Ryu’s FAVE HeroCOP!!!™

by Firepower

Honors For Heroically Embezzling Public Funds

Propaganda. The BIG Lie.

I repeat: ANY body who looks like Sheriff GI Billy~Goe is fucked-up in the haid.

Burying SWATZIs iz SWPL…

Now, our LN Propaganda Media does as it always does when one of the cause celebre/sacred cows bites them on the cock: They hide put the story on page 73H in ultra-fine print.

The US GIJordie Seal of Approval pallbearer. The grim, stoic faces of Real Hero donutmunchers. The pomp. The ceremony. Fuck you.

The MRKN flag once again used – literally – to cover-up a fucked-up, slimy douchebag.

Where all da black fokes at?!?

Propaganda. The BIG Lie.

35 Comments to “Ryu’s FAVE HeroCOP!!!™”

  1. The article you linked didn’t mention embezzling and I can’t find it other articles. Can anyone help me out?

  2. In events not manufactured, one must then control the mass perception so that then the particular event becomes irrelevant. The Law of Big Numbers says “cop killed by cop-haters,” “pig kills self,” and “pig kills self and stages cop-killing to cover his filthiness.” NO MATTER WHICH ONE of the these random events unfolds due the Law of UncleBeast, Liberalism must be absolved and “white supremacy” must be held accountable. This is the cycle of perpetuating “white” self-annihilators. This is the “system” where “big” liberals annihilate little liberals and little liberals annihilate EVERYONE and then everyone pretends that it is really the “white supremacist’s” fault and so all this self-annihilation must dutifully proceed BECAUSE… The ghosts of white Supremacy never die.

    • They die eventually, TD. The voice grows more and more quiet. Minos aren’t scared of whitey anymore. The old myths die.

      The American minos still tell tales of Ole’ Whitey, but little kids grow up and stop believing in the boogie man.

      • Ryu…

        Yes… But the ghosts of white Supremacy don’t die in the minds of the “white” self-annihilator… And only the “white” self-annihilator is worth his cost as prophetable human commodity. The irony is in the same way that the Jewish anti-Supremacist was able to frame the “white supremacist” as the lowly, kin-centric white trash and thus induce a “white” mass towards “equality,” the nigger paints his “white” liberal masters as “white supremacy” AS WELL as playing against the Jewish creation. In reality, the nigger has most likely never been within a 1000 miles of a genuine white Supremacist. Negroes “fear” “white supremacy” because “white” self-annihilators really do fear white Supremacy. Symbiotic regression.

    • Who are the ghosts of White Supremacy?

  3. The core shared value linking SWATZIs & GIJordies is the Establishment deliberately conceals their love of action, shooting, violence and killing.

    These are traits all young men should* have.
    Both the LN – and the entire fascist ConserVagina ruling Class – sanction violence in their SS Army while condemning and controlling it when coloreds riot over SWATZIs killing them.

    White canonfodder clodhoppers go from the FlyyFarm to the Rangers to the copshop – bringing their personal MRAP along with them.

    They are too stupid (and subsequently too easily brainwashed) to see MINOs are TOTE…because every authority figure from the FAT Kindergarten Native-MRKN-Studies Teacha to the Hollywood jew movie producer have not commanded them to hate.

    I see this as another hopelessly convoluted trap wites cannot think themselves out of until it is way, waaaaay too late and they are hopelessly outnumbered by coloreds and Miggers.

    • Good stuff. What they must learn is that one can be a violent killer without permission. Once whites get stupid enough, they will learn this simple fact.

      • Stupid enough to believe that Jesus rode a dinosaur. Only a Jesus that rides a dinosaur can have an AK47.😁

      • What do you think of the Solutrean hypothesis, Oogey?

        I thinking of getting into it. I’m starting to believe Whites were in North America before the Indians.

      • There also indications that even “negritos” lived in America, having the Amazonian as their last stronghold. They are also suspected to have lived in Australia. They are still found on the Andaman Islands.

        What is very damning for the supposedly “Native” Americans is their insistence on the destruction of archeolical excavations.

        The best sources on this controversy are “Red Earth, White Lies” by Vine Deloria and “Strange Fruit” by Kenan Malik. Vine Deloria takes a hardcore creationist, albeit non-Christian stance.

      • Ah, you know about all of that. I’m surprised, Oogenhand.

        It changes everything if whites were here first. Then, the Indians genocided us. And they owe us reparations. I’m tempted to get into archeology because of it.

      • My brother passionately wanted to get into archeology, but my father pushed him to study law, because archeology wouldn’t allow a good living.

        After a year or so, they made a law that required archeological excavations before every building project. So, my brother is VERY pissed off.

        Contemplate the following scenario, Japan around 1930:

        Son:”Father, I want to study North-American Indian Languages! ”
        Father: “No, son. study something that lands you a good job, like Chemistry.”

        We all know how that ended…

        In general, the unwillingness of non-Left parents to let their children study “useless” majors, enabled the Left to take over the humanities.

        Ironically, it is the people that took “useless” majors, that “don’t land you a job!” , that decide whether you lose your job for having the wrong opinions.

        During college, I took Chemistry, Law and Comparative Linguistics, the last purely for fun. And it was that very field that proved the most useful in my life studying obscure languages. (The Unabomber thought it to be the prime example of academic wastefulness, what a fool!!!)

      • The loss of the humanities was a big one. They are now almost entirely liberal/leftist.

      • They MUST be retaken, as it very hard to explain why “Science” is right about physics, but wrong on “the Narrative”. Unless you intend to develop your own hard science departement in your own parallel Shadow College.

      • I’ve been wanting to ask you about something, O. How do you deal with antifas? You’ve had problems with them.

      • Troll their ideology. They have a blind spot concerning Israel, compared to the Left in general. The head of the Dutch Antifa thinks the Law of Return in Israel is way too lenient. He considers himself to be a Jewish homosexual, and therefore a double whammy for “Nazis”, although intelligent people would think this cancels out. More homosexuality among Jews would mean less Jews, minus times minus equals plus. At some time, he used as avatar a picture of Lucifer right after the Fall, in total despair. Very telling, as Saul Alinsky identifies with Satan as eternal rebel too. This means both think Satan will never win, but MUST be followed, as God is unworty of worship for being an unethical, immoraliteit tyrant. Willingly choosing Hell…

        (This all can be gathered from the RevLeft site)

        For direct action activists is NECESSARY to understand that the Antifa is not impressed by non-violence as they say that the fash is only peaceful in order to win time to build their strength, and as soon as the fash feels safe to do so WILL beat up Jews, leftists, minorities etc. etc.
        Effectively they accuse “the fash” of “hudna” and “taqqiya”. They “prove” this with a Hitler quote, although people are not allowed to read Mein Kampf by themselves.

        So NEVER condemn violence, UNLESS you intend to remain non-violent FOREVER.

      • Wow, thanks O. But when they are on the street, screaming and pushing you, is that when you troll them?

      • No. If they scream I ignore them. They haven’t yet pushed me. Once, Januari 2014, they doxxed me on Indymedia, and I took a day off. In 2012, I was approached by one of them on the Breestraat in Leiden,van he wanted me not to poster in that city. I complied, and only recently, a few months ago, I took up activism in Leiden again by standing with a A1 billboard suggesting Esperanto as a solution for the tensions in the Middle-East (George Soros was raised as an Esperantist).

        A week later I was walking in Leiden again, using a board warning that 99% of all people going to Hell was entirely realististic. The next day a group of Evangelicals came with boards offering the usual Jesus Saves message, as well as a smattering of Jehova’s Witnesses.

        So I AM noticed…

      • Good job, O. But keep watching yourself.

      • Oogenhand…

        Nothing in the physics negates rival empirical histories BOTH being perceptually true throughout…

      • TD, I found an interesting comment by Tex. What are your thoughts about it?

        “One of the things I noticed when I was an atheist is that although other atheists claimed to be creatures with higher consciousness who had dispensed with trivial ideas like consequences for actions, they seemed to have evolved themselves into sterility. None of them were happily married and almost none of them had children.

        For people so obsessed with evolutionary reasoning, it occurred to me that their minds had misfired to the extent they were unable to even fulfill their natural function to reproduce.

        Make no mistake, atheism ultimately is about death. It’s a death kult masquerading as a boy’s science adventure. It’s not expressive of a higher type of thinking, it’s expressive at the biological level of an animal that has crawled off to die.

        In those few atheists I met with children, I could not help but notice they never really had any wisdom to pass onto their children or any understanding other than “do what thou wilt.” They were failures as parents even when they had managed to spawn. “

      • …an interesting comment by Tex.

        Despite the observation being totally subjective, an objective view is better described that atheism is simply being fed up with Gawd not doing jack shit – the very same shit he demands you do – then damns you to eternal torture if you don’t.

        If you walked by a dozen crying babies starving in the road and did nothing, Gawd would fuck you. But He’s done that shit for eons…

        “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
        Then he is not omnipotent.
        Is he able, but not willing?
        Then he is malevolent.
        Is he both able and willing?
        Then whence cometh evil?
        Is he neither able nor willing?
        Then why call him God?”


        I make no pretense of Moral Superiority because I now think god’s a nigger.
        In fact, “if i ran the world” I’d make Mao’s bodycount look like GI. Joe’s.

      • Religion is an important aspect of our struggle. Most people believe in a religion. I don’t think whites will be able to make a move until they have the right religion.

        I think I’m going to focus on forbidden archaeology for awhile, FP. We all know that the media, and scientists, fake things and lie. Archaeologists do too. I think whites were here first.

        [ed note: ensure you prevent reaching conclusions that open you up for ridicule]

      • I don’t think whites will be able to make a move until they have the right religion.

        Dullennials have no religion. Not even a facsimile.
        Their spawn are even less likely to.

        Consumerist gameplay is not religion.

      • Ryu…

        Must be a Thal thing…

        The reality is that some men AND THUS SOME RACE OF MEN take Perfection more serious than others. And history speaks for itself. A comprehensive plan of annihilation is afoot.

  4. This is what dead GI Joe Gleeny, spent his money on:

    Recovered text messages and other records show Gliniewicz spent the money on mortgage payments, travel expenses, gym memberships, adult websites, withdrawing cash and making loans, said Lake County Major Crimes Task Force Commander George Filenko, who led the investigation.

    There are more inappropriate things that he did. Just read:


    • It’s only applies to ancestors of the Jews who once lived in Spain. The burden of proof are onus for those Jew descendants who live in Spain long term.

      Hymie Dickstein and Kikey Prickberg need not apply!

  5. I can’t even get mad at herocop. he’s just a mindless part of the System.
    The teeming hordes who support this shit society fill me with endless rage.

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