by Ryu

This is a documentary on the FBI use of informants to create and then sting fake terror groups. SOP in modern America.

37 Comments to “(T) ERROR”

  1. Been watching reactions to the Paris target practice party. Liberals bleating that if the Right gains power the terrorists will have won. Hope the terrorists win SPECTACULARLY.
    There is a small possibility things will get very bad in the future. Dont expect it, but can’t be ruled out.
    What the mainstreamers dont get is the corrosive depth of hate.
    The most extreme Islamists wouldnt care if the whole Middle East was nuked in retaliation.
    When nothing can be done, anything can happen.

    • 2John Lippor

      Hope the terrorists win SPECTACULARLY.

      As in 9/11, Muzz target jews and UNCLEbeast: Manhattan and its chock-full-o’ liberal herd, along with BIGov, the LN fascists who import Miggers, throw money at coloreds and gungrab – then NSA whites for complaining about it all.

      BIGov is limited in cultivating coloreds as it is increasingly forced to spend the limited TaxPayer confi$ctated cA$h defending against The Other Colored – Muzz.

      Muzz attack concert halls where tuxedoed elites celebrate their safe mansion lifestyles using lesser whites as bufferzone sandbags for incoming fire.

      Thus, “Muzz nukes” won’t target white hick pastures, but trendy urban jew art galleries where Piss Christ resides and DC cubicle farms where Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson’s fascist negroes shuffle paper. What a shame…

      It is easier for a True WN to convert to Islam than it is to Vote Hillary.

      Enjoy the future gorefest; I already am.

      • TD would say it’s a battle between 2 self annihilating groups. Mr. Holland (that French doofus) was watching a soccer game between France’s nigs and Germany’s nigs.
        [ed note: tell me: do effete frog elites who watch euroNiggaBall deserve eradication??]

        True WNs would root for the Muzzie killers, but ultimately, it’s the miggas up to no good.

        By the way, I still love my Spain, as it remains dormant. Frenchies and Germonies have been emulating the Anglo 3Fers for quite sometime!

      • TD would say it’s a battle between 2 self annihilating groups.

        Um, that’s well n’ goode: So then explain why they SA…

      • WNs have yet to demonstrate any exterminator qualities when it comes to coloreds!

      • Ha! Yes, and don’t forget the 3Fers, who took the brunt of the deaths. The bulk of the killings were in the Murkan Metal concerto. Guitar riffs were replaced with tit tat rhythms.

      • I just read the many comments of your nemesis, the Stormcunts who still circle jerk the idea of kikes wanting to destroy Western Civ, by importing more muzzies, hence the Paris Massacre. It’s too bad a million times doesn’t translate to a million dollars like a lotto winning.

        Meanwhile, no one on that site takes note of the frenchies and their frogman ruler watching nigga ball!

      • 2JS

        Stormcunts who still circle jerk

        VRW & PeterPanzers are just as stupid as OWSKidz; both were raised by BIGov Skool Feminazi Teachaz, so both are stunted MillenniTardz.

        StormCunt is the sewer where VRW Niggerspickikes itself into apoplexy with empty venting and fantasy about New Hitler 2.0 where everybody dresses in a 1936 Hugo Boss Brownshirt uniform and we all get to relive St. Hitler’s Wise Decision to open up the second front with Operation Barbarossa after failing The Battle of Britain…

        It is said, if lung power were the measure of intellect, many would be geniuses.
        Firepower Says: If typing were the measure of Intellect, bloggerz would be geniuses…

      • No to be a Stormfront apologist.

        But the morally corrupt murkan wheatie sluts are equally blamed for the demise of the high ambitions of white men and the fall of the west. Warriors in the past had access to poosy before taking the field, and it was poosy that encouraged them to fight.

        In order to gain any high ground, white men must act in the most base and cruel ways; barbarity that would rival those of pre-modernity. Other than this, there is no hope on the horizon.

      • The problem of Stormfront is the dissipating of anger.

        Anger is an emotion used to overcome logic and to produce ACTION. Too much time online gives it all way, a waste.

        WN doesn’t win by being the most educated or propagandized. They win by being the best shooters, the strongest fighters, the most ruthless killers.

        It takes IMO about a year or two to get the why. After that, there’s no profit in more learning. It becomes a question of how. THAT’s what takes some time. Soldiers and cops have little to teach there, which is why the SP is masturbation.

      • Ryu: There must be an incentive for people to do things. In Islam and the Spanish Reconquest, men were promised heaven, virgins and booty (if they survive the battle).

        At the moment, there is no incentive for wheatie boys to lay down their toys and revolutionize.

      • Why self-annihilate?

        Desire… Plain and simple.

      • Why self-annihilate?

        Desire… Plain and simple.

        so the same degenerates who only live to feast, fuck and playstation actually desire suicide.
        sorry, doesn’t add up…

      • Why self-annihilate?

        Desire to finally liberate…

      • Why self-annihilate?

        Desire to finally liberate from “survival and reproduction…”

      • Why self-annihilate?

        Desire to finally liberate from “survival and reproduction” and “be fruitful and multiply…”

      • Destruction and creation go together, TD.

        You know this yourself. You learned it in the gym and the dojo. Can’t build muscle without breaking it down first.

      • Why self-annihilation?

        To “transcend” Darwin and Christ… Falsify them both…

        And GET radical sexual autonomy as your “just” reward.

        [aha, they self-annihilate to become radically autonomous, then implement radical autonomy to self-annhiliate. nope. not circular at all lol ]

      • FP…

        You’re not “seeing” competing ideologically-induced paths to self-annihilation that then operate in a symbiotic regression…

        Western “white” male’s path to self-annihilation is cold and calculated… A logical “progression.” Nondiscrimination + tolerance = all-accepting indiscriminancy… Radical autonomy. Pleasurable annihilation.

        Jihadist desires RADICAL SEXUAL AUTONOMY… An eternal orgasmic state of being… He CAN, with A SINGLE ACT of self-annihilating mass murder of “infidels,” CONVERT and BE rewarded his desire per his “god.”

        Together, jihadists and “white” self-annihilators give each other constant stimulation to FFF and murder, murder, murder. A symbiotic regression… Nihilism begets jihadism begets radical nihilism begets radical jihad begets mutual annihilation… Both sides are CRAVING TOTAL ANNIHILATION and their actions scream for it!

      • If one is CONFINED to a strictly material paradigm…

        Then all arguments are circular, contained and bounded per one’s own default assumption. In other words, the circular argument is the logical one made by a true believing materialist.

      • FP: Media has it that NYC is on edge after the Paris Massacre, despite no imminent danger. Scant 3Fers in Manhattan are out and about, as expected, since the Muzzies will now try to disrupt their playtime.

        Yes, Murka’s undoing is its cultivation of one particular useless parasite: The nig.

        Stormcunts might be happy to know that Muzzies might do the house cleaning work that lazy NRA wheaties will not do, who complain about beaners picking their strawberries.

      • FP: Media has it that NYC is on edge after the Paris Massacre

        Manhattan knows it deserves the wrath of World Terrorists. Hell, it deserves our nation’s wrath.
        Manhattan is a gluttonous Kardashianist emerging from a fancy “Club” that hides behind its behemoth black bodyguard when a firecracker or photo-flash spooks it…

    • And that why I always say : “Hell is better than nukes!”. A Pakistani general revealed that the best way to attack a country, is to attack its religion DIRECTLY. Admit it, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal…

  2. Well, it was a “death metal” concert.

    So many of these metalheads fetishize violence, but I’m sure they were scared shitless when the real violent motherfuckers showed up. As mentioned many times here at Eradica, modern Western people’s obsession with fantasy and escapism has left them ripe for the picking. The attacks after all, targeted two entertainment venues.

    • Well said, kudos to you!

      And the murkan band was scare shitless too. They left before their audience. LOL…!

    • Well, it was a “death metal” concert.

      Very fortuitous Ryu’s article pubbed on Gay Paree Massacree Day. Mon Dieu…

      I have not followed it one bit. I’ve seen 2 min. total of it. I like my PoolSiding Pulse.

      Muzz would not, of course, attack colored rappaz; they get too many jihadis from Afrika.
      White metal-meathead ‘nationalizts’ are a good target, but not as luscious as a jew-holocaustic cryfest or elite Mozart concert.
      isisisis fucked up.

      Indeed, as I’ve long believed, metalfaggots are cousins to VRW/PeterPanzers who feign violence and prefer it as a grotesque symbolic act accompanied to ‘music’; they’re wusses. Those who dig that Grande Guignol are the greatest of sissies. LIUFY.

      They’re the bigmouth demonstrative braggarts always displaying how tuff they are. Males who do that are true bitches.

      • This is the metalheads last chance to redeem themselves through a personal war against the immivaders.
        If even one death metal fan condemns xenophobia or racism or says this is not true Islam I will projectile vomit a liter of semi-digested goat blood in their face

      • fatboy

        This is the metalheads last chance to redeem themselves

        metal is pretend violence. In fact, it’s worse than that: Metal is not projected violence, it is violence directed toward the self. It is not sadistic, but masochistic.

        Metal exists only to symbolically assert its wimpy~wite fans are not sissyfags. Rap is authentic violent music. Muzz are authentically violent across the board. Rap is hate-kill directed toward Whitey and The Man, and Muzz kill the khristfuck out of Westerners. Only Israelis combat them with similar violence, which is why Murkan/New York jews hate them.

        Rap and Muzz direct their authentic violence against enemies. Wimpy witeboi metalfags direct the violence toward themselves because it’s safe: No authority will arrest them for harming themselves but The Man will if they pick up a gun and target coloreds, Miggers and Muzz.

        Whites, whites and wites have lost the will to fight. The Will to Kill. They are domesticated poodle pets content to sit in front of the fridge.

      • Why do you think I do not go running around with inverted crosses, pentagrams, long black hair and that kind of sh*t?! A friend of mine did that and got chased from her apartment by angered Muzz.

        Not until a year ago I used a pentagram in an adhesive poster, the only caption being “Hell is eternal”. The local free newspaper called it as “Teksten tegen religies”, and the full text mentioned “diverse geloven”. Both contained coded language revealing that only Muzz complained in a way worth bothering with by the authorities.

      • That’s strange, O. I remember you writing something about some cult in Islam that worshipped the devil. Do the Muzz have something against Satan?

  3. Stupid pope had the Vatican condemn the attack in the “most radical” way, but never even mentioned Muslims or Islam, just “hatred in all its forms”.
    Methinks the PC-Pontiff needs to brush up on his holy war and crusade rhetoric a bit.

    [ed note: nah. the Popi and his Warrior Priests are too busy fingering the buttholes of little boys]

  4. “Why do you think I do not go running around with inverted crosses, pentagrams….”

    Symbols only have as much power as the people behind them. Probably an obvious statement, but the search to adorn yourself with external trappings of power is mostly a waste of time. Real warriors see through that facade. A strong and fierce spirit is cultivated from within.

  5. Looking at the pictures of the victims, quite a number are people whom readers in this site would call miggers (a cucaracha chica from California was one of the victims) and wheatie pansies. I also see individuals who are Spanish nationals, Muzzie “turncoats” and an overrepresentation of women, which suggests if the shooters were misogynists like guys in the Manosphere. I was hearing in the media from the survivors that the gunmen did not randomly shoot anyone. They carefully chose their victims.


    It appears that now the Red Commie Gookers will combat ISIS with the Eurots. I don’t expect anything significant from them.

    It’s quite interesting that a few of the shooters came from Syria via Greece as the gateway. It appears that the Greeks are in their Byzantium mode again, who sort of remain silent on the issue in regards to the Muslims attacking Western Europe, like they did in the Medieval times. This time for the payback of the Euro mess that was created upon them???

    • he victims, are people readers in this site call miggers

      Told you: Murka’s many, many enemies will not target rural white flyfarming hix, but urban jew centers rife with Young White Hipsters relishing the SWPL coffeehouse/clubbing ‘lifestyle’.

      • I was laughing when the police commissioner of the NYPD said the telwawists, in his Irish elma fudd voice, could target any city in Murka, and he mentioned Indianapolis, as a good example. He should have kept his mouth shut, as manhatty is on their minds right now.

      • And FP: It appears some of the gunmen, if not all, were GenMohammads, the sand nigga counterpart of our GenBrandon dillenials. They love social media just like our Murkan counterparts, but of course, you get to see what they’re about, after this massacre.

        The mastermind is a dillenial sand nigga.

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