IRS EDITION: Liberal Nazis Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Can’t Deport, Tax – or even Find – 20 Million Illegal

Foreign Criminal Mexicans…


DO Find and Persecute the 1st Amendment & American Citizens!


13 Comments to “IRS EDITION: Liberal Nazis Are The Kind of People That…”

  1. The title of this post is careless and unfair towards Nazis.

  2. Good one! I’m surprised you didn’t use that ICE demonstration where they couldn’t bust all the spic protesters that were standing right in front of the building.

  3. LOL this is SO funny and SO TRUE!! :LOL:

  4. Great example of anarcho-tyranny. We’re really going to have to make sure we have strong enough rope to hang all of the fat bastards working for the state machinery.

  5. White “privilege” is a liberal euphemism for hatred of Caucasians. It is promoted by Caucasians who preach self-hatred to gain political leverage and out of sheer vileness.

  6. True story, i know someone who studied in merica’ and during spring break depleted his funds to under the required amount, you had to have $3000 in your account at all time, or something like that. Come Monday morning, immigration pulls him out of class, escorts him back to the dorm, where he had to pack and off they went to the airport.
    He had to leave for Mexico until his parents wired more money, only then he was permitted to re-enter, even tho the wire transfer would come thru within 24h, but no amigo, rules are rules, off you go!

    The funniest part of that story, a third of his class mates were illegals, no paper work or bank account at all!
    So yeah, they throw the book at whitey, double down on you to make up for everything else they let slide.

    Europeans are regularly denied entry upon arriving on US soil, even tho you have to have a valid visa and biometric passport to even board a flight. Last year a German woman had to fly back, she wanted to visit relatives in Ohio, the NSA agent was like, Ohio? Nobody goes to Ohio, i don’t buy it, and that was it.

  7. This article about the sheer insanity of the consumption disease of the Anglo sphere, tells you that money and multicult are the 2 hallmark flavors of the capitalistic English empire. Capitalists love immigrants who’ll work for slave wages and then buy their products.

    The pictures reveal that London looks like a New York City, with all kinds of coloreds, and Sydney-down under, looks like a Chinatown with its gookers.

  8. Wow, this is a past article. Still true though. Haven’t seen PCL around for awhile.

  9. don’t forget meheko was created by spain and france and since when did mulattos have a country

  10. Amazing how fast the host can turn into the guest. Still required to pay for everything though.

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