Liberals Do Not Need The Right – Or Whites

by Firepower

White Men no longer needed. Neither are whites, period.

It’s the same as how Murkan jews don’t need israel now, either:

“Looking to the general election, some gun-control measures are popular, especially with the coalition of swing-state Latinos, African Americans, and young and suburban women the Democratic nominee would need to win the White House.

There is no more powerful force in an election than the suburban mother, and you don’t find a lot of suburban mothers that are against some sort of common-sense gun control,” said Mo ­Elleithee, a former Clinton adviser and Democratic strategist who now directs the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service.

White males are only needed to populate the fascist-stoopid Military, because…..….. coloreds are not smart enough – nor stupid enough – to “serve.”

There came a time when even obnoxious Manhattan jews realized they did not need an israel for safety. There will come a time when budgetary constraints force our SS to cut back because it’s also seen as superflous. LIUFY: Murka spends more on armies than the next eight nations combined.  Once the numbers of young flagwaving NRA wite males are satisfactorily reduced for the FFOL they can (and must) switch focus to controlling, then eradicating, young colored rabble.

Beware the future when coloreds realize they truly run everything. There came a point in time when the coloreds of Detroit realized – as did the Miggers of LA – that it was all theirs to rule.  From this microcosm to the macrocosm of colored Presidents ravaging Murka with immunity.  When coloreds simply vote away guns with a Constitutional Amendment it will be done.

When LNs finally realize they dont need ConserVaginas they will eradicate them as any prudent conqueror eradicates foes. LNs will have the power, the Machine and the Will of The brown Peeepul.

ConserVaginas will merely tweeeeeeeeeeet about it before their iPhones are confiscated for the boxcar ride to The Camps.

36 Comments to “Liberals Do Not Need The Right – Or Whites”

  1. “some sort of common-sense gun control”

    I always wonder if that’s a reframe or if libtards really don’t know about background checks & waiting periods?
    [ed note: you must think beyond TDO headlines: LNs seize guns to disarm NRA/SO76 Whites and prevent infrastructure-destroying Revolution]

    Or that despite multiple surges in gun purchases the homicide rate declined by nearly half since 1992?

    They certainly don’t know how gun owners are the most law abiding citizens around
    on average employed, married with a family, no criminal record, pay their taxes…

    Really only the Amish and Mormons have a lower crime rate!

    There is no gun problem, just like there is no income inequality:

    maddox from thebestpageintheuniverse explains in this YouTube clip
    How every company in America can save 23% on wages, dipshits!

    It’s funny how every liberal campaign issue is either a red herring or straw man.

    • It is important to realize their mind set.

      “Common sense” gun control means the USG gets guns, you do not. Common sense drone control is them having drones, you having none. It’s them getting what they want, and fuck you slave.

  2. Speaking of, SOBL1 just posted yesterday:
    How Uncle Sam Will Move Blacks To The ‘Burbs

    And concluded on his blog “Yes, regular folks have to see the Feds as the aggressor and an enemy. The more and quicker people catch on, the better.”

    • SOBL1 just posted yesterday:
      How Uncle Sam Will Move Blacks To The ‘Burbs

      And concluded on his blog “Yes, regular folks have to see the Feds as the aggressor and an enemy.

      I urged sobl to write for Eradica to gain more readers. He repaid me by leaving because he “didn’t like the revolution stuff or the racist stuff”. He had neither the wisdom – or spirit – to remain a commentor even though we I parted “amicably.”

      Thus, he is a Grecycler now; spouting off a second-hand copy of concepts I wrote of three years ago. I’d tell him to kiss my ass that’s impossible with his lips suckling Ferd’s cock.

      • Ha! Obnoxious Manhattan Prickbergs. Kikeying is fun!

        I do believe wholeheartedly that LNs will get their ass handed to them, when it becomes their undoing. The lesser liberal wheaties will get rolled over by Jews and Coloreds, and it becomes too late for them. Guess who controls all the important institutions? These same 2 groups. Wheaties are just decorative token majorities, because Jews and Coloreds are aesthetically unappealing for the most part. We just need to wait for the average wheatie lose everything where he loses his temper like a viking or a goth.

      • I do believe wholeheartedly that LNs will get their ass handed to them

        meh. not really; they will be guarded by the warrior SWATZI Class, safely ensconced in Feudal Castle Fortresses like Manhattan, Frisco and Honolulu – safe like Dukes & Duchesses in Medieval time.

        You are PeterPanzering.

      • Lower order LNs don’t have the luxury for a 3-tier wall to secure them.

        This is about the college prezs again, it seems like bad news, as a wheatie coward exits, but good news, because some wheaties are finally awakened.

      • FP, what do the elites do when they totally take over an enclave? Do they export the poor to other areas?

        I’m following Hawaii’s homeless. There’s no place for them to go. Eventually, they’ll have to ship the homeless to the mainland, IMO.

      • FP, what do the elites do when they totally take over an enclave?

        Yes. Hawaii is an unusual situation. It is iirc, the most isolated location in the world. The rest of the mainland Elite just incentivize the rabble to move, then subsidize their re-establishment of a new shack-up.

      • Here is a great example of a stupid liberal wheatie slut, who indebted herself by going to an overpriced cesspool school in Manhattan, by taking a massive amount of money from a jew bank to fund a jew school, in order to work for a jew industry.

        Here is the college president who presides over the school which charges an arm and a leg for a low order wheatie to attend, meanwhile flooding the school with money laundering gookers from red china, and poor affirmative action coloreds, who attend the same school for free.

        Makes several millions a year, gives special perks to him and his family, by abusing his school privileges and getting away with it. Furthermore, he’s a Jew convert, nice!!! and his second in command followers are all jews who receive the same special treatment. Oh, and a great friend of bill dumblasio, sheldon silver and the clintons.

        I know I have been repetitive with this fucking guy, but he’s a great example of the topics pertinent your site: LNs are there to fool and then eradicate wheatie for good.

        [ed note: thus, as I stated, LNs do not need whites when they have MegaCA$H rolling into their Kollij Monopoly; one of their businesses funding the FFOL]

      • “…that LN will get their ass handed to them…”

        While, I don’t think they’ll get much resistance from outside, but they may have a problem with their own SWATZIs. If their commander ever clicks to the idea that he and his are doing all the heavy lifting for peanuts in comparison to the elites, then things get interesting. Also, the fact that the elites are not one monolithic group could lead to interesting internal politics…like say a palace coupe or a civil war between the elites. The closer these people get to their goal, the more infighting and jockeying for power you’ll see since they all want to be “el commandante.” If we’re lucky, they may get too greedy and screw it up themselves. I.e. If some in-group were going to lose the battle for power, they might kick over the table rather than let the other side win. That would appear more likely than SO76 whites brushing the dust off their guns.

      • …if.

        That’s a BIG IF.
        I’ve dealt w/ too many flagwaving cannonfodder clodhopper jordies on Tweeter: the most disgusting people right of white lib professors.
        They are brainwashed and proud.

        They have no reason to change, for their ingroup – ConserVaginas – worships them.
        Pats on the back and shoulders to cry on in sappy Wounded Worriers commercials iz enuff 4them.

      • Check this one out, FP. All the new pig technologies they will use on us.

      • Cops aren’t revolutionaries, Adit.

        They are trained first and last for obedience. This gives them a blind spot. That’s why the small criminals go to prison, the big criminals write the laws and run the prisons.

  3. I don’t usually support abortion, except in all cases of non-White breeding anywhere on the Earth, but I’d support common sense post natal abortions on sight for anyone even mentioning the words gun and control in the same sentence even by mistake. Make no mistake, this is about disarming Whites. Whites are the only ones still obeying the “law”, although I expect that to change considerably now that Captain Simian has gone all Ape City African Dickhead.
    This fake government is just piss-poor stupid now. Boosh Jr was bad, but Captain Simian is even worse. This opening the floodgates to welfare breeders tells me the Economic Collapse is imminent. You don’t try to Boil The Frog by turning the Heat all the way up. This is desperate. Desperate means they’re losing.

    • Gun control never includes police and soldiers, even though they kill FAR more “innocent civilians” than citizens.

      In the US, there are only 10K homicides per year. Cops kill about 500 citizens per year. And then the US military kills 100K civilians per year in their various wars.

  4. Good article. It’s true, most minos don’t know yet that they are in charge. If they wanted to, they could probably kill most whites without resistance.

    [ed note: look at the faggot who made the anti-Trump ad w/ the cursing spickanininnies: he’s white. name of Montgomery]

    • Minos already do plenty of killing, the black on white casualty rate dwarfs even Americas loses in Vietnam, the Viet Cong could only dream of a daily body count that high. People don’t believe me when i say that it’s statistically safer for a White person to serve a tour of duty overseas, patrol the streets of Kabul, than it is to pass a hoodrat on the walkway.
      [ed note: then grab some fast stats and hit them with real numbers they can’t deny – before they put up The Bitch Shield]

      Just going by numbers makes the current black on white race-war Americas deadliest conflict since Vietnam! I’m not even making this up, check US military casualties of war yourself, the global War on Terror (that’s Iraq + Afghanistan) only had 1.5 deaths per day!

      That’s why the whole dindu-lives-matter movement is beyond satire.

    • You need to work on your Jew Identification skills FP. Montgomery is a kike. Check the photo. I chose this one because there is a White looking woman in the photo and you can use here to contrast his skin color and hers.,_2010.jpg/220px-Luke_Montgomery_and_Jane_Lynch,_2010.jpg

      Not the every jew has dark skin but some do and it helps a lot.

    • The recent news about the college prez at the U of Missouri stepping down, because he couldn’t take the heat is just very disheartening to me. He seems to be an exceptional example, who isn’t a LN. The minos at the school, blame him for creating atmosphere of racism. He could at least defend his actions. What a coward who surrendered to political correctness!

      • Why is it dispiriting to you, JS?

        The rich don’t lead revolutions. Too much too lose. Unless someone is explicitly a hardcore racist, they are a LN. By default.

        I don’t know if he’s mad about it or not. I’d have to know his age, and his severance package. I bet he got a PHAT golden parachute.

      • JS…

        One must assume these events are now manufactured from top to bottom… There is absolutely no reason not to view this stuff as the regressive feedback loop it is meant to represent… These are essentially parasitic mobs of anti-white Supremacists allowed to openly gorge on the carcass of surplus MKRN production… This is no different than a corporation dealing with an unpredictable rise in cost… The answer IS ALWAYS PASS the burden off onto the customer. Same here, STUPID “white” liberal self-annihilators WILL PAY to luxuriate this cabalic conspiracy of anti-white Supremacists.

      • You make a good point TD. And now these racist institutions will have a futile session of healing wounds. Wheatie panderers are now showing solidarity with colored animals for the 1,000,000th time. Then wheatie pussies are now more interested in screwing nig savages as additional reparations.

      • JS…

        This IS “collapse.” This particular university has now sounded its death knell. It will in all likelihood be bankrupted and dissolute in 20 years.


        This “university” should now be memetically murdered.

        It has essentially been niggrafried into nonexistence as a true place of higher learning.

      • College is just another consumable for young self annihilators to fuss, feast and fuck, while enriching the administration staff like the college prez with millions in order to luxuriate. The same paradigm operates in all facets of the Murkan elite. Coloreds and immigrants are the most desired by them, because they can be the most easily fooled, allowing elitey to get rich quickly, and now Whites are on the same dumb downed process, but without the maximum amount of gov’t benefits to entice them, because of they’ve been brainwashed with White Privilege.

      • College is just another consumable

        always remember GOVCollege is one of the biggest employer-tentacles of the MMM – as are cops n’ fireboys.
        Each operates in so-called ‘white rural’ small towns, to transmit Urban LN Disease to the natives.

      • Yes, imagine sending your colored fucking daughter to a college in NYC, where she watches the Forty Year Old Virgin as part of the learning curriculum. True story and this is why Murka is rotting to the core!

  5. @JS I don’t appreciate you calling that college student a wheatie slut. She’s a good student and she did the best she could under the circumstances. There was nothing in the article that indicated promiscuity on her part. It’s obvious to me that because of your racial admixture that you are anti-Aryan. You are as jealous of Aryans as any non-White.

    • I have a small amount of native admixture about ~10% from my maternal side, being a Wheatie Hispanic of Puerto Rican/Iberian descent.

      I call them Wheatie Sluts for a reason. FP call them the most morally corrupt of all women, who screw coloreds and pander them more eagerly then their own women. Go visit any college campus and all the black men are with wheatie sluts.

      Furthermore, they are the most easily manipulated by LNs, as with the lady in that article.

    • And I’m in Montreal, where the French women are lot more classy than any of the bitches down there.

  6. Oh and he changed his last name to Sissyfag. I kid you not.

    This was to show Sissyfags everywhere that names can’t hurt you…..but I guess they can if you are bleck, I mean black.

  7. And Maureen, you’ll be happy to know that the indebted wheatie slut from NYU, takes part in a show that features miggers.

  8. Are you sure that is her….? Different last name.

    PS. I’m part French. And zero admixture, I checked.

    Anyway, you may want to work on yourself. The only way these women are going to stop pandering to blecks (and believe me, it makes me sick too!) is for Whites to get back into power and deport all the murky murkans!

    • It appears that she is now married, so her last name is different.

      Being married to a White guy, doesn’t mean she’s loyal to her own, given the recent incident of this lady:

      I’ve posted this on eradica. A successful dermatologist married with White 3 kids, gets into a cocaine trip with miggers and dies from an overdose, but there’s more to the story. Why would any fucking lady who’s married with a family, goes into a club safari in NYC and gets raped and killed by a mulatto and his nig accomplice? Only Murkan wheatie bitches!!!

  9. You are as jealous of Aryans as any non-White.

    For the countless posts I’ve been making, I’ve been saying that many wheatie sluts are now screwing some colored savage over a nice brandon guy.

    Why do you Maureen and the other commentator Erin, call me jealous?

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