“The average person is videotaped 18-22 times per day.”

by Ryu

It seems some don’t believe, how dangerous all the traffic cameras and license plate readers are. These ought to NEVER be underestimated.

These are the tools of the American police state. Whenever you see investigators just pulling a rabbit out of their hat, solving a case out of nowhere, it comes from either the technology or a confidential informant (CI).

Criminals have a saying: “stay out of the computer.”

They understood by 1990 that the USA was a police state. Even then, you couldn’t do anything without being tracked, recorded or videotaped. Things have only gotten worse.

Below is a case solved entirely by the computer. Traffic cameras figure prominently. I think it will be shocking for those who watch, how much data the USG has available to them.

Forensic Files: Family Ties

Today’s study is 22 minutes long. The t/p was Albany in Nov 2004.

TTD? Hours.

Did the killer know the vic? Yes.

Peter Porco worked for the NY Supreme Court. He didn’t show up for work. A court officer went to the home. The house was open. Peter had been bludgeoned to death. His wife was barely alive. There was an axe next to her.

Blood spatter analysis shows Joan was struck in the head 3 times with the axe while sleeping.

First responders got a dying declaration from Joan. She nodded that Chris did it. Chris was their 21 yo son.

Nothing was missing from the home. This led police to believe that it was personal. Chris went to U of Rochester.

Chris was questioned. He was interviewed. He cooperated. He gave a DNA sample. He showed his body to the cops and they saw no injuries. His jeep was searched for transfer evidence.

There was no recording of his ez pass on the highway that night. EZ pass is the NY-NJ electronic “convenient” way of paying for toll roads. It’s also very easy to track and is individualized.

Peter had received death threats because of his job.

An anonymous letter came in. Sent by the killer. No prints were found on the letter.

They worked this case by beginning with motive. They needed to know the why first. Peter and Joan Porco had life insurance totaling 1.1 million dollars.

Cops learned that Chris asked for financial advice before the murder. Chris emailed his father and asked for a bunch of financial information.

Whoever deactivated the home security system used the master code. It was disarmed at 0200.

***Police got all video from Chris’s campus and the roads in between.****

The police looked at all videos and searched for his yellow jeep. Techs individualized Chris’s jeep by the stickers on it and mud. He had some political stickers on the bumper.
The average person is videotaped 18-22 times per day. FIT is a computer filtering program. Cops took pictures of Chris’s jeep when they first interviewed him. They compared them.

They could not ID who was driving the jeep.

There was no surveillance of the cash-pay toll booths. But a worker remembered a yellow jeep paying before she got off. Police looked through ticket stubs of that time.

They did a DNA analysis on all of them. One had Chris’s DNA on it. They did mtDNA analysis. If you have sweaty hands, you may leave epithelial cells.

Chris was spending large amounts of money and was failing his classes. His father had cut off his funds.

A year after the crime, Chris went on trial for murder and attempted murder. He was found guilty and given 50 years in prison minimum. His mother still supports him and does not believe he did it.

4 Comments to ““The average person is videotaped 18-22 times per day.””

  1. He be a good boy! He dont dun nuffin!

  2. Funny thing, the BBC live reports of the latest Paris kerfuffle never mentioned the Allahu Ackbar shoutings that were heard, or the M-word at all. They would rather blame xenophobes.
    The perps seem to have timed it all to coordinate with a big soccer match. Once again shows what a few angry men can accomplish on the cheap. Don’t even have to be brave, just desperate.
    No doubt the gendarmes will spend fifty million Euros reviewing the recordings from every camera and transaction to trace the perps back to the banlieus.

    • 2marcel carra

      BBC live reports of the latest Paris kerfuffle never mentioned the Allahu Ackbar shoutings that were heard, or the M-word at all. They would rather blame xenophobes.

      I have already long decided.
      Frenchmen who willingly import sandnigger Muzz entertain me greatly with their bloody death. I hope the Muzz kill the khristfuck out of them – SweetSwedes, too. All of them.

      Now, you must decide whether effete wite progressive liberals are worth your concern, or worth eradicating.

      • Friday the 13th was a great day. Really needed that pick me up. Here’s hoping for many more great days.

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