Rick “The DICK” ~ Lurvs Firepower!

by Firepower

No less than the Durbb destroyin’ mega-machine of DEATH – Ms. Rich Lowry – again copies me. RL Eradica!!!

Tell me this preppie cocksucker does not have his office flunkies glean the interwebz for fresh ideas to replenish his empty soul – like some ancient Dracula needing blogblood.

The 19th-century author William Dean Howells once said, “what the American public wants is a tragedy with a happy ending.”

Way back then, wise Men could accurately forecast Murka.

But what Destroyer of Derrbb won’t admit is: He’s just ‘upset’ ISISIS may interrupt his Xmas shoppin’ for $19 cupcakes on 5th Avenue.

L is the angry SWPL He doesn’t care if Queen Killary reigns for the next 40 years, so long as YOU populate your white meat sack in The Buffer Zone between him and the coloreds who want you all dead.

Next, faggotboi DEMANDS “something be done!” – and urges wite hillbilly teens to fill the ranks of the Iranian Expeditionary Force under whatever Imperial Democrat Emperor reigns in The White House of Death.


7 Comments to “Rick “The DICK” ~ Lurvs Firepower!”

  1. That face needs “murdered” by the fat fingers of his granny’s greasy cheek-grabbin’ paws.

  2. That article was strange, FP. It feels like more than one person wrote it or went into it. Hashtag heroics sounds like something you’d say.

    Do big-time writers have ghost writers? I know a lot of celebrity autobiographies are ghostwritten.

    • I’m sure they have some “thing” similar to a ghostwriter but going by a different name to assuage their ego.

      Must be some sort of flunky/intern/slave/gopher they abuse to ostensibly “teach them the biz” and thereby take longer lunches in the Executive Fuck Chamber.
      They must have internet slaves – pissboys – tho researches new ideas to steal.
      There is no such thing as coincidence when money, fame and power are involved.
      It’s one of the constants.

      • I like that phrase of yours “vampires looking for blood.” But this is SOP in the USA today.

        Superiors get credit for their inferiors’ work. All the big-timers like Obama or Trump have virtual ARMIES of slaves to tap for ideas. Then they collect the credit.

        Why do you take it personal?

        I briefly studied the lives of “interns” for celebrities and Hollywood types. They live as slaves. It ain’t 40 hour a week job. They have to do any job they are ordered. Yet – they still get a lot of ego-boost out of it. Prestige maybe.

      • It’s personal bc:
        Elites thieving from me – either ConserVagina or LN – are what Revolution is made of.

      • There is no reason lament the variant roles to which people partake… Only hate them if they steal your freedom with their deception.

      • I can dig that ^^^!!!

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