What is the Homicide Clearance Rate for Dead Cops?

by Ryu

Very high. The average clearance rate for civilians is about 60% in the US today. For cops killed on duty, the clearance rate is over 95%. This is my estimate, as there is no statistic kept for that case.

There are two primary reasons for this: short TTDs and the method employed.

While on duty, cops are in constant radio contact with their command center. If they made a stop or do anything, they are supposed to radio in what they are doing and where they are doing it.

In most cop-kills, the TTD is short, as in under 5 minutes. It’s hard to get away with…….……. it in the short term and the long term with such a small margin of error. With short TTDs, there’s no time to get away or to eliminate evidence. Most rely upon luck, which does not work out well.

Also the method used is important. Most cop-kills are caused by handguns. Handguns have a short range; real world between 0-10 meters. This means the cops usually get an ID easily because the killer is close.

Most cop-killers are opportunistic and disorganized. This makes them easier to catch, as they haven’t considered their escape. And when the heat comes down in a few minutes, the pressure rises. No one thinks better under stress. It’s an easy way to lose.

A few cop-killers do escape in the long run. David Durham did. He was a survivalist who knew the area well. He did not succeed in the kill, but he made the escape for the last few years. His actions are worth studying.

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