even if he survives, he’s going back to the American workplace. From war to another type of war. And he’s still working for peanuts. From nobody to SuperHero back to nobody.

        I’ll check the jew-wars.

      • There is certainly a need to write Truth in this virtual whirlwind of lies and manufactured stunts.

        A first poignant truth…


        ALL are anti-white Supremacy…

        ALL ARE AGAINST the greatest of white men* being at the top of our civilization(s).

        * This is the fundamental ethos of both the masses and the “default elite” and all the sheep that merely tweet in between and it is also no claim, assertion, or demand that thordaddy be taken as one such white man… ALTHOUGH, being the greatest white Supremacist is pretty much all he thinks, trains, plots and writes about…

      • A great swath of “white” jordies were ALREADY psychologically broken BEFORE they ever stepped foot into the military and many believe they will walk out being more psychologically solidified. So there is ignorance going in and self-fulfilling prophecy coming out. Jihadist DEMAND eradication. It is not the eradication of jihadists with extreme prejudice that would be the problem. It is the surgical removal of “certain elements” with velvet gloves and the commensurate exaggerated effort needed for such delicacy AND THE INEVITABLE self-annihilation that follows such IRRATIONAL DISCRIMINATION that can drive a soldier mad… Insane. Prepared to be murderously indiscriminate.

        And then there is a soldier’s pocket narrative…

        I fight for my people’s freedom…

        This is the real BIG LIE that “white” jordie must tell himself over and over and over again to make it all seem right and normal. This is the BIG LIE, once revealed, that really sets the “white” jordie over the edge. The day he realizes he was a low-paid mercenary under a labyrinth of “rules of engagement” that cared nothing for his survival or ultimate success in annihilating OUR true enemies is that day of very painful awakening.

      • FP: Yes, it becomes incessant drivel to grieve that Murka is all idiocy, which it is, and the colored pandering, — but not colored eradication, is in full force.

        After this Paris incident, Uncle Beast will now employ a full contingent of White pigs to keep the Muzzy away, yet the immediate migga threat isn’t on their watch list. The multicult NYPD just expanded its force that includes colored cops that will exceed the wheaties ones, more than the number of casualties of 9-11 that were in the 2 fallen towers.

  9. It’s simple, NRA wheaties are posers and aren’t geniune to their convictions. Epic fail!

    Counter-Terrorism experts will tell you that depressed, diseased, lonely males in misery, die nobly in the name of Islam. They make themselves usefully for a cause.

    NRA wheaties with the same issues, get drunk and overdose and then DIE, without harming their migga enemies.

    [ed note: yes, and to understand still further, it must be determined WHY wite males – the most miserably depressed of all – won’t die for a cause. they’re more likely suicides.]

  10. Talking about hiring a mercenary colored force to protect GenBrandon from Islamic miggas!!!

  11. It is a little disingenuous to say Whites aren’t doing anything. A little research will reveal much. Put “White Supremacist” into google’s search engine and see what happens. Here’s a story to start you off.

    • Ms.Martin…

      You don’t “see” a PROBLEM in ALWAYS BEING “designated” a “white supremacist,” but never actually self-identifying as one BECAUSE such self-identification WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY FALSE. And yet, one’s silence is still complicity in the deception. Meaning, Jack Donovan, if he were honest, would say, “No… I am not a white man that believes in objective Supremacy… I am not a genuine white Supremacist… I am a homosexual pagan at war with anyone against a homosexual pagan.”

    • Coloreds off wites at a Vietnam bodycount rate and our boys burn one empty church in Bugtussle, VA – then, get caught. Victory is sweet.

      THIS is more pertinent:

      No arrests had been made by midnight Monday. Police said via their Twitter feed that they are searching for three white male suspects.
      Still, it’s likely an FFOL/Colored red herring, their typical feint and decoy to Blame Witey for Letalvis & DeVontae’s protest march/drug deal gone bad.

      Call it a Dr.David Duke-coy.

      btw, you failed to Alert Ryu his favorite, Crackjack Donovan is mentioned in the article…

      • Bad news.

        Burning down a church is a federal offense. Means the FBI gets the case. It’ll also be a media case.

        You’d better be ***GOOD*** to pull that off. I smelled an informant in that case, and I was right. Look here Maureen. Read this as – no evidence and all informants.

        Resources were requested from Prince William County Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to assist in the investigation. It was determined that the fire was deliberately set and a tip from a resident helped officers find a person of interest.

        Lt. Dave Cooper, Lt. Angel Tyson and Lt. Brad Miller, assisted by special agent Chad Campanell and special agent Paul Parisi, worked exhaustively to obtain information regarding the activities of their person of interest before, during, and after the fire.

        The person would not cooperate in interviews and eventually fled the Northern Virginia area.

        Undeterred, the investigators proceeded to coordinate a cohesive, multi-agency investigation with strategic input and guidance from Prince William County assistant commonwealth attorney Claiborne Richardson and Supervising Special Agent Steve Avato.

        The primary investigators, assisted by Det. Maria Cervantes, Det. Saemi Kitchens and Det. Jason Callahan, gathered information through interviews, court orders, search warrants, and other legal means in their persistent efforts to obtain the facts and circumstances surrounding this case.

        Throughout the course of this investigation, crime analyst Dawn Locke-Trillhause provided invaluable information regarding the person of interest and his known affiliates by continuously accessing her broad range of intelligence resources and submitting the results to the investigative team.

        Through relentless collective efforts by the investigators and detectives, sufficient evidence was developed to obtain a felony arrest warrant for the crime of arson just four-and-a-half months later. Investigators were now tasked with locating and apprehending the suspect.

        Through intensive intelligence, including the usage of informants, it was ascertained that the suspect intended to return to the Northern Virginia area.

        Covert surveillance was initiated and an arrest team was assembled. After close coordination, the suspect was arrested without incident and was charged with felony arson.

        After the arrest, time-sensitive search warrants were obtained and executed at various locations throughout the county.

        It was learned that the accused had an interest in an obscure ideology that potentially provided motivation to maliciously burn the church.

        Special agent Keith Palli and his colleagues, along with Tyson, performed extensive research on this ideology that led to a complicated affidavit for search warrants with the assistance of Claiborne.

        The magistrate authorized three search warrants, which were immediately executed.

        Palli also served as a contributing member and liaison for the FBI, attended key case briefings, assisted with the execution of a search warrant and assisted with critical witness interviews.

        Kitchens, the case agent for the police criminal investigation, obtained and executed search warrants for the suspect’s residence and DNA. Kitchens also obtained felony arrest warrants on behalf of the Prince William County Police Department.

        As a result of collaborative and persistent efforts by investigators and detectives, a compelling circumstantial case was constructed, which led to the accused, Maurice Thompson Michaely of Haymarket, entering a guilty plea in Prince William County Circuit Court.

        Serving as lead prosecutor for the case, Richardson did an exceptional job of representing the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and protecting the citizens of Prince William County.
        Investigators and detectives had to overcome many challenges to bring this case to a conclusion. Due to the destructive nature of fire, there was a limited amount of physical evidence recovered from the scene that connected the perpetrator to the crime.

      • Ryu

        You’d better be ***GOOD*** to pull that off. I smelled an informant in that case, and I was right.

        wite boys gotta be pretty fucking stoopid to get caught – with only two participants…

    • Ms. Martin…

      The default assumption is manufactured event perpetrated to maximize the autonomy of a “default elite” ALWAYS AND FOREVER at the expense of “white supremacy.” In practical terms, it is MERELY “greater” liberal annihilating lesser liberal “with justification,” ie., with the advance of radical autonomy always the final outcome.

      • TD: Correct. It’s all directed at the top dog White man, being the oppressor, but in reality, liberal self annihilators take his mythical role and blame problems on him. Essentially, jealously breeds resentment and destruction.

  12. Owe and when you do your search, click on “news” rather than web to find the latest news stories.

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