Using Your Family Against You

by Ryu

The American police and military are a protection racket and are experts at creating/using fear. “If you don’t pay us and give us your FULL support, the bad guy is going to come and get you!”

And it works. Most Americans still give the system their loyalty, whether out of love or fear. It doesn’t matter that most of the criminals or turrists are created by the system itself. Indeed, if crime or turrism dropped, they would need to create more of it for job security.

Using the family against an suspect is a common technique. They’ve got a canned routine they use. The substance of it is……:

“Well by golly, we just want a peaceful resolution to this thing just like you. We’re concerned about his safety.”

“We’re reasonable people, but others aren’t. There’s bounty hunters and curiosity seekers out there, real cowboy types. They might take him in dead or alive. No one wants that. We need YOUR help to bring him in safely.”

They used it on Kaczynski. The FBI put the hype on his brother and family. If you don’t help us, he might get hurt and nobody wants that….

You may be a WN and know all the system’s tricks. But your family doesn’t. They may be the greatest weapon used against you. Remember that.

26 Comments to “Using Your Family Against You”

  1. Such pressure works especially well on women, in east Germany the Stasi (State Security) always questioned female family members first, because the “we are only here to help” routine works best on them, just like liberal propaganda.

    According to a recent Der Spiegel article:

    “Everyone knows about the Stasi and the extent to which it spied on the East German populace. But that was only a small part of the informing that went on. New research shows that snitching was vastly more common than previously thought.

    The list of potential informants was long. Almost every apartment building in the DDR maintained a kind of superintendent who kept notes on who visited whom and when. In total, this group included around 2.1 million people, and many of them were willing to share their information. The Volkspolizei also had around 173,000 “voluntary helpers.” In addition, school directors, election helpers and factory heads were also part of the army of potential informants.

    No matter where one shared information, the state would put it to use. The East German reporting system kept track of the country’s citizens from kindergarten, throughout their working lives and even into retirement. Mutual evaluation, judgment, criticism and self-critique were omnipresent. Across the country, people were on the lookout for divergent viewpoints, which were then branded as dangerous to the state. Often to one’s own advantage.”

    People who exhibited a persistent lack of “proletarian point of views” or “demonstrated pacifist attitudes” were fired & excluded from universities. Replace proletarian with PC and you have todays merica, where the role of the voluntary Volkspolizei is played by minorities and moonbats, while human resource managers double as political commissars.

    Liberals happily wallow in their cult piety like the dirty pigs they are.

    • Good stuff. I no longer have to read much history on police states. The USG will teach one anything one needs to know. And only dissidents feel it.

      All police states need informants. The USA is crawling with them.

      BTW, my instinct says I know you from somewhere. I smell it. Give me a hint.

      • While i did read wnthinktank i never commented there, you should bring it back tho.

        Maybe it’s my usage of words like cult, which i picked up on The Z Blog
        i also tend to quote the writer, Z Man, all the time everywhere
        “spot on” phrases such as “cult of modern liberalism” are his.

        Here are some more quotes:

        “The people running things employ persuasive morons to sell their position to the persuadable morons. Arguing through a megaphone leaves only one option. The side that is the loudest wins. It’s why Progressives will work free of charge for a turn at the megaphone. They get it. Own the megaphone and the people will obey you.”

        “Laws limiting free association were intended to eliminate the organic structures that naturally oppose authoritarianism. It’s why the Founders made freedom of association the first item in the Bill of Rights. It’s why Progressives have been making war on it for close to a century.”

        “Inside The Cult, there are many words for the undifferentiated other on the other side of the wall. There’s some drift over time. In my youth, fascist was the ubiquitous term for the bad guys. Today, republican just means people The Cult does not like. Since The Cult does not like racists, all of them must be right-win Republican conservative of the most extreme right-wing kind. As I’m fond of saying, they talk like MLK but live like the KKK. The great strongholds of The Cult are whiter than a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert in Reykjavik.” (Capital of Iceland)

        “My chief complaint against libertarianism is that it is a convenient hiding place for people unwilling to take on the Left. If you reject central planning of the national economy, but are afraid to be called bad things by the local lunatics. In the culture war, libertarians will never go over the top and will, once in a while, turn their weapons on their comrades. You just can’t trust them to fight.”

        “This is the world in which we find ourselves as citizens in late empire America. You cannot be left alone. If you want to do just about anything, you have to have a relationship with some company that is usually working hand and glove with the state to nudge you in the direction they prefer. Simple transactions like buying a song suddenly turn into elaborate time wasting exorcises instead of quick transactions between anonymous parties. The great tech boom has resulted in the exact opposite of what libertarian technologists promised thirty years ago when this started.”

        “Progressives don’t care about guns. They care about who they imagine are the gun owners. Neo-Puritan fanatics associate guns with southerners in particular and bad whites in general. It’s the tool of the sinful. They believe this with the intensity of a zealot because it is wrapped up in how they define themselves as the anointed. Therefore, facts and reason have no impact on the believers. The statistics of crime have been explained for half a century. The illogical of gun control has been detailed for as long as I have been alive. Yet, the true believers belied ever more intensely.”

        Highly recommended!

      • “Progressives don’t care about guns. They care about who they imagine are the gun owners.

        Information is…good. Repeating a lesson often helps internalizing knowledge.
        But all that stuff’s already been said long, long ago by even more people:

        Derbing the Derbb: Rich Lowry Prophesies
        Stupid Conservative Questions
        How Blogging Will Fail: Part I
        Firepower’s Hierarchy of Blogging
        greascycled: Blogging, Recycled

        I know liberals are cunts.
        Affixing a newfangled neologism moniker to them like “Cult” unnecessarily makes arcane what should* already be well clarified and established, confuses n00bz and sets you up for mockery.

        God is a thing that makes straight paths crooked.” ~ Nietzsche

        Repetitive exercises in ‘patriotism’ are just as silly as reprinting the us constitution on a blogg for the 30,403,853,450th time as if it’s some magic incantation that suddenly works with your 30,403,853,451st reprint.

        Just call them liberals.

        *MRM, note proper use of the word “should”

      • I cannot restart wntt for political reasons. Perhaps eventually. Gotta keep our heads down for awhile longer.

        Run that guy Zman down for me. Who is he, and what does he want? Is he a racist? A WN? How long has he been around?

        He looks like he works in computers. Been around 2 years. A conservative intellectual. Damn he is wordy. And why doesn’t he say NIGGER or SPIC?

    • Liberals happily wallow in their cult piety like the dirty pigs they are.

      It manifests each day and the most recent Mizzou Nigra Uprising is but its latest incarnation. Coloreds protest, get whitey fired – then give his job to an Affirmative Action Negro.

      Still, it makes me laff 2c such traitorous WiteMalez eaten by their own creation. Fuck them. Fuck them to death.

  2. Gnon the god of chaos has scrambled most women’s brains to make them love the most powerful authority.
    Very rarely, Gnon does the opposite to men’s brains. That is how heroes are made.
    You can’t tell by visiting a typical college campus, but I wouldn’t call these shrieking twats men anyway.

    • wouldn’t call these shrieking twats men anyway.

      They are not Men; I call them merely males.

      I also find them amusing, for they deserve their punishment completely.

      • Perhaps they enjoy their punishment. I reckon that a lot of them figure their best chance of getting laid is to act like a shrieking twat. They sell their manhood and principles, like a john gives money to a whore.

      • a lot of them figure their best chance of getting laid is to act like a shrieking twat.

        That proves the femininization of Murka is final: If mating females demand that behavior from males – and they comply – it shows who holds the power now.

      • “That proves the femininization of Murka is final:” – Disagree, whilst the shrieking twats might see behaving in the manner of nature show arachnids, to be the way forward, this isn’t accepted by some.

        One thing that interests me is the development of fuck robots and what this will do for the feminist movement in the future. No doubt the wimminz will see this as a threat, but seeing as they will probably be knocked out by the Japs, Koreans and Taiwanese, they can whine all they want, fuck robots will happen.

        No doubt you would consider such speculation degenerate, indeed it probably is. it is non the less interesting to speculate.

      • shrieking twats might see behaving in the manner of nature show arachnids, to be the way forward, this isn’t accepted by some*.

        Ahem. Key word…”some”
        Your exception does not prove the rule. Nor does it ever.

        Fuck Robots will have zero impact on colored filth that cannot afford them. Coloreds will increasingly breed in larger numbers as their population grows.

        Fuck Robots will only weed out inferior white males who crash themselves upon the rocks of extinction while making every white female – superior/hot and inferior/fugly – compete for Alphas’ genes.

        Poindexter will go extinct and Brad Pitt will sire 450 babies.
        Alpha spermbanks will charge $6000 a wriggler.
        Johnnni Deppp will procreate
        Even beyond
        The grave

      • Let’s try an experiment, FP. So what happened in Paris? I don’t have TV or internet most of the time. I heard something happened, but I haven’t looked into it.

        [ed note: lol don’t ask ME. i’m readin’ literature, drinkin’ fine wine and watchin’ Blu-Rays]

      • You gain greater glory
        For successfully attacking a Palace
        Than defending an outhouse…Firepower November 22, 2013

      • Yeah, I was waiting to get shot down like that.

        [ed note: it is what keeps The Irish in love…]

    • Where’d you get that Gnon word? A new religion?

      • A Ryu – Whats happening in Paris – you ask.
        > Its a scream -129 dead and counting.
        > Guardian worried about Islamophobia, You got to love that. Durr, the thing to worry about is Islam.
        > One week before German Police detain a muzzi with 7 AKs, TNT and grenades. Paris programmed into his Sat-Nav.
        > Syrian passport found “near” exploded corpse of one of the muzzi terrorists. Entered Greece 6 weeks ago as “refugee”.
        > Poles tell EU to fuck off with their sand nigger bounty. (Despite needing doctors and engineers and help for pensioners)
        > EU politicians stand “in solidarity”© with the French people.
        > French prez Hollande in Stad de France (sports stadium) when terrorists attacked, whisked to safety, oddly accuses terrorists of being cowards.
        > Before attack, French political establishment worried about chances of Marine Le Pen (right wing cutie) becoming prez in 2017. After attack mega worried that plebs might be ungrateful for cultural enrichment.
        > Some great photo opportunities to be had in the next week or so.
        > Err that’s about it
        > Business as usual in two weeks.

      • Thanks, Colin. I couldn’t avoid it. American gyms have many TVs, on every wall. So I saw some of it.

  3. Ryu: To sum up the Paris Massacre in eradica terms, basically those 3 Fer Frenchies deserve eradication, because they can’t keep their house in order, as they distract themselves with nigga ball and sick fantasy.

    Montreal was very quiet last night. I’m able to observe that many of the 3 Fers stayed home for a Friday night after hearing the news. A few police was also patrolling the Jewish quarter, to ensure anti-semites will not come an inch to their neighborhood.

    • They do deserve it. We’ve been the only group to say that either one eradicates the minos, or die. That’s it.

      Those wheatie liberals are going to have a painful lesson when either the rich liberals or the minos kick them out.

      • Ryu: True, many wheaties are clueless of the things that are going on and their future. At the moment, they are kept in a lull, or being dumb downed.

    • Also Ryu: My blog post about the Spaniards learning their killing skills from their muzzy enemies, would be controversial/banned in today’s prevalent left wing learning. History books written today would say the Spaniards just fought a good fight and defeated them.

      • Can you write about Puerto Rico on your SE site?

        What’s it like? Are most Ricans brown or whitish? Crime? Do they speak span-glish or Spanish? Do they want to come to the US, and why? How do most earn their living?

      • Most of the Puerto Ricans who come to the mainland are dregs from the island. Puerto Ricans come in all shades and mixtures, the very elite ones are pure White or close to it, with almost no black ancestry. The cream of the crop Puerto Ricans generally do not live in America. Currently, there is a cleansing of Puerto Rico of its poor people, similar to what is going in the states, which they call gentrification.

      • Interesting! That sounds just like everywhere else then. The Mex elite don’t come to the US to pick apples. I imagine the rich Ricans must live in the gated communities, with guards at the gate also.

      • The Spanish learned a lot from the Muzz. And I’ve learned a lot from the minos on this topic also. I’m thankful for it. They kept something whitey forgot.

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