Paris Metal Faggot Deathclub

by Firepower

Metal is pretend violence. In fact, it’s worse than that: Metal is mistakenly portrayed as violence projected outward, but it is not: it is violence directed inward – toward the self. It is not sadistic, but masochistic.

Death metal is preposterous, a ridiculous caricature for whitekidz slumming on Saturday night in downtown urban “club” areas – so some ‘real man’ Black Buck NFL type doesn’t rape their turdcutter in their prison fantasies. Metal is a twisted religion for secular sub-cultures where the practicing of its religion is the same as going to Roman Pope Church and hoping Jebus gives you cash for going to work and paying your taxes.

Metal exists only to …..…… symbolically assert its wimpy~wite fans are not sissyfags. Rap is authentic violent music. Muzz are authentically violent clear across the board. Rap is hate-kill directed toward Whitey and The Man, and Muzz kill the khristfuck out of Westerners.

Only Israelis combat them with similar violence; that is why Murkan/New York jews hate them. Today’s puzzlement of whyeeeeeeeee do jewjews ally with those damn Muzz?!? does not puzzle me: It’s the same attitude jews had for Germans in pre-World War Two. It’s a Jew Thing you see manifested in countless contradictory PC episodes like WiteKidz marching with Ferguson/Mizzou coloreds who want to destroy White People. Jews are a minority and this their survival strategy. It makes sense for them, but it is why you find it bizarre when wites do it. Wites are a majority. It’s like seeing a Lion eating cabbage.

Rap and Muzz direct their authentic violence against actual enemies. Wimpy witeboi metalfags direct the violence toward themselves… because it’s safe: No authority will arrest them for harming themselves but The Man will if they pick up a gun and target coloreds, Miggers and Muzz. So, witebois tweeeeeeeeeet while colored boys burn shit down. Weepy wails of je suis charleeeeeeeeeeeeee! echo like bleats of baby seals slaughtered by manly, Killer Muzz Hunters.

Whites, whites and wites have lost the will to fight. The Will to Kill. They are domesticated poodle pets content to sit in front of the fridge.

Muzz would not, of course, attack colored rappaz; they get too many jihadi combatants from Afrika.
White metal-meathead ‘nationalists’ are a good target, but not as luscious as a jew-holocaustic cryfest or elite Mozart concert.
isisisis fucked up.

Indeed, as I’ve long believed, metalfaggots are cousins to VRW/PeterPanzers who feign violence and prefer it as merely a grotesque symbolic act accompanied to ‘music’; they’re wusses. Those who dig that Grande Guignol* are the greatest of sissies. LIUFY.  It’s been around a long time. It’s not new. Nor is “the cathedral” and all its lame grecycled*, renaming variants who play the Hasbro Let’s Re-Name IT Game!™ to pretend and “hope” by merely giving it a new name they create some new magic incantation – a new abracadabra word that casts a magic spell eradicating the threat without any ugly blood. They are not fighters, they are labelmakers. Users of such terminology are themselves, guilty collaborators in The War of the Wimp. The Men’s Rights non-Movement is a perfect example of a group that’d rather tweeeeeeeet than fight.

They’re the bigmouth demonstrative braggarts always displaying how tuff they are. Males who do that are true bitches. A leather biker jacket doesn’t make you tough. You have to do more than talk the talk – you must walk The Walk.

Metal is swpl. Metal is just one manifestation of the self-imposed helplessness of wites.


Paris Pig Slaughter~fest!
Reader Mail: US Jews, Israel & US Wars

71 Comments to “Paris Metal Faggot Deathclub”

  1. >A leather biker jacket doesn’t make you tough.

    Which reminds how the toughest guy i know is someone wearing pooh the bear t-shirts (because he truly doesn’t give a shit) works at the lumber yard and looks like Larry the Cable guy (they should cast him in a superhero movie), if you ever see an adult wearing a Disney sweater you better start running, that’s retard strength ahead.

    >Metal is just one manifestation of the self-imposed helplessness of wites.
    So no wonder it’s most popular, even mainstream, particularly in Scandinavian countries.

    Tho you are too harsh on metal, just like ryu is on El Rushbo.

    Metal is at-least true native white music, it came from England even!
    And it’s a nod in the RIGHT direction, european wn and heavy music are joined at the hip.
    I have yet to see one colored person at a rock festival, it’s all Whites, Japanese or South Americans.
    (for example, Iron Maiden toured the world several times over, yet played only two times ever in Africa)
    People listening to metal and going to rock festivals sure beats whiggers who are into mud-hut noises.

    Around 1980 there were hundreds of Metallica like bands in the kingdom, or rather Metallica is like them, it’s drummer (Lars) is from Denmark and had British records, where Metallica actually stole riffs for it’s most popular songs from.

    And to play me out, some Rammstein, east German metal:
    We’re all living in America, America, ist wunderbar…

    The band faced repeated accusations of fascist sympathies because of the dark and sometimes militaristic imagery of their videos and concerts. They have the craziest live shows ever, people even had to be sprayed with flame retardant beforehand.

    • If you’ve ever seen that infamous Metallica mea culpa docuwankfest, you’d see they are total pussies.

      Metal has a relation to true White Music in that it does indeed come from England via the British Invasion. Bands like The Who, Beatles, Stones and Led Zep indeed pioneered the way, but remember: These groupie-banging hedonists are rooted in American black Blues like Robert Johnson, Bo Diddley and – Keith Richards’ fave – Chuck Berry.

      Broadway Standards are jew music: Irving Berlin and the Gershwins et al.
      Cole Porter is a WASP, but he was a homo.

      You’ll find real White American music in there somewhere after sifting through all the MINOs, but it really is Country Western/Appalachian music like The Carter Family where true White Music originates.

      And that, is another long dead branch of buried White Culture.

      • Speaking of country, March 26, 2015

        “MSNBC apologized after a guest said ‘nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music’. senior editor Jamilah Lemieux (of course a dindu) made the comment in regards to presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks on “CBS This Morning” that he switched from rock to country music after 9/11.

        Cruz said country music’s response to the tragedy resonated with him more so than other genres.”

        Now that’s a compliment!

        They should have a country western music benefit for Paris and watch moonbats spin out of control.

        Like when i tell people my favorite comedian is Larry the Cable guy, the reactions are priceless.
        (although he really is underrated, I’m only half joking, people don’t know it’s a character & act)

      • An interesting article from Rooshi, FP. He demands resistance.

        “If I was an angry French or German man at this moment, I know what I would do:
        •I would find a small town in my country with good strategic defense that has had refugees dumped within it.
        •I would open a line of communication with a sympathetic government like Russia for possible military support.
        •I would find at least 30 men with arms who believe that their nation is worth dying for.
        •I would invade the town, kick out the invaders, and defend my position against the local police while prolonging the standoff as long as possible for maximum media effect.”

        [ed note: O that rooshi! he’s so full of shit. when you made statements like that, he banned you]

      • It’s human nature, FP. People are not logically consistant. Cops and soldiers do it too. I understand it.

        I don’t know if he can pull it off. It’s self-annihilating. He too, is a Muzz in Europe. He must also go away.

  2. My corrective action for this issue, is that Metal should be a means to inspiring “Warrior Excellence” rather than an end in itself. I still enjoy listening to “battle music” for this very reason. Same with practicing MMA, weight training, or BJJ, they are means to a higher ideal. However, we should consider that the muzz who perpetrated the attacks probably weren’t much concerned with listening to Metal nor did they know their 1-rep max bench press. When your focus is on destroying your enemies, you get directly to the point.

  3. We HAD real white power music, and warriors to fight. They’re called skinheads and neonazis.

    Most WNs find them too brutish, whatever that means. I’ve always supported them. To be frank, most WN are not ready to win.

    • Ryu: ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and just any Islamic extremism in general, based their ideas on Wahhabism, from a Muslim intellectual, by the name of Ibn Wahhab in Saudi Arabia in the 18th century, who hated Muslim elites who enjoyed luxury and decadence, and pretended to be good muslims (similar to our LNs in the Murka, who pretend to be righteous with their downtrodden ideologies, but in reality they’re wealthy hypocrites). His teaching goes back to a Muslim intellectual by the name of Ibn Taymiyyah, who lived through the era when the Mongols destroyed the capital of the Islamic empire. I think he based his warrior and extremist ideals by observing the Mongols. The Mongols were ruthless when it came to eradicating Muslims they didn’t like. Also, the Mongols had similar ideals of the fighting types. They disliked trendy urban culture, which softens the individual. As you should know, the Mongols are the opposite of their soft, luxuriate cousins, the gookers.

      • Ah, that’s where you learned it from. The Muzz learned from the Mongols. The Spaniards learned from the Muzz. And so, WNs will learn it from the minos.

      • Yes, and regards to the Spanish, some Euro Nationalists-Purists don’t consider Spaniards to be truly Euro, because of their migga background (the mixing of Jews and Muzzies in their ancestry). Yet, Spain has demonstrated WN to the fullest than any other Euro nation.

      • The Mongols are a great example. They didn’t need to be constantly reassured by racial metrics of historical and cultural superiority, iq, or the other myriad variables that “wites” need in order to build their self-esteem up. Nor did they need beautifully crafted essays to gain recognition from their enemies. They measured their success by conquest. I believe a conqueror’s mentality is what is needed.

      • 2political animal

        The Mongols are a great example. They didn’t need to be constantly reassured by racial metrics of historical and cultural superiority

        Precisely. They simply were – and eradicated all they chose.

      • Speaking of wahablis JS – ISIS say the first European country they want to capture is Spain. They refer to it as Al Andalusa or something.

      • Also, before the Mongols’ bloodshed and their eradication of Muzzies, historians are very fascinated and are still puzzled about the fact that a few half naked, rag tagged, sand niggas with towels on their heads, were able to defeat the powerful Byzantines and the Persian Empire. Ultimately, these men took over Spain, parts of India and made their way into the fringes of China, conquering a large swathe of territory spanning from East to West in the Old World.

        [ed note: it’s true: it matters not how many intellectual speeches or books a race has, but how they act. wites forgot this. the world belongs to violent Men of action. thus, if MetalFags actually did stuff, they’d have my full support even with IQs of 50…]

    • The obvious flaw is that their REAL conception of “white Supremacy” is not white Supremacy, but white degeneracy. Thus, a Jew’s “best friend” is spawned and CULTivated.

  4. I hope the “wities” following Roosh realize that it is getting pretty pathetic when a muzz has to tell you how to stand up for yourself.

  5. Death metal is horrible, chaotic psychological stimulation meant to “race the blood” and paralyze the soul to create a savage desire to unleash. But with no real RHYME OR REASON to this SELF-INFLICTED torture, its adherents justify with fevered imaginations… A world out to stomp out their lack of desire to be on top. It makes no sense just as Death Metal makes no sense.

  6. Perhaps the ISIS is whispering in our ears that they want us to take arms.

    But of course, coloreds in Murka are the foremost problem. And they won’t become cannon fodder for the muzzy, it’s the gullible jordies who will fight. LN wheatie elitey secret wants conflict, because of this: Their kids walk scotch free and their bank accounts fattened from the war profits, less competition for status from lesser whites…etc.

    Osama al-Qaeda has preached a reconquest of Spain, before his death and the formation of ISIS. It’s nothing new. In the 16th century, Muzzies wanted to ally themselves with the Anglos to reconquer Spain. They were bold enough to believe that they could conquer the New World and convert the natives to Islam. Spain beat them to the punch.

    • FP thinks dullenials are soft, and this has become an universal application, which has some truth. But on the other spectrum, they appear the most ruthless, unpredictable and efficient generation when one observes ISIS. But of course, it not GenBrandon whom we’re talking about.

      I once spoke to a millennial and he secretly harbors a desire for destruction of his co-peers. There are too many of them, who compete for whatever scraps left by the previous generations, at every facet of life.

    • If the memetic software was in the very food we eat, air we breathe and water we drink AND “it” was at these various places on the consent of a “default elite” then the flow of hardware MEANT to assimilate this memetic software through virtual osmosis puts the big players in the game of the Law of Big Numbers.

      If one is intent on wildly lopping off heads with rusty hacksaws, murder-sodomizing young females or smashing baby skulls THEN YOU ARE DEMANDING ANNIHILATION from those with methodical righteousness at their core.

      It’s a bloody chess match.

      • Just as Stormcunts fail to see that LNs are the source of the problem, Western Civilization’s self annihilating behavior has been ignored by everyone, including those “smart”alt-right-o-sphere, who blames Islam for the problems of Europe, — yet Eurots are self annihilating pleasure fest fucks like their Murkan chumps, who deserved to be eradicated, and Islamic self annihilating, terrorism is just speeding that process for them.

  7. I usually agree with you on most stuff. I also agree that whites would rather tweet than fight. But you are 100% wrong about metal. Folk Metal is The most pure white form of white entertainment around. It is the last and only outlet for white males to have a positive masculine role-model. In fact some PC college professor is actually complaining specifically about folk metal because it idealizes Europeans and European culture. Would you rather white people only listen to music made by killers? If so, please educate me, because I’m not aware of any (other than a few Black Metal musicians).

    • 2Teutonic Antagonist

      I usually agree with you on most stuff.

      First I heard about it: You’ve never commented here before so that ain’t worth shit. Grateful 4ur support…

      I can see You’ll vanish here at Eradica as fast as your reasoning.

      Nobody listens to deaf metal and even fewer dreggy losers pick “Folk Metal” – then, 97% of the population don’t even know wtf it is so…quit using the exception to prove the rule: It only proves me correct.

      Emporer, Mayhem, and Gorgoroth are not worth my time to google. They are even more insignificant than Eagles of Death Hotel Califarnia.

      Pretending that thrashy~trashy Wiking Muzik will beget some New RahowaRevolution by plinking out the Magic Note and “uniting the aryans” is just about the goofiest shit I’ve heard this week:

      You, are Pure VRW. Your name betrays you.
      Vikings Riding Wolves

  8. Also, Eagles of Death Metal is just the name of the band, not the style they play. They are not even a metal band, let alone a death metal band. Try to at least know what you are talking about before making a ridiculous post.

    Google Emporer, Mayhem, and Gorgoroth to find out about a few real metal bands that don’t shy away from violence.

    • Gaahl has admitted himself that Black Metal is followed by individuals who are not very masculine at all. However, there is a group trying to change that image.

      • Gaahl has admitted himself

        Truly? What did Rjollfsngir decide?

        Honestly, the Fake Vikey McViking names have got to go.
        They are a crutch.

        I’m aware of ‘fake it till ya make it’
        At some point, they got to make it.

        Millennials turn it all into one perpetual fake.

        I tolerate (if that’s not too harshaword) Ryu’s name bc that’s his long-past PUA name and back then, he didn’t know better; he has so much value, he is granted an exception.

        Thordaddy evades mockery bc he’s never iirc preached the “our sacred Aryan ancestry of Volddsmjrr, King of Wotanlandia must be restored!” crap.

        Those fantasists who expend time to patronize “vikings of dead metal” bands then get slaughtered by those with real agendas – and guns – amuse me. Our misguided new Aryan Lad commenter may grow to maturity and understand big folks do not need to understand every iota of history for some obscure shitband full of headbanger morons to reach a conclusion determining they – and their goofy audience – deserve death at the hand of those who take action on their beliefs.

        Simply put, VRW is a glittery make-believe world where lazy dreamers excuse themselves from reality – from ugliness and dirty work. A happy pretend world where they are in control and all Ferguson Black Lives Matter Trayvonites will be erased simply with a command.

        You know, like PlayStation.

      • Ha ha, FP. *You* need a more badass name. Maybe like BloodHammer or DeathLord.

      • Do not forgot that “thor” is a middle name… “Daddy” is a job of mine and “thordaddy” is a ten year old handle once used to simply write anonymously… Paganism and death metal are of no relation to me and represent particular degeneracies in need of their own psychological eradication.

        [ed note: perhaps ’twas your parents with the Nordic/Aryan thing? CuntoBar and Eradican both shared the middle name “Dribbledick” and I found no sound reason for either to use it despite its veracity – lest they be mocked, of course…]

      • Lol…

        IRL though, I’ve come to realize that those who would mock me were in fact self-annihilators taking deadly risk. Call it the “nigger” inside me. But then again, I’m just a good ole boy that just relishes in the thought of any man thinking of his own bare hands can take me

      • Lol…

        IRL though, I’ve come to realize that those who would mock me were in fact self-annihilators taking deadly risk. Call it the “nigger” inside me. But then again, I’m just a good ole boy that just relishes in the thought of any man thinking of his own bare hands that can take me permanently down.

        [Yes. i am positive all your multitudinous adversarial opponents are… SA]

      • Pool side + John Travolta = Stayin’ Alive…

  9. By the way, FP, what music do YOU listen to? Are they strong white men who are violent criminals? Didn’t think so .

    • Why is that important? At the moment, wheaties are generally Mr. Softees.

      A well known Muzzy Historian of the past tells you that men become soft and degenerate through pleasure and luxuriating. They then outsource dirty work and hire mercenaries from the barbarians. The barbarians then overtake and eradicate their their more civilized yet lazy masters. Sounds like FP and his rhetoric about coloreds overtaking wheatie – Murka and any liberal cesspool that one can think of…

      The only problem is that dumb nigs and spics aren’t like the goths, turks, huns or arabs, which means no more civilization when these animals run Murka.

    • Teutonic Antagonist

      By the way, FP, what music do YOU listen to?

      Classical, big band, Broadway, 50s do-whop, 60s acid metal, Disco, Hair Bands and grunge. all of the music made by Whites – all but emo.

      If you believe violence equates Great Political Music, nigger rap is your best bet.

      Try, son, making your very first comments on a site little baby-steps of politeness and leave The Initial Visit to strangers’ houses where you piss on the carpet and call the host an idiot for IRL occasions where he knocks you the fuck out and tosses you on the front lawn…

  10. You will think I’m NiggerSpikking but there’s always a Jew in the woodpile with these popular (ie. well promoted) bands. Lead singer of Metallica’s mother was Jewish.
    Steve Harris, bassist for Iron Maiden has a Jewish father.

    “We” have a taste for this perversion some call music. Jew music rewires our brains…it shouldn’t surprise us at all that our evolutionary competitors want us weak. Just scan this stuff if you want. I think many of you will be surprised at all the Jews represented. Not to mention all the Jew record producers.

    [ed note: indeed, the business end of music that is not a public stage is mostly jew. think “Brian Epstein”]

  11. A simple 50s/60s love song is more “brutal”, more this life affirming than black/death metal.

    Metal is for pathetic virgin males; and keeps them isolated and virginal. At least rap takes this world as it is. At least rap inspires nigs to war, even if the battlefield is one block in the ghetto. Metal causes withdrawal from the public spaces, defeat.

    [ed note: well said. and i still predict mr. teutonix will skulk back to StormCunt and Niggerspickike his life away…]

    • Do not be tricked into elevating rap because one has a personally unprincipled distaste for death metal. Both are putrid forms of paralyzing stimulation… A lot of rap has WHITE MALES being pseudo-sodomized by their “female” friends… Dropping to floor like a ghetto skank… And emulating the degenerate “black” male/angry “black” female paradigm that then rationalizes miscegenation all around. At the same time, one, when delving into ANY KIND OF TOXIC stimulant, must be able to separate wheat from chaff. At some point, rap, just like death metal, becomes redundant. That rap that says, “kill whitey, kill whitey… Make things tidy… Pray to the Almighty… And maybe he just might be… Willing to self-annihilate and leave the white meat…” IT’S KNOWN NOW. What’s the EXCUSE to listen anymore? Same goes for death metal… THE MESSAGE IS KNOWN! The stimulation has run its course. How can it still be a “fix?”

      • thordaddy

        Do not be tricked into elevating rap

        One can admire an enemy who acts with vicious intensity against an enemy.
        One can be an 1842 US Cavalryman and admire Comanches.

        To presume otherwise is to approach the boundary of NSKery.

      • I agree… But the enemy isn’t rap… Rap is just a drug used to intoxicate the nigger’s enemies… Especially the genuine white Supremacist.

        [ed note: who said “the enemy is rap?” do i write arcane, confusing gibberish in lieu of concise brevity?] 🙂

      • And yes, rap essentially provokes niggers into killing whitey… But the reality is that he still mostly kills other niggers and fellow blacks and an occasionally kills it maims a “white” self-annihilator. Yet, in the Darwinian scheme, “whites” have “transcended” biological perpetuation via technology WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY technologically inflating the numbers of his would be murderer.

      • Editor…

        I would say you praised rap for its “kill whitey” virulence which is true, but not nearly to its exaggerated sense. It would be more truthful to say rap provoked niggers to unleash slaughter on their fellow blacks while happily murdering and maiming occasional “white” liberals ALWAYS to be SCRIPTURALLY absolved by the haunting specter of “white supremacy.”

  12. In Islam, rock and rap music would be as forbidden as alcohol, flesh revealing women in public and piggy pork. Which does make sense, given only degenerates are hardcore followers of them. Bottom line, Islam has always disliked the hedonism that have defined the dying West now, revealed eons ago in the Qur’an.

    • JS…

      This is a carefully crafted “hypocrisy” within Islam.

      • TD: Yes, there is a grain of truth to it, like any hardcore religion. In the West, we have self annihilating Liberal Nazism and its nigga minions and the wheatie sluts.

        In that picture, those 2 white guys deserve eradication, especially the guy on the far right. The guy next to him looks like your typical Manhattan Jew.

    • Islam’s hedonism is post-mortem and LASTS FOR AN ETERNITY… Eternal instant gratification… De facto homo “spirit…” Price: self-annihilating mass murder.

  13. Did you guys hear the news of Charlie Shingles with his HIV? Talking about a self annihilator from Hollywood!

    • Did you guys hear the news of Charlie Shingles?

      ryu is a close, personal friend of Mr. Sheen and is quite upset about this.

      • I look at Sheengles and most degenerate wheaties, as boring fuck fests, not too different from the nigga parasites, who are also same fucking boring hedonists, just cockier, more arrogant and need of eradication. Hence, Murka’s downfall lack of cleaning up of the toxic cesspool of degenerates.

        [ed note: Murka is a place where trillion$$$ are spend curing AIDS degenerates, but zero on a MiggerFence]

      • I don’t think it’s shocking news. Hedonism taken far enough is self-annihilating.

        [ed note: fine. you buy into the SA thing. but…why do they sa…]

    • JS…

      But really… Just a rerun of “magic johnson” and the false meme that degenerate sex is inherently heterosexual and homo-sexuality is therefore truly liberating.

  14. In the Netherlands, Moroccan terrorize Goths.

    [ed note: which is WHY Muzz rule defeated wites]

    • The terrorists who pulled off the Friday the 13th Paris Massacre, were all dillenials.

      This is a good example of young people eradicating other young people by the truckloads in a big city. In Murka, we only have sex starved 20 year olds target practicing the college campuses.

      • It’s not hard. Whites could do it too, if they were serious. It takes a certain mental commitment.

      • Which is in the meta-scheme just another variant of self-annihilation…

        It’s crazy to think a devolution to Islamic-type ethos is in store for a mass of “white” self-annihilators intent on alleviating their sexual starvation in acts of murderous self-annihilation… Nearly always ending in the eradication of fellow liberationists and assured as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West that the media will spin their massacre into a case of “white supremacy” rearing its evil head if even remotely at all possible.

      • TD: My modus operandi on this site is really about telling every WN to imitate the enemy for the benefit of their survival.

        Islamic extremists serve a template for WNs on the mission of eradicating coloreds. Furthermore, they do not sacrifice their best and brightest to bullets. It’s only the most desperate who have nothing to lose who go onto the front lines for ISIS. Drunken stupor wheaties who lost everything, do not fight for a cause. They die alone without offing a migga!

      • JS…

        Yes, I understand completely…

        I might have said it is “crazy to think” without realizing it might be interpreted as shocking revelation, but I was being more literal.

        I divide between men with God-ordained free will and human-like suboptimal A.I. It also appears that one may cross-over… Back and forth, in fact. So that one can be like a human being one second, a robot the next and a savage beast thereafter. But logical dictates that only those believing in God-ordained free will CAN WILLINGLY cross over those psychological thresholds and all human-like suboptimal A.I., by definition, cannot willingly transverse anything knowingly and knowledgably let alone highly evolved psychological states meant to battle a world of total malfunction.

        So here “we” are as (white) Supremacists at war with an semi-aware “army” cauldron of human-like suboptimal A.I.

        And in that deadly cauldron, a lot of white boys that never stood a chance because of the collosal failure of their white fathers.

  15. And this is why Jack Donovan had to be dealt with…

    Hell is eternal!!!

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