LN Fly Farmers

by Firepower

Hey! The Swede On The Left? Fucked Nat King Cole…

Bug-eatin’ Bugouts ain’t just fer NRA Klansmen anymore.

Now, Manhattan LibKidz join GranolaWars after tiring of The Club Scene, cheap sexting – and glamorous Ecstasy RAVES.

You may “believe” you have the kuntry all to yer lonesome, but over yonder is a commune of budding hippies – likely growing buds. Dust off those OWS picket signs and make pigpens out of them; recycling is goodfer yer soul…

My Raider Theory plays here well. No, you ….…..won’t find RT in the Eradican Thesauraus: Too hush-hush.

When the Young Manhattan Jews divulge – to their daddies and uncles on 5th Avenue – all the cheap land (to them) for the taking, expect Goldsteinberg Realty to grab all the prime farmland; then, the LN/FFOL will pretty much have every control button. The farm, the trucking and the Market – urban population centers.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Some scant portion for motivation toward rural living is indeed EnviroLUV, but it’s mainly because there are no more jobs for Junior anymore. Especially witeKIdZ: How many farmers in this mode do you see as colored?




6 Comments to “LN Fly Farmers”

  1. So you’re farmers are growing too old,I read from the link? You’ll be glad to know that there’s a German solution to the problem of an ageing population. You just import a load of young sand-niggers. Its that simple.
    Those Germans think of everything.

  2. Who’s that Swede on the left? Unforgettable?

  3. I always wondered why the millions of homeless people don’t build their own homesteads on tracts of cheap land far outside the cities, and form their own economy. Then I remembered almost no one can see the big picture let alone think about it.

    • why the millions of homeless people don’t build their own homesteads on tracts of cheap land

      There is no such thing as cheap land now.
      BIGov also ensures landowners are harassed from their overbearing mega-regulations.

      funn fact: The largest landowner in Murka is UNCLEBeast.

      Moloch may turn a pristine river into toxic glowing yellow sludge with no penalty, but peasants cannot drill their own well w/out Beast permission.

      • That’s right. Forget the “Mother Earth” stuff. Maybe you can find some desert land in Utah or Nevada, without water. Takes a special man to live there.

        Plus, there’s millions of regs on building houses. I don’t think it is possible to build a house up to code.

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