Criminal Nicknames

by Ryu

Mookey Nuke.


White Boy Brandon.


Why do criminals use nicknames?

Criminals use nicknames for the same reason we use nicknames online: anonymity. It makes them harder to catch.

Blacks use nicknames alot. Police have to spend much time tracking down the real name. They have books of aliases, just like they have gang membership books. Some guys have many nicknames.

Criminals don’t use their real names. Why do some online writers insist upon it? All it amounts to is giving a gift to the authorities, doing their work for them.

2 Comments to “Criminal Nicknames”

  1. Short and to the point. At least make them put in some work to identify you!

  2. it’s so when they stab you in the back and the cops ask you do you know who did it you say sssm (shit slinging shit monkey)did it with your last breath they will never know which 1 it is

    [ed note: that is NOT Victory: victory is getting YOUR enemy to confess with ITS dying breath…]

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