Hunting Monsters: Who Is The Real Psychopath?

by Ryu

4Gawd SOOO Lurved The World, He Sent His Only Begotten Son…

More than any serial killer or direct action activist (DAA) I’ve studied, it is the callousness and the total obedience of the average, normal American I find most frightening.

Here are some questions to begin our inquiry with:

Who has killed more civilians – the US military or all US seriel killers combined?

Who has tortured more people – US military personnel or all American serial killers? Why is one torturer celebrated as a hero while the other is a villain?

Why do Americans scream when a murderer kills a few people – yet they completely ignore the……… millions of dead civilians in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan?

Why is Chris Kyle a hero, yet the DC Area sniper a villain? Their actions were exactly the same. The only difference is who gave the orders.

It would seem that one can commit any atrocity one desires – so long as one is wearing a badge or uniform at the time one commits it. Americans positively worship the police and the soldiers, even though virtually every act they commit would be illegal if done by a civilian.

Every crime that a civilian can possibly commit – homicide, burglary, arson, assault, larceny, grand theft auto, robbery, rape – has an exact equivalent WHICH IS legal when done by a system agent.

The normal man will cheer for murder, arson or rape so long as it is a uniform which does it.

The scale of state-sponsored crime FAR exceeds crimes committed by individuals. The US averages 10K homicides per year. The US military killed 2 million civilians in Iraq and the Stan, over the last 15 years. The private total is not one tenth the number the US military total is.

In most countries of this world, the police and the military prey upon the people. This is well-known in Mexico, Guatamala, El Salvador and the Third World.

It is only in the West where the people still worship cops and soldiers. The middle and upper classes hasn’t experienced certain facts of life which the poor already know.
The time is coming when their money will run out and no longer protect them from the thugs with uniforms.

Beware those overly concerned with the rights, freedoms and safeties of others. No one is that generous, no one cares that much. The most dangerous man to himself and to others is the man who doesn’t know who he is and what he is doing it for.

9 Comments to “Hunting Monsters: Who Is The Real Psychopath?”

  1. Americans have been fed a steady diet of hero worship propaganda for the military, etc since the 1940s. Didn’t ya know, all soldiers are John ‘Duke’ Wayne or Chuck Norris? If Abu-graib didn’t shock some sense into them I don’t know what will. Sadly, this has been the way the military has acted for a long time, but nobody wants to notice. Most people don’t want to admit that their God fearing all American ‘johnnyboy’ went into the military and now likes to get his freak on water boarding people for fun and entertainment.

    Anybody remember the bond flick ‘Man with the Golden Gun?’ The master assassin tells Bond he always wanted to meet him since they were two of a kind. Bond gets all insensed since he does it for ‘Queen and Country’ while the assassin just did it for money. The assassin was right and Bond was a fool deluding himself. The same thing is true in real life. What the heck is it about getting a permission slip that people now think it’s O.K.? Do Mafia hit men feel the same way when the Don tells them to whack someone? They got permission so it’s fine? Or are they honest enough to admit to themselves who and what they are and are just fine with it?

  2. It’s not mere obedience, people are proud of their conformity and wear it as a badge of honor!
    See something, say something? Hell yeah! Ratting on your neighbors is now a national pastime.

  3. This abuse by the justice system has been known about by the general public and politicians since the 1950s. For example google Florida Industrial School for Boys to see an example of 100 years of institutionalized beatings and rape.

  4. Khris Kill is lauded as The Hunky Khrist – worshipped as much as Kris Kardashian-Kennedy-Jenner-Kennedy…

    One of your best pieces and too few see.
    It’s gettin’ time, bud.

    • I know, I know. Eradican said the same thing, his best work forgotten. But I’m not writing for today. Maybe someday, long in the future, someone will want to learn.

      I found someone’s writings in the same way, and they were 30 years old.

  5. That statue sums it up.
    The only remaining pretense at “service” is the hype/glory heaped on white Jordeez to keep them motivated to serve the MMM.

    LN Minos running the FFOL/MMM are clever and manipulative and they use the promise of worship as bait.

    So, white cannonfodder clodhoppers are nothing more than Glory Hounds. All that’s needed to get them to shed their stupid blood is a fancy tombstone.

    White children are trained from birth by Hollywood Media, BIGov Skool and Manhattan News Media to fear, obey and worship coloreds.

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